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I suppose everyone, recognizes that technology has had a substantial impact on society's growth. "I can't even picture what the world would have been like if the internet had not grown."

The world is currently governed by technology; there have been various technical advancements to break man's restrictions and so make the world a better place. Our century, in comparison to other centuries, is more likely to supply these solutions through technology.Despite the fact that technology may have some negative implications, we have a slew of benefits that make it difficult to give up.
Technology's charm is that it is continually changing.



Growing up in a decade where societal progress was somewhat unrestricted, it was fascinating to hear stories from my parents about how difficult life was back then compared to where we are now. "I think if technology had never advanced, we would still need post offices to mail letters, transportation services would have been terrible, we would have lost our loved ones to treatable ailments, and man's mentality would have been so myopic," my father says.


The earlier inventors deserve credit for the current technical advancements we have today; they laid the groundwork while we developed the concept. There are other technological advancements to discuss, but I choose to discuss something very personal that I use frequently in order to adequately communicate my great passion for technology. It's the Internet's Evolution- I grew up in the late 1990s, when our country, Nigeria, had just adopted Global System for Mobile Communication , which marked the beginning of the gradual phasing-out of landline phones. These are the advantages of the internet that I adore:



Years ago, the only means to interact with someone who lived in another location was to write letters, which may take weeks or months to arrive and even longer to receive a response. Imagine waiting nearly a month for a simple message to be answered.
With the Internet, I can sit anywhere on the planet and send a message or email to anybody I choose, and it will be sent in minutes. A third party does not assist me with my delivery.





The greatest gifts of knowledge are stored on the Internet, which provides millions of search results for each topic requested. It's a location where people may learn new things and improve their abilities. A visual representation of web search results can be found on YouTube. It has made my life easier and less stressful.





The internet has been an employer in a rising society with limited job prospects for everyone, allowing businesses to be operated from home, building communications between individuals, transferring money, and also working remotely, the hive blog is a typical example of the benefits of the internet.





The preservation of information and knowledge is likewise critical; the prospect of losing critical data, files, or materials is excruciating. It is now simple and safe to upload your information and documents to the cloud using "cloud storage."





We all have beautiful hobbies that we enjoy doing, such as viewing movies, listening to music, making social media videos, exhibiting gourmet dishes, and giving public speeches. All of these fantasies are now a reality thanks to the Internet. It has brought mixed pleasure into our lives, resulting in fantastic results.






I agree with what you said that internet makes life happy, just imagine one day without internet how your life will surely miss all information. it's only 1 heart, imagine if 1 month without internet this life is really dark

Nicely written post dear friend.
Technology today is indeed the order of the day.
With the Internet and other aspects of advancement in place to make life easier.
Thanks for sharing dear friend.

that's cool boss well said

The internet is a mad place. It can only give you what you want. If you want rubbish, things that will have no positive impact on your life, you will find it there. And if you want something that will build you and make you a better person, then you will find out as well.
This is one of the gifts of the internet and we all are grateful.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

I agree with you because the importance of internet at the present time makes it very difficult to do any work in our daily life without the immense internet and we have become very responsible towards internet now. Thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us.

suppose everyone, recognizes that technology has had a substantial impact on society's growth. "I can't even picture what the world would have been like if the internet had not grown."

Indeed technology has had a great impact in everyone globally, it has made communication easier which is a very good one

The internet has done lots of good things to people's life and yet it still does bad to some. Is left for us to decide if we really want to utilize the gift of the internet or be carried away with the negative effects .
Great job you did hear.

The internet has indeed made communication easier...I love your post

The internet has indeed played a vital role in our lives, especially students.

Well said! Technology has really been of help to mankind.

I would say this post is a comprehensive compilation (laid in a systematic manner)of features internet has brought in our lives. The thoughts resonate with my thoughts. I imagine for a while how dumb I would be without internet. Internet has brought me knowledge and autonomy.

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I agree with what you say, the advancement of the Internet has had a huge impact on everyone around the world, so that the Internet can make things easier.

A good view on the internet advancement
You truly broke it down and the revolution explanation was awesome as well... Where else is the world going in advancement is what I keep asking myself. IS IT GOING TO BE TELEPORTATION NEXT🤔 because we've seen more than we actually expected in advancement alone in this very age

Thanks for another enlightening content, keep up the good work 😇😇

The internet has a significant affact in our society and the things we do

Long ago, I thought of the internet as just a technology like television technology. but now I just feel the benefits of a very beautiful and useful from the internet. I can find information from all over the world using the internet. even the development of education that I feel now really needs the internet to access the latest information from all over the world.😍

I agree with you, the internet has made life easier in many ways. There is the ease of communication and the rest. Great post!

I can sit anywhere on the planet and send a message or email to anybody I choose, and it will be sent in minutes. A third party does not assist me with my delivery.

This is one of the things I really love about the Internet - Connecting with people without stress.

My mom use to tell me of how difficult it was for her to communicate with my dad when he was a soldier,most especially the time when he had to go Sierra Leone for peacekeeping during their civil war.

She would sent him letters and it will take weeks to get a reply.
Honestly, I can not imagine myself going through this kind of thing abeg, not hearing from your loved ones for months,sometimes even a whole year...

How did our fore fathers even survived???

Technology has made the world so much better for us
You can call anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Just knowing that the person is fine alone can relieve you from a lot of stress.
Thank God for the internet.
Thank God for technology.
Thank God for Mobile phones.

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