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Creativity knows no bounds right? There are 1001 things that people make themselves instead of buying them in the market or calling a professional. Today I am excited to show you how I made this pen/pencil holder. To some people, it might be a simple project but I value this little DIY project a lot because of its usefulness already to my kids and myself.


My final result

So let's get started ...

Materials used:


  • Embossed Cardboard papers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • pencil

Firstly, cut your cardboard paper into two halves, then use one of the halves. Fold it to form a right angle.


Cut off the excess after obtaining your right-angle shape. Open the sheet and fold it into a vertical half, open it again and fold it into a horizontal half ensuring the IMPRINTS OF THE LINES ARE VERY OBVIOUS. Open the sheet once more, folding the first half and the second half of the sheet into halves to meet at a point as shown below 👇


Open the sheet again and fold it horizontally in the same pattern. At this point, the imprint is already showing across the sheets. Then fold the four edges of the sheets to form small-sized right angles.


Together with the right angles, fold it into halves giving the shape similar to an envelope.


Fold the sheet again as shown below👇


Note: In every stage that requires folding, ensure that the lines are showing as it will guide you in getting the correct shape and measurement you need.

The next step is to open the sheet and fold each of the halves into two to meet at a point. At this stage, you already have four partitions in the sheet similar to an envelope. Place one of the partitions on a different colored sheet to get a shape equal to each of the partitions.


After obtaining this shape, cut it out and insert it into one of the spaces in the sheet.


Push it into the opposite space to clip together to get one part of your pen/pencil stand.


Follow the same procedure and make as many holders as you need.


The next stage is to use a strong glue to merge all the holders. After achieving this, place the pen holders on top of a cardboard sheet, use your pencil to mark out the shape of the base, and cut it out. Ensure that the base is thick enough to hold whatever you wish to put inside the holder aside from a pen or pencil.


THE FINAL STAGE: attach the base to the holder using glue and your pen holder is set ready for use.



Before now, my children and I have several times misplaced our academic materials due to one reason or the other and I keep buying more to replace the lost items but with this holder, I am sure it will save me some money used in buying repeated items. The kids are excited at this new development as well 🤩🥰


Captured them

Aside from the academic materials, this holder can keep for me, I can decide to keep some other things inside it like scissors, keys, and spoons and have them saved there. For you reading this, it can safeguard some little materials for you as well, you can use it as your desk organizer, etc. So why not try it and ask me questions where you are confused because there are lots of foldings as you can see🤩🥰

I will be in the comment section to answer your questions on this project if any.

Thanks for reading and for visiting my blog❤💕💞🧡💖

Please note: "All pictures are mine*


Wow these is super cute, you did an excellent job here and I felt I could achieve the same with your well detailed explanation.

Smiles...thanks a bunch Vic for commending my little job.
Should incase you feel like trying it, don't hesitate to ask me any questions where you are not cleared 👌

This is interesting! What a sight! Surely, when you are around kids, being attentive enough to help in their works can also help spike your creativity.

Where on Earth did you learn this skill that involves folding at multiple layers? Haha. It's impressive! Really impressive.

I don't have pencil here and my pen are just for decoration so, I will be looking forward to a laptop and phone holder since that will be more useful to me 😂.

Have a nice Sunday and send my regards to the kiddos 😂


being attentive enough to help in their works can also help spike your creativity.

You are very right on this, lots of brainstorming to scale through their troubles 😀

I will be looking forward to a laptop and phone holder since that will be more useful to me 😂

Hahahaha, trust me on that! Be expectant ..lolz
You will be amazed on the outcome. 🤣🤣

Thanks a bunch for your compliments , they are much appreciated 👍

Lol... You are getting it right with all these assignments. It's almost as if you are the one that gave them the project. Lol.

Their teachers need to hire you 😂

Wow well detailed and simplified procedure.
At least I have learnt how to make my pencil/pen holder now.

God has endowed every one with certain skills that when properly explored the result is always amazing just like yours here.

I'm really impressed with this. Well done

Wow...thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad this is helpful to you.

We are all creative differently and I hope to learn from everyone.

Thanks for your warm visit 👍

This is amazing. This will really save you from buying pen and pencil every time because these materials are like spirits leaving the house 🤣🤣

You have done a good job ma

🤩🤩🤩 the materials are like spirit indeed. The way it disappears most times is just
Thanks for your visit

This is so amazing. You must be a genius. You're so good at what you do.

Thanks a bunch for the compliment 🤩

This is really beautiful ma'am
It seem like I would need you to make one for me to keep my pens here in school 😁🥰

Your kids sure do love it, look at them playing happily with it.

Well done and happy creative Sunday to you 😊

🤩🤩🤩, I will be glad to make one for
Anything for you sweetie 🥰

Yeah the kids love it and wouldn't allow it to rest, they kept admiring their new holder😃😃

Thanks a bunch my dear👍

Hahaha thanks too 😊

Wow this is beautiful. Good job dear

Thanks flora

Wow 😳😳
This is very interesting and creative 👍

Happy Sunday to you dear friend 😙

Thank you nancy

Wow! @nkemakonam89 this is so creative. It brings back childhood memories. My friends and I used to make wallets, wristwatches and phones with papers. I miss those days. Now, I can’t even remember how to do those stuffs.

At first, I looked like you were making an envelope, but you made it really amazing😊😊. Making this with just cardboard paper, glue and scissors,Really cool!

Thanks a bunch!

This is just so amazing. Was thinking where the folding would end with. But it was just so outstanding and creative.

Thank you so much friend.

