A Writer Deserves Silence

in Hive Learners8 months ago

Hello friends

I am talking about “A writer deserves silence” you all might be wondering what i mean by that well we all know in life people have their own way of understanding, Reading things, Some people can read in an environment, That is very noisy, Why some can only read in a quiet environment. But come to look at it i feel every Writer should always have a quiet place to study and write, I have seen some one who can read in a noisy environment, I have also seen the one who can write in a noisy environment.

Brad Neathery

I have come to an understanding, that i could only write well in a quiet place, I am not good at writing in a noisy place that was why when i was still in school, After class i will always go home and read my books again so i could understand what was taught in the class and it really helped my Educational life. I don't get home from school and read immediately, It is always noisy at home too so, I would wait for the Midnight that is when I read my books.

Anytime, I want to write on hive be it my daily or featured Contents, I will always find a cool and quiet place to write. I don't know how to write in a noisy place, I noticed anytime I try to write in a public space, I always write error, But anytime, I write in a quiet place it comes out good almost perfect though, I get upvote, I get engagements.

I love writing as much as i do love writing, I aspire to become a popular, I wrote stories when i was in elementary schools. Though, I was not smart enough to keep then I knew something about writing was part of me but it requires all quietness, I know writers like Shakespeare and the rest had a quiet place to write. “A Writer Deserves Silence” We all deserve a quiet place to write, I am a good writer because of my quiet place.