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RE: The Perfect Blog!

in Hive Learners5 months ago

These steps you've mentioned above I've been following all of them but I still find problem with using the right tag. I don't know, how can you know the right tag to use?


Your first five tags should be related to your topic. If you write about your dog for instance, you can use #pet #dog #animal and so on. The remaining five tags should be community tags or the second layer token tags to give you a wider reach. Tags like #pob #vyb #archon and so on.

Oh really 😬😬, I've been doing the opposite 😰😏. But thanks to you I'm wiser now, much love @wolfofnostreet 💌💌



@wolfofnostreet has said it all. It is all about using tags that are related to your post.
It is the best way.
Thank you for reading.😇