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Self Discipline is very important in everyone's life as this attribute helps us to leave a better life. Self-discipline might not be a requirement in this context but a determination. Once you realize that is it necessary for you to apply it every day of your life, you can determine to possess this attribute called self-discipline.

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When we talk of DISCIPLINE alone, it entails one abiding by some instructions or rules and regulations to avoid some punishment but talking about self-discipline, you as an individual have the key to unlocking it. That is to say, self-discipline is all about one taking charge of his or her behavior to live rightly, and control your weakness without being told by another.

Self-discipline entails a lot of things. Different aspects of our lives need us to incorporate self-discipline. This includes the way we talk to people; we need to tame our tongue and not just voice out hurtful words to others irrespective of how annoyed we can be, and apply self-discipline. We can self-discipline our tongue and be conscious of what comes out of our mouth for no one can retrieve a spoken word. Our attitude to things is not left out. How do you approach matters around you, especially in the public? Do you tolerate some things and let go or do you express your weakness? Times, it is not easy to let go of some things especially when you feel it's your right over something but self-discipline is a good attribute you can possess to live smart.

Personally, I have exercised self-discipline in so many ways basically through my conduct and timing but I am going to share a one-time experience briefly with you guys.

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When I was doing my internship at the military hospital, I worked in the dental technology department and we had access to hospital dental materials. The hospital always supplies them in large quantities so it's always enough in the stores. What my colleagues always do was that they find ways of diverting patients that come to the hospital to become their private patients. This was possible because, we don't work directly on the patient's mouth but rather use some dental materials to take the impression of their oral cavity and then cast it and get a model (positive replica ) of their mouth, have it on our hands and work on the model, after which we transfer the finished work to the patient mouth.

Trust some Nigerian patients, they love it where it's cheaper so my colleagues do silently talked to them about accepting to attend to them privately at a lower cost instead of going through the hospital and many give in since they will get the same treatment at a cheaper cost.

It happened that there was a time our 3 months salary was delayed and I was tempted to join them and make the cool money using hospital materials but then, the self-discipline I have, made me say A BIG NO TO SUCH BEHAVIOUR despite how much I needed money that time. Well, it cost me a good relationship I had with my colleagues because I never supported them in that act and they weren't happy with me and called me an unwise human being. Well, Let it be but I am happy I stayed upright throughout my service there. It was not too long, our delayed 3 months salary later got paid in full. I learned to control my emotions and weakness no matter any situation I face and the results have been positive!

Say yes to self-discipline.

This post is in response to the hive learners community contest week nineteen edition two topic titled Self-discipline.

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Yes to self descipline 🤗

Descipline make a man perfect...

You got the gist👍

Wow... Good a thing you stayed upright. You should be so proud of yourself

Of course I am
Thanks dear🤗

What an inspiring story, @nkemakonam89.
I notice your second image has no source. If it was taken by you, please state so.

I'll admit it's not easy to be disciplined, to tow a path different from others but courage made you stick to your integrity. Keep it up. 🙂

Thank you so much for your kind words and for pointing out my image source mistake.

I will correct it right away 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

I got huge amount of value here, we shouldn't because of our situation dig our hands into things we won't be proud of at any point in time.

Thanks for sharing this Masterpiece with us.

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This is so beautiful post. Self discipline is important and necessary. We are working more on ourselves for the future when we discipline ourselves in the right way. When we don't even expect it, it would pay for us in the end. Thank God you were able to control yourself from such illegal means. I came through Dreemport.

Wow...what a way to summarize my content . Thanks so much princess 🤗🥳

I received huge ecency points 🤭🤭

This love is massive 💃💃🥰🥰💖💖
God bless you 🙏

Self-discipline is very hard, but I try to say yes.

Wow, yes...let's say yessss🤗🤗

I received the ecency points, these points are golden and I love them.
Thanks so much 👍💪💪🥰


Self discipline is very important for every human being. Self discipline is what sees one through trials and temptations just like the story you shared with us. Self discipline is also what helps us build ourselves into the person we are or we eventually become. it is important to work on oneself and know when to say yes or no to some life demands and also when you walk away. To be truly successful, self discipline is a key.

Such an amazing contribution here.🤭
Thanks so much my sassy partner 🥰🤗

we are always tempted to bend to the ways of the wrong but a man with Discipline is a man with great strength. It takes discipline to not follow the crowd or blend with the unwise. The sad thing is, once you exhibit indiscipline in one area of your life, it automatically shifts to the other parts as well- like a bad disease.
Dreemport sent me!

Deraa you just dissected this content🤩🤩
Thanks for your contribution..much appreciated for your warm visit

It is a pleasure😁😁❣️

Self-discipline is desirable but not easily achievable

Yeah, I agree with you
It's not an easy peasy something but it's doable

Amazing, self-discipline makes a person honest and fair with his every deal.
I like your fair behavior in the job when we become honest people(that are corrupt) usually don't like our behavior but we should not care about those who are not right by themselves.

Exactly my dear
Thanks so much for your kind words
They are valued 🤗

You are welcome dear🤗🤗

Sometimes choosing to do the right thing will alienate you and make people see you as a threat. But we should not let things like that pressure us into doing things we know we would not be comfortable with. You handled it well, I am glad it ended well for you.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Yeah....though it wasn't easy for me on the part of my relationship with my colleagues but then, I am at peace with my conscience.

Thanks for reading

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Thanks a bunch!