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There is an interesting argument as to whether education is a scam or not. Some may have reasons for saying education is a scam, but I think that education is genuine and not a scam.


First, I'll start by explaining the gross misconception. Education is a process of training the mind to think rationally and in an organized manner, rather than cramming sentences and figures. Failure to understand this fact is the reason why people feel it is a scam and that what is being taught in school, is not seen in real life.

Having clarified that, I see education as the starting point of everything. Once you are learning, it's easy to explore so many areas of life and approach some things more smartly. Education opens doors for an opportunity, at times life presents us with different opportunities that require only educated people to grab and I am sure so many educated people have utilized an opportunity like this.

I agree that without education, one can still be successful. For instance, most of our parents leaving in remote areas over the past years majorly concentrated on farming as a means of earning. Some were traders and very successful too. Some uneducated people only learned handwork (skills) and were doing well even without seeing the four walls of the school.

However, when an educated man handles business, farming, or other skills, he will approach it with elaborate ideas which will help the business to thrive. I have seen many successful educated businessmen who applied so much knowledge gotten in school into their business and the difference is always clear. Education helps us to be versatile in knowledge, it helps us to stand out and express ourselves boldly wherever we go. It helps us to be social, the benefit of education can never be overemphasized.

In as much as getting a white cola job this day seems difficult especially in Nigeria, after graduating from school, it doesn't make education to be regarded as a scam. Knowledge is power, and that, we get through education. Every child needs education, even some old adults are returning to school to be learned in order to fit-in well in our civilized society today.

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This is truth, Like my friend –Malcolm X- will say "Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

Yesooo,education has a lot of say about our future.

Thank you for reading my friend

Words! do you know why people say education is a scam? Because they have misused the word education from what it is.

People think Education equates direct employment to jobs. So they get educated because of it and do not end up getting what they seek. Hence, the Scam statement.

This is why skills always take the edge over most guys who are even educated. Because they only seek to be able Educated but lack to build the skills in their necessary field of study.

Those skills are meant to help one figure out how to stand out in situations where there are no jobs and be able to form new ideas that would provide solutions to problems.

This is the reason for education and not getting employed immediately!

Absolutely right professor..
Education is not scam.
People don't know the actual definition of education. Education is key to be a skilled person with huminty in mind. But people always think about the job getting opportunity. Most of the time some highly educated person scam with there education by some inhuman activities bcz They have not gained proper education.

hmm...well said brother!



People think Education equates direct employment to jobs. So they get educated because of it and do not end up getting what they seek. Hence, the Scam statement.

This is a sure truth! But then education is far beyond only securing a job. If people can utilize the treasure in education , they will have mega chances of creating jobs themselves and excel without much struggle .

Wow, I love your view on this! Many thanks for your contribution👍👌🤝

the pleasure is mine

Well said my Friend in your point of view. Absolutely right Education can't be scam. Some people misuse this education.

It isn't my friend , glad we are on the same view👌

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Education simply broadens our horizon and helps us see opportunities that we wouldn't see if we weren't educated.
Thank you for sharing.

I love this point👌💪

Thanks a bunch sis🥰🥰

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True! True!! True!!!
When you are educated you apply your educative ideas into an uneducated plan or business, this will certainly spice up that plan or business and make it profitable for one. We really need to look right on the aspect of education great post fella.

You got the sermon bro
Education has the key to our success be it in business or any skill

This is true dear, it's our country that made education to be a scam
For me, I think education isn't a scam because it helps us fasten our skills and talent

Of course my dear

I wish some people mentality will change on this

TOo many ppl think education is a ticket to success in life. It just gives a platform to use your gifts better.

Loving your view on this 👌
Thanks a bunch

Education isn’t a scam truly, it’s just a misconception people have that education gives you job opportunities and when that doesn’t happen, we tend to see it as a scam. That we are being lied to, in as much as our country situation is backing up the statement, we just have to look past government work and start creating jobs (skills) for ourselves.

Education helps and sharpen us to do things better and creative than uneducated person. Education is power and it makes us stand out in the midst of an uneducated fellas, that is for an educated fellow that is also knowledgeable.

Wowww, you got this sermon so well and I love your view on this.

Thanks for reading .

You are welcome sis😊

Well said dear friend, education is not a scam

No way my Nancy 🤩
It's not a scam

I would say education is a scam but reading from your view I do agree it is not a scam. It does make a difference and helps us to know what happening around the world without even traveling. Also our country made it seem as if education is a scam.

Thank you love for sharing 💕

Yes ma, education is not a scam... It is only termed as a scam because of certain people's misconception. Education goes way beyond schooling and seeking job opportunities.

You are very tight sis and thanks for taking a tour on my blog🥰🥰🥰

Interesting - I'd never heard someone say education is a scam but I guess some people thinl anything is a scam :)

You make some great points. I also think it's important to bear in mind that education is a continuous thing and isn't just a 'formal' education (i.e. in school). Education should ideally be a mindset - that we should keep learning every day whether it be in school, business or elsewhere in live.

Keep up the great content!


Wow, thank you so much for your kind words and your contributions.


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