My precautionary measures from phone's light rays

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Greetings to you all!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend? Keep it going👍.

I'm sure I'm not the only that have seen someone that was hospitalized because of eye pain that was caused via the rays of light from the phone or computer system.
I understand the negative effect of this ray of light from the screen so well and I'm always on a precautionary measure in order not to fall victim to this effect.

I'm very fair in complexion and we all know how light easily affect fair people on their sight...I didn't said I'm an "albino"🧐, fair people would understand our struggles better. Due to the nature of my body system's reaction to light rays, I shouldn't be addicted to phone but that's not my path, I got addicted to phone ever since I was in secondary school and I'm thankful too because that's what brought me to this platform. I'm very much addicted to phone that I've been asked several times whether I don't get eye pain from the ray of light on my phone.

Let me share with you how I've been managing my eyes from the rays of light, especially light from my phone.

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Honestly, I can't find myself using a phone that doesn't have eye Care effect for now. Although, the phones I used back in secondary school didn't have this effect but there was a feature used to reduce the phone's brightness. Just like I said earlier, I'm fair and any sharp light makes my eye sick, so I was fond of reduction of phone's brightness, sometimes I reduce it to the lowest.
Thank God for the modern days phone that have the "eye Care" effect, I don't need to struggle with that anymore.
Thank God also for the auto-brightness effect on phone which regulates the brightness on its own due the light effect on the environment.
Also, there's NIGHT MODE in the video player(MX player) I usually use to watch video, this feature suits my preference to much...I'm not referring to dark mode, it's different from dark mode, it's very good when watching movies at night.

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For a moment, I felt that the dark mode feature on phones, computers, sites and Apps was for done because of me. I so much love dark mode and I use it for everything. It doesn't stress my eyes🥰.
On a serious note, I'm yet to see reasons why people prefer light mode to dark mode💆.

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I know this is not cool but I don't like to have lights switched on when watching television.
Some times ago, I worked in an eatery where we had access to watch Television was for the ladies though because I only concentrate whenever it's weekend football match.

There was light 24/7 and the clash of both light and TV always taunts my eyes, and there's no way I could switch of the light. I deviced a method of using facecap to reduce the direct ray of the light to my eyes... this was what made me to love facecap till today.

Today's morning, I trekked to
a bank around 10am and the sun that hit me almost blinded me. This is one of the reasons I know that I'm not supposed to be in Nigeria. I'm supposed to be in those snowing and freezing countries🙈🙈

Thanks for reading🥰

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Glad you know how to take good care of your eyes. I don't use my phone often to be honest, unless I'm going out. And it's interesting that you want to be in cold countries where there's snow :D

Hmm, you seem to have everything sorted out, I was reading and immediately I got to the eye care effect I quickly went to check mine and I realized it was not on and I did that immediately, hehe, thank you so much for that information.

Truly you do not deserve to be in this country but if you weren't here you wouldn't have discovered all of these things you know, hehe.

This is one of the reasons I know that I'm not supposed to be in Nigeria. I'm supposed to be in those snowing and freezing countries🙈🙈

🤣🤣🤣you got me rolling, where are you suppose you be if not here with me. Make we enjoy our country together.

Eye care, dark mode are one of the most effective method to protect our eyes. I always reduce my phone's light to the lowest before using it to ensure survival of my eyes. I have someone that always increase her phone background light to about 90%, I asked her if she's not affected and she said she isn't, like I my own is always at 0%. But I guess different people with different sensitivity to light.

Omo... It's actually not safe watching TV in the dark. Because it causes your eyes to stress more. It's better when you do it with soft lights, preferably colored lights. It doesn't have to be bright. Provided there's something else beside the light from the TV.

Thank you for sharing this with us.