Future Of Coding Is "No Code"

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Let's face it, coding is hard. The tools are confusing and the learning curve is steep. No code tools are here to change that. Do you know that without writing a single piece of code you could create websites and apps easily? To non-techies, this may sound like an odd concept at first glance but it's true!

With no code development tools, even everyday people with no experience in computer programming can now bring their own ideas to life. They're powerful, they make it easy to create custom solutions, and they're often cheaper than traditional software development.

Advantages Of No Code Development

There are many advantages to using no-code development tools:

  • First of all, they're either free or quite cheap compared to hiring developers full-time. You can save a ton of money in the process.
  • Second, they're easy to use so that even beginners can create their own websites/apps without having any prior coding experience.
  • Third, you can fast-pace your development and create automated processes for your business or job.
  • These tools let you do things that would normally require coding, like adding new features and making changes, without actually writing any code yourself.

If you're looking for an easy way to create an entire app without having any previous knowledge about how apps work (or what "coding" means), then no code development is probably the best option for you!

How Does It All Work?

No-code development tools use drag-and-drop interfaces to create sites and apps. You simply choose a template, customize a page with your content, them and images, then publish. This means that you don’t need to know how to install software on your computer in order to get started. You can also use code if you want, which allows for greater customization options – including things like integrating payment systems into your eCommerce store app. These tools are also getting better with time, releasing more features to replace coding as much as possible.

Can You Earn Money As A No Coder?

You might be wondering who could possibly benefit from no coding. Or who would hire you if you decide to learn no coding yourself? Let's take a look at some of the most common users:

  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to create MVP or fully featured services & products.
  • Non-technical people who want to try their hand at software development, or newbies such as those with a basic understanding of HTML or CSS but no real programming experience.
  • People who want to create a website/app but don't have the time or resources or interest to learn coding.

As a no-coder, you can earn money by building apps, products, and services for yourself or for users listed above.

No Code vs Low Code

No code is a subset of low code. Low code is still used by developers to create custom apps, but it's more expensive than no code and less accessible to everyday people and businesses.

In other words: no code is cheaper, easier for beginners and non-techies, and more versatile than low-code platforms in terms of plug-and-play features.

For example, You can easily create websites with Wix or Squarespace; they're designed by keeping everyday consumers in mind, people who want their site up and running as quickly as possible without having to learn how HTML works. That makes them ideal for businesses too—you don't need any technical skills like JavaScript or CSS just to create a basic website with these services (though if you want more control over how things look on screen, there are some paid upgrades).


If you’re looking to create a website or app for your business, no code development tools can make it easier than ever before. Such tools are available for both individuals and businesses at all levels of experience and budgets. You can turn your idea into a live website or an app in just a few months, weeks, days, or even hours! There is no need to hire an expensive developer when you have no code development tools at your disposal. The future of coding is No Code!

In my next blog, I will share a list of the best No Code Development tools you can use to build amazing products. Let me know in the comment section if you are interested. ;)

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Thank you so much mate. ❤️🔥

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I believe this is currently true to websites but not web apps. Maybe, in the future.

What I am currently seeing is that technology is making coding more competitive. Coders who can do stuffs that AI can will be out of the picture leaving only those who can do what the AI cannot.

I have been in embedded programming and I see that human coders are far more preferable than this drag-and-drop IDEs'. AI cannot just yet maximize program memory plus they cannot program new or unknown things to them.

In embedded programming, the best use of this no coding feature that I can see is for designing the overall flow of the program. Humans still need to tweak it and add the custom codes.

Also, I wonder who would develop this no coding tools or IDEs if no one would code for them. LOL.

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Haha. Yes, we do need coders to make such tools and perfect them with time. We are definitely not there yet but no code movement is picking up pace. We can develop apps too. At least the small ones to automate day to day tasks that would require coding otherwise. Check out the list of tools available on the market:


AI will make these tools more intelligent and we might not need coders to build complex apps and solutions in the future.

Great coders will never go out of business because they will find new problems to solve. AI can only do so much.

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That's a long list of no code apps. LOL.
I don't have time to check them but I am a rough idea on how they work. 😊
I will check them I need to make an app but don't have the time to make one. 😁

Haha. That's a whole new world bro. Just shared it to show you what can be possible. I might try some of them to see how they work.