This holder can be used for keeping the make up brushes hehe also these triangles boxes can be glued on the walls for hanging ornamental flowers. I like the creative idea of using this craft in an educative way. Brilliant work . many things can be thrown inside of it,🤩🤩🤩

I deeply appreciate your contribution .
Thanks a bunch

Wow so lovely and beautiful, you are indeed creative

🥰🤩, thanks so much Eunice

Your pencil holder is looking really good.
I love this kind of creative work..
Loving your project 🤗

Glad you liked it
Thank you so much👍

Wow, creativity at its peak. This is so amazing, this holder will help alot because nowadays pencils has developed wings, it flies out of the bag anyhow (lol). Thumbs up to creative momma! Thanks for sharing this.

Invisible wings, lol
Thanks for your nice comment.

This is awesome, wow. I will never have thought of making something like this, you are indeed a creative mom. Your boys made you realize some hidden talents, huh 🤭.

Thank you so much for sharing this creativity with us.

I am learning creativity small small🤩🤣 and the boys are helping too with their trouble . So let me go ahead of them before they realize it..lolz
Thanks for your kind words my dear🥰🥰

Hehehe, that's so sweet of you, don't worry soon the trouble will reduce.

Children are really smart these days, I really hope they don't realize on time, hehe.

You're welcome Ma'am 🤭.

This is beautiful.
But is it just the cardboard papers or you added somthing to make it stronger?
I intend trying this

It's not the normal cardboard paper oo .
It's embossed cardboard paper..just go to stationeries and request for it. It's different from the normal cardboard paper and more stronger .

Oh it's clear now

Very impressive Nkem 😀
You made it for your cute kids, Nice

Have a wonderful day!


I made it for them and they liked it🤩🤩

Thanks a bunch👍💪

This is amazing! Very creative 👏👏. I love the design and how you combined the colours. It's really cute. And you made it so comprehensive with your detailed steps. Now I feel like trying it out myself 😃, it would be very useful for my kid bro. Thanks for sharing this lovely DIY 😊.

You are flattering me so much oo 🤩🤩

Thank you so much
I know Daniel will love it 💕💞🥰

This is a great use of your time ♥️ I'm surprised that the kids have not tried to decorate it yet 😲


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Thank you so much 👍

For the decoration, the kids already mentioned it but that will be after their exams which they are into me, they would have turned it into another form of creativity with shiny paints 🤩🤩🤩

I thought it would be far different if they got hold of it 🤣


Wow! This is really nice and beautiful. Now what remains is how one can market this and make some money 😁😅

It's for her kids. xD

@starstrings01 after selling his all family on OLX xD

lol... I know, but she can make more and sell or even do training for a little fee. you get 😅... You should be careful before I sell you too 🤣😂

MOM, mom, mama, maa, mom, mama..... He is coming to sell me.

Too late! I am already taking you to the market 😅😂


This is funny 😄
But then....loving this engagement personally 👍😇🥰💖

No way..fear not because I will protect you..XD

He sold me for one cent :( buy me back for 0.02 cent

I will😀

Oh my God! I already have one person in my Dm ready for online training...maybe I should collect a fee? 😆

Honestly, one person already suggested that I use a shiny material on it and monetize it, this is a smart idea you know 🤩, any good thing to make more money is cool by me😃😃

Thanks for your warm visit👍

Captured them

look at the smile on their face. Totally worth it. Enjoy a !1UP from my side. :)

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Thank you so much!
Much appreciated 👍

My pleasure.

This looks so beautiful, so you are this creative? When you use shiny material on it, you can even monetize it. More creativity to you dear.

Is this much creative? 🤩🤩🤩

So I can actually use a shiny material on it...can you recommend any one for me plz?

Thanks a bunch for your nice comment

Hahaha, when you get to a stationary shop you will get to see many materials, theen you make your choice. Or you can get to a tailoring shop. Thank God you are a tailor in the making

Haha.. this is really beautiful and lovely I couldn't imagine such a creative idea 😊 well done @nkemakonam89

Thank you so much
Glad you like it 👍

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Ahh ahh
Nkem this is so creative
Go momma
Momma is a genius mhen am sure your boys will be so proud of your work and happy too

Thank you so much, Rookie
Your words are always mesmerizing🥰🥰🤩🤩

Wow... this is indeed beautiful. And very handy, especially when you have children. I remember how I was always losing my pen and pencils back in school. I don't think I ever used a pen till it ran out of ink. I always lost it and had to replace it.
You have done well indeed.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Yea it's very handy Bruno and the kids couldn't stop admiring it. I hope to rest from "mummy I can't find my eraser , pencil, ruler and co. 😃😃😃

Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated 👍

This is cute, I wish I know how to do it too. I love it

This is very beautiful. I never knew there is anything called pencil holder but it all made sense to have a place to keep these items because they can easily be misplaced. I love how detailed the steps are in achieving this and I'll save this post for future practice. Thanks for sharing.

I think I've found a new project for my daughter to do during the school holidays. We have so many pens and pencils so it would be nice to store them in something that not only looks great but also is homemade.

Thanks for sharing such clear instructions. I think they're good enough that even I could follow them 😂. I'm not particularly crafty so it still might be a bit of a challenge.

I am glad you found this interesting for your daughter. It's simple, just follow the steps and in case you encounter any challenges, do well to send me a message 👍🤩

Thanks, !Luv 💛

Oh wow that is creative and I love it, I must admit I should make something like this,as I leave my pens and pencils all over the place!

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Thank you so much for commending my work 👍
As for the challenge, it's going on well. I got key and ready for tomorrow 🤩

Nice holders, very creative idea, and good explained. I think even me can make them! 😄

Yes you can make them, if you follow the steps 🤩
Thanks for your comment

Oh my God..
This is really creative.
I mean I'm already having an imaginary picture of it on my wall.
Like use it for house decor..thank you for sharing