A SMILE BACK TO THE FACE - Creative Sunday

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For someone like me who barely go out due to lack of friends, where will i rather be on a Sunday afternoon after church service is done and i still have about 13 hours before bedtime that will usher me into a new busy week. Well there is an answer, i go out to ball with the boys. Yes i actually mean football playing and after about 2 hours of play we go to Mr Johnson's house (My church member) to complete the day with PS2 playing... This was the routine until 2 weeks ago when the flash drive developed fault

That very Day we did our best to make it work but it just keeps failing and failing and failing. So I decided I'll take out time to have it checked and probably fix it. I procrastinated last Sunday due to engagements but I said this week isn't going to pass without me fixing it.


I did a total dismantling of the flash drive, as you can see here, it has two outer layers before you can get to the main panel



But before I diagnosed, I had all my instruments in place, just in case the work became more advanced as I proceeded


Above is the multi meter, and this is the soldering flux or you can call it soldering paste and it helps for a shiny neat soldering

This is lead, which i normally use for soldering SMD (surface mounted device) components



And this one is called soldering iron, it's not what you want to joke with... It produces up to 500°C of heat from that tip alone

So after setting up all my tools I had to carry out some examining on the mother board of the flash drive and that was when I saw the destination i intended heading to... I detected the fault immediately. One leg from the USB was broken, that is to say disconnected from the board itself


And that is the reason why it was not working, this is a magnified view of the mother board... I did a 7x zoom from my camera in order to give you guys a closer look. So as soon as I found the fault I went straight to rectifying it


I first of all applied some flux on both four leg/terminal on the mother board because I would be soldering all four spot


Next thing i did was to run a very neat and lead filled soldering on all four legs, for long term lasting and usage


Last but not the least was to actually seal the package with my soldering iron because I forced my way in as it was sealed without

giving easy access to loosen

I was waiting inpatiently to go see the result of my work, so after church service, we had similar routine of ball playing. We played till it was 6:30 pm so we retired for the day and we went on to give it a test. It was a long hours of enjoyment and excitement. They were all hailing me "ENGINEER, ENGINEER, ENGINEER"
I and Mr Johnson took it to challenge as we both were more focused on winning each other, we played a total of eight games
Scores are being calculated both home and away, so we Drew a total of 3 home and away matches, but the last one was a total bleeding for him as we had to change control pad (mine was faulty but i was managing it)
But when I got hold of the good one, you can judge for yourself from the score below in the last home and away match

First leg was 6-0 and second leg 2-0 making it a total of 8-0 win and this was what closed the game for the day 😁🤣✌️
Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you had your time. And get set for an awesome new week @khingstan Cares 🤴✌️



Hello there @khingstan. I hope you good.

Haha. I don't have this type of talent. I would've thrown it away or bought another flash if I were you. But mg cousin is also like that, he can repair anything! Anything at all.

It is so nice that you were able to repair it and that feeling when everyone was shouting “engineeer”, it was nice, right?

Thanks for sharing.

The feeling was truly awesome I'll confess, I was a bit on top of the world 😁😁
But truth be told, allot of things we discard sometimes are really not that faulty, we just end up wasting resources due to lack of knowledge about them

Next time take it upon yourself to tear it down, since you are going to discard it anyway and you may find it's a very minor problem
Thanks allot for stopping by ✌️❤️

Yeah bro. Sometimes I try to do that, sometimes it works, but most times it doesn’t.

You’re welcome bro.

Just keep doing, and enquire for more knowledge
That can really help

Lol.. I know the feeling pf making it work right in front of your friends and getting hailed by them.. You did good brother.

Thanks allot brother, i got so many praises and in turn we enjoyed the evening to the fullest after a long time playing

Thanks for stopping by ✌️❤️