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Is that your cat mate?? 🤣

What the heck happened to my reply. Good thing I back read.
I don't know what happened but this is what I remember I submitted a while ago:

"I am guessing that the apps are similar in most functionality or features.
The big difference might be the UI/UX.
Anyways, let us know what you find out."

Good thing you pointed it out. 😅

Exactly! With Wordpress one doesn’t even need to know how do code to build a website! Just drag and drop 😅. Learning how to use Wordpress professionally is a good skill which one can make lots of money from.

Haha. Please, starstrings, don't tell me the coding you said you were learning is a drag and drop website building. 🤨🧐🤔

Mbok, learn better coding so you can help us with some short cut on Hive and the various community you are engaged in 🙌🤲💪

Lol... He sure me say you dey see my coding articles! so he mean say you don get your answer already...

Hahaha.. of course I have... You know I like pulling your legs nau 🤧😂

More grace, boss. 💪💪

I no be boss oh! drop something for your boy...

Chineke 😲😳😲🙆

You are right bro, it's so freaking easy! I have built e-commerce store on Shiopfiy for my own and others' businesses. Just choose a theme and make changes as per your needs, hit publish, done. You can make a full-fledged store within a few minutes. It's crazy!

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You already have no code skill already! if someone was to code that same website, it could take almost a two weeks to a month depending on the level of coding skill the person has...

Crazy amount of time saved!!!

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plus, it saves a lot of frustration... Because almost every website coded but have had a bit of frustration the programmer must have passed through

Yes bro. There will be hits and misses. A lot of bugs to fix and lines of code to write. If coding was easy, everyone would do it. That's why good coders are high in demand. Because they go through a lot of pain to reach where they are. I wish you great luck in your journey. Not going to be easy but hopefully, you will enjoy it. :))

One currently limitation of Wordpress is creating a web app - you cannot make your user log-in and do custom functionalities to a website made with it. :)

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I have seen a few of these platforms being promoted and I think it makes learning or implementing applications a lot easier. However, the downside of this is that you can only do what the applications allows you and it doesn't give you as much flexibility.

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Yes, if you want to go deep into customization then you will definitely require some coding to be done. As we move forward, these applications will add more features and modules to solve the majority of problems.

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This no-code flash loan video is amazing

LMAO. xD Another way to make money!! But I wouldn't recommend doing it. Maybe great as a side project. 🤤

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Kinda insane when you see the irony. The best coders are actually coding their way out of a job.

Great article, as always!

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LMAO. IKR, it's funny! 🤣

But I am happy to see no coders getting empowered.

Thanks for stopping by Jerry.

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Thank you so much STEM gods xD

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I learn HTML and CSS for some month I even create my first rough site with HTML which is not easy for me. I have to download template and edit but once I come across the drop and drop website tool creators I found it so easy to use I jumped direct and forget about writing code

Haha. I can relate to that feeling bro. Easy way is the best way 🤣 btw even these tools needs you to put in a lot of work. But once you get a hang of them, you are unstoppable!

Yes it most easier if you get familiar with the tools.

Thanks for sharing bro

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You are welcome. Good luck bro!

Thanks friend

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O.O no

Please don't say no to no code 😭

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And who's creating the more advanced/automated application creation tools? God?

Well, it would be nice to create sites and app with this "No Code". Fast , easy and beginners friendly.
But writing codes are cool 😎.

Creating a no code system might require a lot of codes in the background that means Real coders are still relevant, nice 🙂🙂🙂

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Yes bro. Good coders are not going anywhere but it's better to get accustomed with no code or low code with your programming skills. Ultimately, ideas matter, technology is just a means to shape that idea into real-life solutions.

This is how fast time has been compressed and systems upgraded, the future is going to be awesome with these inventions

I'll be interested in the next post 🖐️, please tag if possible thanks

I believe that as we create our posts, communicate with others, without having to code so arduously, it shows that many of us will be able to participate more actively in this virtual world without having so many notions of code.

For example, how we have gone from giving orders to the computer through punched cards to giving them through the comfort of a keyboard.

But, there will always be a need for people specialized in coding because new ideas will always be coming up.



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