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Remember that there is no rush, there is no pressure. There is no one holding a knife to your throat and saying if you do not make this post before a certain amount of time lapses, they will kill you.

Hahaha, this part made me laugh because I hold a knife to my throat everyday. I have to get a post on the blockchain before 12 am everyday.

This is my own version of knife held to my throat. And it works everytime. Most times we need knives like this to make us act more than we think.

Cos most people will stick around all day thinking of what to write about instead of writing. And the more they think the more they get lost, and throw their hands in the air, leaving everything behind.

I guess they will say, "I'll do it tomorrow", tomorrow comes and they move it to the next day.... It continues this way before you know 30 days is gone. They check their last post and discovered they had fucked up


Just like me if I don't rush a writeup, beautiful lines forming in my head will be forever lost.
I get tired and loss interest when I spend so much time on a post, in the end it becomes abandoned in my draft.

Say this to the hearing of @bruno-kema 🙃😁.


Seriously. A knife is up to my neck to get it done before 12am latest too. It's not serious but then it's serious.

Hahaha... I am glad you are in this league too. Procrastination steals alot from us. 😔

Wow... I did not know there are people that go through this 😅
I have a particular time I do my writing, so even before the time reaches I would already be prepared to go through.
But then, everyone has what works best for them.
Thank you for reading😇

Your method is good too. Having a particular time makes your subconscious always ready when it's time... So, it's a good one.

Well done boss 💚

Well... I guess😋
I'm glad to know that...