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There was a time I had issue with a lecturer's course and I didn't want to block/sort because I was not into that, so I met one lecturer in our church which is a close friend to the man, I explained everything to him and he said one thing that changed my thoughts on passing any examination, no matter how hard the examination may appear.

"Do you know that 95% of lecturers get their exam questions somewhere? It's just few of them that go through the process of changing figures/words or formulate their own questions, and even the ones that do that, they don't go far from what has been done before"

He went further to explain and said;

"The challenge with students is that they don't bother to make research. Since these questions are copied from somewhere which are either textbooks or internet, then students can access those materials too to match up with the lecturer"


That's just the basic truth about the era of technology on education, it has made schooling easier... although not to everyone especially those that are still struggling with it(some see phones as evil tools)

How did technology helped me in my schooling days.

Guys! I'm the phone type even though I didn't had the opportunity to use a very nice phone during my schooling days. My phone was just everything to me, most times instead of buying handouts or textbooks, all I did was just snap them and store on my phone which I read anytime I sounds impossible, right? I did that.

It my final year project works, both the research and typing were done with my phone,,,it was even Tecno Y2 that I used and I was glad because it saved me from those huge charges if I had given the work out.

Of course there were distractions too

Aside the excess times on chats, watching movies and the rest, I spent a lot of time charging my phone.
Back then, I always close from school around 4:00pm because I stay back to charge my phones after lectures. Imagine the time wasting🙇.

The future of Technology on Education

What we've seen is just a tip of the iceberg of what technology on Education can do.
In my schooling days I never thought that studying between a teacher and students could be possible online but look at where we are now...

I remember those days that we used to visit a computer center to register things online and afterwards, they'll copy out your username, password and give to you incase you're returning back, but who does that these days?

What about the days we used to queue up in banks to pay dues and school fees? But now, things are done at our comfort.

As far as I'm concerned, things will continue to improve and make schooling easier but my fear is the side effects it'd bring especially the distractions and being indulged in abnormal know the modern pattern used in examination malpractice these days, right? Incase you don't know, please use Google 🤭.

Thanks for reading.

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A lecturer taught us psychology then and I got to know he copied almost 60% from the internet, I was just smiling that day. Some students will not know this since they don't take time to make research but rely on what was being taught in class.

Many of these courses, I got to understand more online because I took time to make technology work best for me.
Technology is good and one should make use of it wisely.

I can relate to everything you said here bro, I am victim of staying back in school to charge phone too.. thou this gadgets are part of the stuffs that caused distractions to us, they are apparently the very good means we can have an easy and fast learning

Some people are afraid of phones..?😀😀 I am pretty sure something like this is happening because they way some people are too careful with this life... Kai😀😀
Some of this individuals mindset is polluted by religious elders because the blood of the past is still running in their veins, I wish to r them to come to light and realize sooner what they've been missing...

I had a new customer last week and I was surprised when this man said he hasn't used smart phones since his childhood. I asked him why and he said those phones are tools of the devil bla bla bla. I just tried to mute the topic to prevent me from stepping on his toes😁😁.

Thank you for stopping by bro

If I were you I would have burst into laughter oo, because which kind talk be this now😂😂😂
Which one be tools of the devil, so the devil go allow him tools make we put Bible inside the read abi... Abi make we hear sermons and praises way we go use am fire im horns.. so many people are wallowing in darkness seriously

No be small. Those people matter tire me always. That's why I find it hard to relate with them make person no tell me say to eat is a sin 🤭

And na true e fit sup like that oo

Technology has both negative and Positive effects on the live of students, we always try to make the positive side outweigh the negative.

Exactly to, anything good has a bad side too. It's left for us to choose the one that fits us and outsmart the other.
Thank you for stopping by

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Bro you have said it all. It all depends on us, people fail most times not because the are not capable but because they don't want to go out of their comfort zone. A friend use to tell me that the internet has all the answer to our questions. If you want to know them then go for a research.

Like you I wasn't having a good phone to make research back then, but I often bribe my friends and borrow from them and do my stuffs. I thought I was the only one that used that snapping method 🤣🤣 so we choke? Those days if you go through my gallery it just the pictures of pages of books that you will see every where.

Technology has really done a lot for us in school and we can't deny it though it has disadvantages too, the person who said everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage was not a fool. Even humans have disadvantage talk Less of a gadget come on.. it is just left for us to decide, because the effects of phones on an individual is dependent on the individual. You decide how you want it to affect you.

It's amazing how technology works and it can either help or break us depending on how we utilize it. I do hope the better impact outweigh the bad sides of it.


Technology has really made education easier and faster. With the help of e-books and YouTube videos one can learn alots. In all, one should judiciously use technology so as not to indulge in evil practices. Thanks for sharing this

Thank you for stopping by ma

You are most welcome

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