I Wish Teleportation Existed

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Good day my fellow hivians, I am back again to the featured contents, Which we are to give reasons why we prefer the favorite Transportation we chose which i am about to speak about mine any minute from now. Though the content given to us by the vote of the newbies initiative.

Imagine if there were no security issues, no traffic and the risk of accidents has been reduced to the barest minimum...

My question is could this be possible,We not witnessing all these been mentioned? Well, it was said we should imagine so let us work on that, I will be mentioning My favorite of all mode of transportation.

Transportation By Plane

If there was no security issues or no traffic issues, I will still prefer plane for my means of transportation.

Andrej Lisakov

Why do i prefer this mode of transportation, It is because it has always been my heart wish right from when, I was a boy and i know it is a comfortable means for transport. You get to go higher and see the wonders of our lord. I feel it also that is a fast way to extend your destination.

There's no way you take a plane as means of your transport, It will serve as a fast means. And the comfort, I spoke about that earlier, it is a comfortable transportation. This is my first mode of transportation and i can't trade it for any other transportation.


Transportation By Train

This mode of transportation, I loved it when i watched MIB INTERNATIONAL when Molly in the Mib International was confirmed into the Agent she took a train.

Chris Curry

And in that train it took her nothing less than 3sec to even get to her destination. I will love to take trains as my means of transportation, But not in this country, Maybe in the foreign country because trains in Nigeria is very very awful. But, if i could get access to any other country, I will love the train for my means of transportation.

The train will not experience traffic even if the traffic crises or security issues the train is a straight way without obstacle or any traffic. This is my second favorite means of transportation and i am not even trying to paint the wrong information.


Transport Through Teleportation

This would have been my first favorite, but it has not been invented. I would have loved this to be my only mode of transportation.

Warm hole time travel

Teleportation is like the best mode of transportation, but has not been invented which i have faith that in the future, it will come to pass. I know that with the sci-fi movies i watch it is so clear that it is the best and i wish it will be in existence.

If this was in existence any location or world we are going to it won't take us nothing less than a sec to get to wherever we want to go. Just imagine you want to attend an occasion and you are on the island and the party is on the mainland. And you are late, I can assure you before a split of second you are already at your location.



These are my favorite mode of transport and if i was given an opportunity to declare a new mode of transportation it would and will be teleportation. That is the fastest and my third favorite but would have been my first favorite. To bad it is not in existence and if it was to be invented, I will be the first to test it and experience it.



If it was possible to include teleportation as a means of transportation I would have loved it too, then it will be the fastest.

Thanks for sharing with us

I am glad you agreed with Me thanks for sharing your words.

Hahaha teleportation... You watch too much sci-fi movies...but I would be cool though

I do watch but i was not speaking based on the movies, I really want it to exist.

Teleporting sounds good but i am not sure i will want to try that, what if i do and i didn't get to my destination nor return home but found myself somewhere unknown!lol

True, But if you made the right selection am sure there would be a return safely transit.

Wow! This is awesome. I have just learned new words. Some of these mode of transportation I don't even know them.
Thanks so much.

Really, am glad i was able to open you mind to these.

For sure bro, air is just the best no doubts about that, I enjoy air more than any other mode of transport, the comfort alone is enough, no waiting no delays once it takes off, air still remain the best option for me

Thanks a lot for sharing🤝

Nice post👌

You are welcome bro, I love and like the fact you appreciate air transport like I do and we are going high.

I got you bro💯🤗

Yeah, trains could be quite a form of transport, especially in a system that works properly. Maybe then you get to experience it first hand you will know how it is meant to be.

And in that train it took her nothing less than 3sec to even get to her destination

But, do you think there are trains that are this fast in reality?

I think they're but not in these country.