Creative Jobs Will Be Replaced By AI Sooner Than You Think

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The impact that artificial intelligence has on our lives is normally taken for granted. It's everywhere, from recommending movies on Netflix to making sure that your Amazon order arrives safely at your door. However, AI is also having a dramatic impact on economies around the world and it's changing 'how we work'. There are many people out of work right now who worry about their futures because they lost their jobs to automation or outsourcing. These people need help finding new careers or they may need government assistance if they aren't able to find employment quickly enough!

Future Of Unemployment

AI will eventually replace many creative jobs and that has many creatives worried. AI will do some routine and non-uniquely human creative work, but it’s unlikely to replace all creativity or even most of it.

However, the number of people who can create unique content is limited in comparison to those who want unique content. This means fewer creative jobs for humans, as more companies use AI to generate original content for them.

The good news is that there are still plenty of opportunities for you as a creator- you just need to be willing and able to adapt your skillset accordingly.

Jobs Are Standardized

If you’re a creative professional, it may be hard to imagine that AI could ever replace your job. The truth is that many creative jobs have already been automated through algorithms and automation. For example, Graphic Design, is considered one of the most creative fields out there—and yet it has been fully automated by algorithms and software programs. It has become standardized. Thank you Canva. xD

It may be tempting to think that your job isn’t susceptible to being automated simply because it's creative in nature. But this line of thinking ignores the fact that creativity itself has been reduced over time through automation and standardization. For example:

Offer More Than Machines

If you're a creator, there are some obvious ways you can use your creativity at work. For example, if you're a graphic designer, maybe you could create a new font that is uniquely human - like and beautiful in its own way. Or maybe even something that no one else has ever seen before (and thus making your work more memorable). You could also try thinking about how people might actually use the service or product being developed for them - and then designing it accordingly.

The general idea here is that humans have an advantage over machines in terms of creativity and thoughtfulness; so we should try our best to use these talents in our jobs as often as possible!

Expect Losing Work To AI & Prepare

Perhaps you've heard the saying, "prepare for the worst and hope for the best." It's a good piece of advice that's easy to forget. The truth is that if AI does replace your job, it might happen sooner than you think. In fact, there are some people who believe that this has already happened and many of us are already living in an automated world!

So what should you do if you lost your job to AI? First off, don't panic. Second off, don't give up hope on finding a new one - but also be realistic about how quickly those jobs will come along. Thirdly (and finally), prepare yourself financially so that when it happens - you're ready AF! You should start by saving & investing in assets as much cash as possible while still having enough left over to live comfortably.

Once all of these steps have been taken care of (or at least started), then start finding other options like reskilling yourself for another type of work or starting your own online business from home.

AI Is Only Problems?

AI is going to eliminate many creative jobs and cause problems for us all.

It is not a replacement for creativity though. In fact an extension of it. It’s about giving people the tools they need to be more creative, more often. By creating a system that can generate ideas based on what it knows about you and your preferences, AI will make it easier than ever before to come up with fresh solutions that respond to our needs in real-time. In fact, AI has already been proven to help speed up the process of generating new work by suggesting ideas based on what has worked well in the past.

This isn’t just great news for marketers or ad agencies—it will also benefit everyone who works in marketing across industries like healthcare and finance where companies need constant innovation but don't have great track records when it comes to innovation (or they don't have enough data). So while those who do creative work may initially feel threatened by these advances we should embrace them with open arms because they'll ultimately lead us toward better products which can only mean good things for everyone involved!


When it comes down to it, AI is going to make our lives easier in certain respects and more difficult in others. It's important that we understand how this technology will affect us so that we can prepare for its arrival. If you lost your job because of AI, then remember: computers aren't the enemy--they're just tools that can help us do what needs doing.



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The rule of life is quite simple. If you do not hop on the moving train, you sure will be left behind. AI is not a replacement, but rather a tool into boosting efficiency.It would only be considered a replacement because those people that employ them chose to learn and harness it to their advantage, putting those that lacking in area to lag behind.

As the world is changing, it becomes mandatory for any one that seeks to thrive to chage accordingly, else you'd be left behind.

Wise words man. If you are not adjusting to change, then you will only find yourself left behind. That's the problem I normally see with most of our parents. Those who are not ready to learn & embrace technology, they are struggling.

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Exactly. If you do not embrace the change, you will be left behind. You sure will struggle with technology if you do not accept that the world is changing and likewise change with it.

If you lost your job because of AI, then remember: computers aren't the enemy--they're just tools that can help us do what needs doing.

Well said. I would also add - if a job can be replaced with a computer was it really a job or just boring manual labor?

We should embrace innovation and make sure we use it in a just and righteous way. Everything else makes no sense.

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Thanks Jerry. That's a question we all need to ask ourselves and start doing something about it.

We should embrace innovation and make sure we use it in a just and righteous way. Everything else makes no sense.

100%. 🔥

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Fact!. Hardly do we have any profession out there that doesn't have a "alternative way of making it easy" route. We thing it's helping but it's a matter of time before AI replaces human if not entirely , to some extent, and when this happens the unemployment rate will increase and that spells danger.

Yes man. It's not going to be 'good news' for many people. The idea is to be prepared when that shit happens to you or to your job.

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This is seeming real tho but imagine Al taking over,it will cost much people alot

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I am sure there will be new jobs that didn't exist before. But it could take a while and a huge effort to reskill.

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Yeah tho, you are right about that.

My day job is finding processes in businesses which can be automated or replaced with easier methods. So basically I'm the bad guy here ;)
But this doesn't mean I (or my products) take away jobs. These jobs are easier to do now so the workers can be more productive.
Of course there are jobs which got eradicated, but those are the jobs doesn't worth doing.

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That's interesting mate. You are not a bad guy but a valuable one. At least for your employer, haha xD

Of course there are jobs which got eradicated, but those are the jobs doesn't worth doing.

Agreed. If something can be automated, we must do it. That's why I envy devs so much. 🤤

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You could learn it yourself. Actually its a very good idea to learn it, because its inevitable in the long run. If you want to be valuable in the future you HAVE TO know some kind of SW

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I would love to go back and learn it but sadly I left my job because I hated my work. And that was coding. xD

But I can learn software pretty fast. There are no code tools out there that can replace coding skills to some extent.

An AI-led industry is scary because the movies paint it that way. But no matter what happens, humans are far superior and the contributions and creativity humans give are unparalleled. Technology and machines help us in many ways, but as humans, we should be the more aggressive driving force than these machines.

So true mate. Afterall, we are the ones who made machines and AI. So obviously we are smarter than both.

This whole thing just reminded me of that famous quote-
Hard times create strong men.
Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men.
And, weak men create hard times.
Seems like we are moving forward to that reality

LMAO. That's appropriate Mou. 😂 We are definitely moving there everyday.