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Have you wondered why some people intentionally steal from you even when you virtually provide all their basic needs? Well, the reasons are not far-fetched; these are due to lack of contentment, greediness, bad influence, etc.

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Today I will be sharing with you guys, a true-life story of an act of petty theft that occurred in my house a few years back, though was later resolved.
Let's know what petty theft is first of all.

Petty theft is a criminal act whereby one takes the property belonging to another without the person's consent. Examples of theft include shoplifting, adding an extra amount to a price tag, taking away home properties, eating food in a restaurant without paying for it, going for a movie watch and leaving without paying for the ticket, and so on.

Now unto the story!

When I was expecting my first Son in the year 2015, I thought it was very important to bring a helper into the house who will assist in looking after my newborn and my house when I am done with my maternity leave and ready to resume my office job then. My husband welcomed the idea and we were on the look, not too long we got someone named Cynthia, highly recommended by a friend.


Cynthia is a very beautiful girl, so nice, smart, and hard-working. I was just so lucky to have such a person look after my Son and my home. Her good behavior made me pamper her just as if she was my daughter. I made sure she doesn't lack anything as a grown-up lady, she had almost all she needed from me and within a short time in my house, she became so bright and healthy. She eats whatever she finds in the kitchen, and drinks whatever she sees in the fridge, I changed her Wardrop for her to always look smart and that she appreciated and upon everything, I still pay her salary monthly and promised to enroll her back to school once my baby was a year older since she was a high school drop out.


I think the only miscalculated mistake I made was to get her a small phone which later became her source of theft via a bad influence. However, I got the phone solely for communication in case she needs to reach me for any reason. Cynthia already had a boyfriend before coming to my house and I didn't know. She used the phone to communicate with the guy every day and deletes the call history before I return from work. I often check the phone but didn't realize she was so smart to outsmart me. She was still hardworking and still takes care of my baby but I noticed that some of my jewelry started missing.


Some of the beautiful jewelry my hubby got for me during our traditional marriage including a "Gold" necklace and a"Gold" wedding ring got missing. I asked Cynthia severally but she denied touching it. The more I look for one item or the other in the house, the more I discover a lot of other items that are missing in the house. To the fact that my hubby and I live with only her and my son in the house, she was automatically the suspect here. So we forced the truth out of her mouth and she began to confess how her boyfriend has been advising her to be stealing from us, and how she has been sending him those items stolen and the guy would sell them and make money, send some into her account too and promised to marry her. I see....🤔 she confessed other terrible plans of her and the so-called boyfriend to our detriment. How ungrateful this girl can be, she couldn't even resist the bad advice from the boyfriend considering how well we treated her. By the time we calculated how much those items stolen were worth, it was almost #750,000. Hubby decided to use the police to arrest her and the boyfriend to provide those items but then the poor families kept begging and crying. We obliged and let the issue die off, however, I didn't hesitate to send her out of my house almost immediately.


No matter how small you think a theft can be, it's a crime and it's punishable. My advice to us is: to be contented with what we have and ask to have something from anyone instead of taking what does not belong to us to avoid putting ourselves into unnecessary punishment.


This is my entry to the @hivelearners community contest week twelve edition three topic titled MYSTERY.

Thanks for reading and for visiting my blog.

Love yah🥰


Imagine such a youngster dashed such a golden opportunity she has in the mould. Getting her a phone wasn't a bad idea but her upbringings matters as well. She could even go as far as stealing jewelleries and been misled by her boyfriend into doing such. that's pathetic and quite unfortunate for her. This is also a lesson to many out there. Getting a maid is quite a risky task to take and decision to make because you never can tell the kind of maid such kind of a person could be. The decision you took by sending her away with immediate was indeed, a lesson to her in disguise. It's better she learn in a hard way to become a better person later in life. Well done and kudos @nkemakonam89

Thank you so much for your kind words and your amiable contribution.

I hope she learn her lessons 👌

It must have been disappointing having to find out that someone you trusted betrayed your trust without second thoughts.
Thank you for sharing.

Yea very disappointing, but I had to let go.
Thanks for your warm visit🥰

You're welcome.

This is one problem I have with bringing in house helps to our family house. This similar scenario happened in my house this one is that she stole our thin and ran away. Stealing is terrible!

Very terrible...

When you give people free hands based on little trust, they misuse the opportunity.

Thanks for visiting.

Wow what an experience, lack of contentment and pride is what led many to early graves and lost opportunities. Thanks for sharing this ma

You are right. The truth is that what people get in the process of theft doesn't always last. Why not be upright and receive a decent reward that can benefit you.

Thanks for your visit my friend .

You are welcome

You did all you could to satisfy her but then greed won't let her see the bright side of the help
You must have been curious were all your stolen properties went each time you try using them.

I hate that act theft makes you lose your cherish things and never get to own them back

That must have been huge loss for you
Were you able to recover some back?

Greed actually blocked other better offer already planned for her, so bad.

I couldn't recover anything, they already lavished the money they made by selling those items...the only thing was that I didn't pay her that month

Ohh you did well they one she got from selling what you own covered more than her pay

No matter how "tiny" something is, as long as it's not yours then you have no business taking it without permission because that is theft. I'm glad you were able to get to the bottom of the matter.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Yesoo, theft is theft no matter the gravity.

I so much appreciate your warm visit
Thanks for reading from me again today🥰