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I have been deliberating on what to write about this topic presented to us by the #hivelearners and now I think I have found my starting point and I am motivated enough to put my brain into use.

Years back when I was still in my youthful days, I have always been a lover of romantic movies and novels that I prefer to go hungry to get them and also trekked to school all for the love of these things but I try to distinguish between both as I need to always be conscious of the reality and not let the fantasy of the movies and novels get into my lifestyle and so far so good I made it...

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Back in this modern world, romantic movies and novels are what are in vogue now, majority of the population is a lover of anything romantic as it is always a beautiful sight to behold.

The love shared between couples and how they both were able to fight life and situations just to be together and at last, they found a happy ending, this story only is enough to trap one into the realm of unending hopes and wishes...😂🤗

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As we all know the popular saying, too much of everything is bad, and also what you see stays longer in the memory than what you hear, that is to say, every page, scene, and character of both romantic movies and novels are stored in our long term memory and that is why when we are expecting too much in a relationship, we don't see it as a crime because you are now controlled by your love for the movies and novel acts...


You just want everything in your life to be picture perfect, beautiful, and lovely, have you ever sat down for once to think all that you have been watching, reading, and emulating are not real and is nothing but FICTION and why is it that I am so much into it?


When you are so into romantic movies and novels, in one way or the other your lifestyle will slowly change and before you know it you will end up with this unquenchable urge to always get what you wish for in your real-life relationship. Have you ever realized in life that whatever has a sweetness will surely have a little bit of bitterness?

Romantic movies and novels will make you crave certain things in a relationship;

  • it might make one have high expectations from his real-life partner and when your partner doesn't meet up with the standard as seen in movies or you read in the book, you might start feeling less of him or her

  • Comparison: you might start by comparing the gifting patterns, and styles of love they approach to each other, different trips at short intervals, etc. which might not be realistic.

The moment we realize that the movies and novels we read are all fictional stories and shouldn't be used as a yardstick to measure our real-life relationships, the better for us to have a healthy relationship in which we can always work on, and spice it up with the way it will suit both partners.


In summary, romantic novels and movies give one high hopes which will definitely lead to disappointment if care is not taken.

This post was inspired by the hive learners community contest on the topic ROMANTIC STORIES.

Thanks for reading!!!


😅 you were also in love with romance novels and movies? They're my all time faves to be honest 🤩...

You're right, sometimes we need to take off our rose-colored glasses and see things from the actual perspective. The "picture perfect" concept in movies or novels can be quite deceptive in real life and it takes a lot of maturity to differentiate between fantasy and reality so as not to face disappointments on the long-run.

But I also think that at the same time we shouldn't settle for less in the name of accepting reality. For instance, domestic violence in relationships isn't something that should be tolerated.

So, I just think that despite the fact that no relationship is perfect, we shouldn't be pessimistic about it.

They're my all time faves to be honest 🤩...

Really, see Dimma oo 😂

Wow, what a feedback...movies and novels can be deceptive if taken so seriously however, one can still learn one or two positive things from it

Your story brought back a flashback to when I would save up my pocket money to buy novels because my mum would never use her money to buy you a love story, she would say all the love stories in the world are in the Bible go and read it.
Reading and watching romantic stories like you rightly said has a way of getting into your lifestyle slowly, but I always advise we read with caution and I read for entertainment, to educate me and to help my emotions. We learn every day thanks for sharing.

Oh wow. I never did that. There was more than enough to go round... 🤣🤣

Hmm interest

All stories in n the bible 😂😂, your mum
Yeah,it should just be for entertainment purposes...
Thanks for visiting 👍

Comparison kills a relationship for real.

Of course 👍

You have truly said it all dear, that using romantic movies and novels as a manual will not only destroy real life relationships but they will also birth you dissapointment and false hope that might cause you eternal breakdown ✅✅✅..

Thank you for this mate❤️

You are just right buddy
Thanks for visiting 👍

You mentioned that romantic movies and novel are in vogue now - I am amazed although I know it is possible. Maybe it is one way to escape reality but everyone should remember it is entertainment - so it is all about amusement and not reality

Just today, I was thinking how reality is a world apart from Fiction. I guess that is why Shakespeare took the disastrous approach to most of his fictions. Haha. Wake up call!

You are so right. Shakespeare's approach was a good one - life is not a fairy tale with all happy endings.


Yeah, its just a mere entertainment and not reality, applying what we watch or read in the real life might leave one devastated if our expectations are not meant.

good article. I love it.


You're welcome

This is quite the wake up call! Perhaps we have all been looking at life through a pink window, seeing and expecting things from our fantasy.

Exactly Deraa...🤗🥰👍

Like this is so speaking my mind. Romantic novels exaggerates the whole relationship thing in the real world, kos there are more tougher challenges. I stopped my fantasy a long time ago. I totally agree with you , people should really cut down the hopes they get from all this romantic novels and movies to avoid premium heartbreaks

Cutting down the hopes is just the goal👌
Thanks for stopping by 👍

You’re welcome dear.❤️

You have said it all, especially when you start comparing things that other partners do for each other. It will make you want more from life too.

You're right, romantic movies makes one have a high expectations in their partner and usually feels disappointed at the end because no one in reality meets the standards they've set.

The disappointment can be devastating 🤩

Yeah, for many

Perfectly said dear
I really need to come back our Normal sense's just realize that all those movies and novels are just fictional stories and can't come to reality
Thanks for sharing with us

Yeah, it's just a mere entertainment though one can pick One or two things from there but not to totally apply all that was read or watched

Wow I was so captivated with your perception on this subject.
Sincerely romantic movies and novels builds an ending hope as you clearly shared.

Yes, it builds an uneding hope
Glad you found my perception interesting 👍

You just want everything in your life to be picture perfect, beautiful, and lovely, have you ever sat down for once to think all that you have been watching, reading, and emulating are not real and is nothing but FICTION and why is it that I am so much into it?

This part of your article speaks well of what every romantic movie watchers and novel readers should get to their fucking head..

You garrit ma'am.

A yard stick that is false
A balance that is faulty..

Sad so many people have this pattern in their brain and tend to work in it.

God epp us

What a good content you put out, but I beg to disagree lol 😆

Amy oooo
My village has come for me finally 🤣🤣🤣🤣


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I used to be a sucker for romantic novels and movies especially the ‘K-drama’ ones and I still am. I always picture and desire all my relationships to be that perfect so when I’m in one and it’s not, it becomes a problem because I’ll always compare.

Too much of them only registers false scenarios and fairytales in our minds and then you begin to compare movies to actual real life situations so you end up ruining them.

Nice article!

Yeah...too much of it can have a negative effect 😂

The best is just to consider it as entertainment 👍

Thanks for dropping

You’re welcome😊

The notebook is the only one i know!

It's still good 👍

I guess Armageddon might fall in the love story movie category.