Northern Lights | The magic show in the sky

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Hi Hivers!

The event of the magnificent display of Northern light on 23rd march in the north ern hemisphere specifically in eurpope and U.S caught the attention of Nature lovers and photographers from all over the world.

As a nature lover i wish i could be there to witness the mesmerizing dance of the geomagnetic storms, which then exhibited a heavenly magic show in the Earth's atmosphere at high altitudes.Upon hearing about it, i was so enchanted and fascinated. Let me introduce you to some amazing scientific facts and phenomenas about northern lights.


What are Northern lights? How they are formed?

Northern lights also known as Aurora Borealis are formed, when the charged particles of solar winds interact with the atmosphere of the earth. The solar winds take 3 to 5 days to reach the earth from the sun colliding with the atmosphere of the earth results in forming of light from the energy⚡ which is released by different gases molecules after interaction with each other.

The oxygen atoms produce green 🟢 and red 🟥 color, while the nitrogen atoms produce blue 🔵 and purple 🟪 colors.

It can be seen in north hemisphere between September and april and in the south hemisphere between march and September, and if you live in the Arctic regions, then you are most likely to see this phenomena atleast once in your life.

The majority of these solar winds are stealthy and cannot be easily detected, which is concerning as their occurrence causes significant harm to our planet


What are the effects of Northern lights on our planet?

Although the Northern Lights look miraculous and mesmerizing, they can also cause trillions of dollars in damage to power grids, satellites, and other electrical equipment, which can take years to recover and repair. When solar winds collide with Earth's magnetic field, it causes currents to flow in the atmosphere, generating electromagnetic radiation and causing an imbalance and disturbance in the ionosphere. This can affect radio signals and damage satellites.

History of Northern Lights and Cultural beliefs

The sightings of the northern lights are reported in the history from thousand of years. Ancient romans and greeks reffered to this phenomena as "aurora" or "rosy dawn". However, various cultures from around the world have associated myths and beliefs with the Northern Lights that have been refuted by scientific explanation. For instance, indigenous cultures in canada believed that northern lights were their ancestors dancing in the sky.
In Norse mythology it is beleived that these lights shine from the armor and swords of the Valkyries. In some cultures it is believed that northern lights have healing properties and can heal ailments.

In conclusion, our advancements in science and technology have enabled us to either eliminate or reduce the effects caused by cultural myths and lack of awareness about natural phenomenas.

I hope that you have learned something new from this blog, as that was my goal when writing about the beautiful occurrences of the Northern Lights. Please share your thoughts on this breathtaking phenomena and how we can fully appreciate the beauty of these natural wonders.