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RE: Online Shopping Rocks If You Do It Right.

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Online shopping is more convenient.. However, we can not be sure of the quality of the products.. Unless you'll buy in legit branded shops..

I prefer buying in physical stores to ensure the quality of the items I'll be buying


Unless you'll buy in legit branded shops..

myself, I only buy from shops friends recommend to me now. This way, I’m less likely to be cheated or sold fake products. Sometimes, I use reviews to select stores I buy from too. But that doesn’t always work because some stores just pay people to write good reviews for then.

Haha most people seem to prefer shopping physically. It seems I’m the outlier.

Sometimes, reviews are I don't rely on them too haha

Yeah. I feel like you mostly can spot paid reviews though. They’re all mostly just empty and from ghost accounts. You don’t see much activity from the accounts giving the review, and the review is mostly just shallow. Can be deceiving though so I understand why most people would much rather just stay away.