Why Blockchain Developers Are High In Demand?

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If you are a developer (aspiring or professional), you may have heard about blockchain technology. In simple terms, Blockchain is a decentralized ledger that keeps track of all transactions, in a way that makes them secure and transparent. In this article, I'll discuss how blockchain is the future of web development and why Web3 Devs are high in demand right now.

Role Of Blockchain

A distributed ledger such as a blockchain is an immutable database that is stored in multiple locations and shared across a network of computers.

When you store data on the blockchain, every transaction ever made on it can be traced all the way back to its original creation. This allows for the creation of a permanent, public, and tamper-proof record of transactions. The decentralized nature of this technology means that no one person or organization has control over the information stored on it (unlike traditional databases).

The use of blockchain technology has opened up doors for new types of businesses and industries to emerge as well as new ways for existing companies to conduct business more efficiently and securely than ever before possible.

With conventional methods such as emailing documents back-and-forth between two parties or storing files in insecure cloud storage systems like Dropbox, there is a huge risk of data loss, hacking, and privacy breaches. Blockchain fixes this!

Job Opportunities For Blockchain Developers Are Plenty

Blockchain technology is one of the fastest-growing fields—and there are many opportunities for blockchain developers. In fact, organizations around the world are actively hiring blockchain developers to create new products and services that will change how we live our lives in the future.

If you’re an aspiring blockchain/web3 developer, you'd definitely want to earn hefty amounts of money while working in a field that is growing this fast, right? The cryptocurrency industry has been gaining lots of traction over the last couple of years and it has started disrupting traditional industries like finance and banking, retail, real-estate etc. This has led to an increased demand for blockchain developers as well in every domain you can think of.

Why Should You Become A Blockchain Dev?

  • You want to be ahead of the curve. The web has gone through several major shifts in its history. If you were around when the first internet browser was released in 1993, then chances are that you could have seen your career taking off as the internet grew and evolved over time in ways that we never could have imagined back then.

  • You’re interested in working on complex problems and solving them by thinking outside of the box. Blockchain technology is still relatively new, so it comes with plenty of challenges that need solving! You can learn and work your way up to become one of the top problem solvers.

  • Get paid in crypto. Cryptocurrencies are used as a medium of exchange for goods and services; they can also be held as an investment. By working as a blockchain dev, chances are that you will get paid in crypto. That can be invested and multiplied easily using various opportunities the world of DeFi holds. Or spend it to buy tickets and book hotels on travala.com

  • There is a huge need for blockchain developers because of the increasing demand in the cryptocurrency industry in general. And it's going to only grow in the future. Start now without an end date!


As you can see, the future of web development lies with blockchain technology and if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you should learn about blockchain development to have an unfair advantage over other developers. If you have been struggling to find employment as dev or even if you are a complete noob looking to make a sexy career switch, then it’s time!!!

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Not financial advice. For infotainment purposes only.


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Great write up Fin!, I already made up my mind on the career switch to blockchain dev from chemistry. Well, it's been a tough ride and I'm still trying hard to master Python...lol...still a long way home, but I'm positive blockchain dev is a great career, not just because of how much can be made, but the utilitity of the tech and the high demand.

Thanks brother!!!

You are doing it right! Great decision switching to blockchain development. It's going to be challenging and demanding but totally worth the effort 🔥 All the best!

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And Python is relatively easier to learn. But I understand your side coming from a non-tech background, but you'd get through it. I understand Python to an extent too.😁

Good post on the benefits of becoming a blockchain developer. What if a non-developer wants to connect with a developer on an idea for a new platform? Is there a place to go to find developers who might be interested?

Yes. All freelancing websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr etc. has a ton of Blockchain Devs looking to work on projects. Just search "hire blockchain devs" on google and you will get a list of results dedicated to web3 development.

Also, there are no code tools that you can learn yourself to create MVP for your ideas. Use it to get proof of concept and a working application. Then take it from there!!

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What no-code tools would you suggest? I have an idea for a different Hive interface/dapp, but I don't want to let the cat out of the bag and have someone take my idea. I'm not a coder, but I think my idea has merit.

Fair enough! I will do some research on the topic and let you know the best no code tools to work with. For now, check this video:

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Thanks! That's a big help.

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Very well, blockchain is a fast rising field with its high monetary compensation sides too. Apart from being a developer who will work closely with building solutions and solving problems with blockchain development as its backbone, there are other ways non-tech people can enter too. Some are get involved as a Blockchain writer, content creator, strategist, even as a web3 event planner..

I must confess, your write up here has opened me to some new understanding. Kudos to you!

Glad that I could be of some help to you brother. I am so happy to be alive right now. 🔥 🥹

Making money has never been so easy. Ton of opportunities for everyone who is willing to put in the work.

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Money is hard to make o. Even if it is smart work...there is mental work attached too !

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It is of high demand! Agreed but, to learn the skill, it is a journey Of endless frustration 😅😂