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To a large extent, I believe that stress is part of our lives. Different types of jobs we do to meet up with the world economy can cause great stress. However, everyone deals with different levels of stress daily depending on your kind of job but whichever one, whether high or low-level stress, the point I want to buttress is the importance of managing those stress as a way of keeping our health in check👌

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Life has a lot of demands. Responsibilities glare at us now and then and so we toil daily to meet up with expenses and sometimes forget that the flesh needs some rest so it can be refreshed to work effectively. The truth is that no matter how strong we claim to be, when we consistently work without break, sooner or later, we might break down to the extent of not remembering those workloads for days if not weeks or months depending on how much the ailment hits us.

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  • Do you handle many workloads daily?
  • Do you experience tension or demanding circumstances in your job?
  • Are you a regular blogger that stays glued to your screen for almost 247?
  • Are you suffering emotional stress kind of?

Whatever thing is responsible for the stress you are experiencing, read below👇


Well, I am not a medical Doctor but of life practical experiences, these suggested tips can be helpful to you as well👌

  • Take a little break from work and catch a lengthy sleep: this can help calm your body system down even without any kind of medication and leave your body more energized; free of stress.

  • Take breaks from the screen: turn off the data on your phone for some time, shut down your PC, close those books, turn off that Tv. and rest! Place limits to the use of these and enjoy some stress-free moments 👌

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  • Eat healthy meals and take fruits: this will go a long way in relieving those stress, it can do magic; trust me👌

  • Take a walk: Stretch those joints or better still, go for a body massage (optional) 👌

  • Do so something different aside from your normal work: maybe stepping out for some social gathering or meeting your friends to have a great time. You could as well, try seeing a movie at the cinema, this will help someone with emotional stress👌

  • Lastly, stay positive and pray to God 👌

This is my entry to the #hivelearners community contest on week 22 edition 1 topic titled Coping With Stress.

Thanks for reading !!


We can't continue to work our ass off without taking that rest we need. If we don't, we would end up falling sick and we don't want that.... Doing some little things to overcome stress could save us from spending a lot of money at the hospital.

You are very correct busayo...

It's better to prevent what can make us experience hospital trips

Thanks for reading 👍

Your right movie helps me a whole lot during this stress time.. And I ensure a watch a very comic one to help me ease out stress and forget pending jobs😔.

I enjoy reading your content a whole lot.thanks for sharing

Comic movies can do some magic here🥰
Thanks for stopping by 👍

Are you a regular blogger that stays glued to your screen for almost 247?

This is me and even right now i ought not to be online and should be resting but don't know why my body refuse to stay glued to the bed lol.. And once again i turn on my laptop and here i am commenting on your blog 😂


Burllllllll, I am just looking at you like this 👀👁lolz
Rest, rest, rest!!! Burl shut down that PC and stay glued to ur bed 🤩🤩🤩

Yes, I totally agree with you; stress is a part of human lives, a normal thing that we have little or no power on. A lot of things can trigger stress. I’m sure a TYPICAL Nigerian knows a lot about stress.

The country’s economy, work, financial problems, marriages, parenting, day to day activities; these are some of the things that triggers stress.

To prevent stress from weighing us down, we should have our own ways of battling with it. Personally, I think people have different ways of coping with stress.

Taking a walk as you’ve rightly said is one way to get rid of stress. Y talking a walk doesn’t mean you should walk a long distance, walking around your compound can do the trick.

I really love the fact that you mentioned “GOD”. The world is messed up already, and only He can save us from trials and tribulations.

Thanks for sharing.

That was a wonderful contribution my friend. Thank you so much for this👍

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Thank you buzzy🤗

You're welcome @nkemakonam89, it's well deserved! Congrats on your constant involvement on Hive 🌹


Just keep away all stress and be happy always my friend 🤗

Thanks 👍

These are very helpful tips! I am someone who stays glued to my screen and it's because I enjoy it no matte the workload. Infact, i love working because it keeps the darkness at bay. You're right! I need to shut off sometime to avoid breakdown. So on my next day off, I'll be doing some of the things you listed. Beautiful post!

Wow, Deraa🤩🤩
You work and blog and enjoy the workload , that's great but staying glued ? You need to shut down times to give that cerebrum some yummy rest you know 🤩
Glad you are considering adding the tips in your next day off👍💪

Hehehe. Thanks to you. I realized while reading your post that my body needed all that. ❤️

Apart from thise in the job economy, students especially those on tertiaty institutions are always under stress from reading, lecturers and their behaviours, some fending for themselves etc.

Taking a break from whatever we are doing is the first step towards redemption.

You got it bro
Thanks for the addition 👍

Stress is something very serious that is better to keep under control, I am a person who has little tolerance to pressure at work and at home, for nothing I get stressed and it is reflected in alopecia aretata, several times in my life I have been bald and that is just a reflection of the stress that my body supports.

Of course I have other health pathologies, but all as a result of stress. Your recommendations are very good, it is necessary to rest between days, thank you.

Stress is unavoidable in every day of our life but we gat to find ways to cope with it. Thanks for dropping by 👍

You are right. We need to know how to handle our stress. By making a list, thats a start to a good plan.
Take care and have a bless day ahead.


Thank you so much 👍

Yes you're right, stress is a part of our lives and we can't escape it. But it's important to cope with it by giving our bodies the needed break.
Movies and music are one of my stress relievers 😅.
Thanks for sharing this ma!

Of course we can't escape it but cope with it. Thanks for sharing your way if managing stress 👌🥳💪

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Many thanks for the curation

Stress is a normal human reaction that happens to everyone so the ability to manage stress more effectively comes from managing oneself.
Thanks for sharing 😊.

Thanks for this addition 👌

Hahah... It seems like everyone on how I was talking about stress and I'm happy to be the one grabbing all the tips from all of you. Haha.

You have a solid plan but I don't know if you really follow all these plans especially the aspect of keeping your phone aside. Haha.

Do you? 😂


I can't stop laughing here....kene, I should be asking you same thing 😉

Free me oo, just grab my sermon first , digest it , remember the sermon is for all😉🤣🤣🤣🤣

Lol... This sermon that you are preaching like this. Haha.

Okay na. 'I receive it' 😂

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You've said we dear, indeed our lives and the journey around life is loaded with so much stress and it's takes grace to overcome most of these, because in as much as we wish to fulfill our goals, then we must surely pass through them.

But you've got some helpful guide that will ease our stress will thoroughly followed.

Yes vic, we can't avoid this life stress but we can do well to manage it 👍

Thanks for reading

Sure a walk or some other exercize can help with stress, but what about:

Seeing that tall stack of boxes and kicking the bottom one OUT?

It may still help 👍

LOL, 😅😅😅

Hmmmmmm foodie are both of us😂😂😂😂, I love your way of easing stress and I think it's kinda similar to mine, anyway thanks for Sharing this beautiful post..m

Foxy fox🤩🤩😉

Food is life , it has the ability to lift ur mood you know 🤩👍

Coping with stress isn't an easy task and everyone has their unique style of handling stress. For some it'll weigh heavy on them, and others can easily handle them.

However, in all, we should try our best to reduce the workload on ourselves so that we can help ourselves better, and be more productive... cos stress can be detrimental.

Nice piece
Came from dreemport

Of course , everyone has their unique style of handling stress, the point there is just to find what suits you .

Thanks for the contribution

I can't begin to tell you just how much taking walks has helped me in this life. It is a great stress relief indeed. Just walking down the road and feeling the evening breeze on your face, when you get back home your mind will be refreshed.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Taking walk is a great stress reliever.
Glad to know it has helped you

I appreciate your visit Bruno👍