There Is An Organ In The Body You Are Not Aware Off

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This is sounds very weird right, even i myself is still wondering but we are going to get to the bottom of this together. It happened that when i was in school infact i just got into college, I was placed alongside or should i say paired together to seat together and i won't tell you no lie that guy was mysterious.

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Back then we were fresh into college and then i will always be quiet but that seat mate of mine who is so mysterious will always be lousy and sometimes he does something and i take the blame sometimes, I even got to found out that he is in a geng. Then he even spoke like a cultist, I can't say he was among but the way he spoke it was like he was in the geng of cultist.

We were always together though he had bad attitude he also had good in him too i kind of blended with him and also tried to change him but wasn't possible. Do you know weird thing about him was he resembled me a little and some people thought we were brothers. So one day we sat in the class and the next thing he said was “do you know that there is something in our body God doesn't know about” and i was like is he kidding now.

He was serious about it and he kept saying it with confidence. I did not want to believe that because this is God we are talking about and he can't create man and not be Aware of what he created impossible.


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Well i am not God neither am i the scientist but what if we speak from science.


I don't want you thinking am psycho right now but what if there is something or rather an organ in our body we have no idea about and it is just there waiting to be found and we can't find it well i guess this is the time for the scientist and doctors to do their duty. But, Come to look at it what if the real thing he was supposed to say was “do you know there is an organ in the body scientist haven't discovered”.

The truth might be that he is right, because God is just the creator and science is the discoverer of whatever so it might also be possible they're things in our body not yet discovered. I know this will sound weird to some us here in this community but all questions are allowed in the comment section.


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