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Dear Hive Learners, I hope you all are well. In lecture 38th we learn how to implement a Custom Adapter and populate ListView by using a model class. Today we will learn how to implement the OnClickListenere interface that we can use in our code. We can also implement the simple click listeners in the Adapter class with the button but we need to learn how to use the interface to do some useful tasks.

GitHub Link

Use this GitHub project to clone into your directory. The following lecture will constantly update it so you will never miss the latest code. Happy Coding!

What Should I Learn

  • How to use the interface
  • How to delete the item from the list


  • Implement the OnClickListener


First, we need to declare the ItemClickListener and implement the Interface like this in the Adapter class. I have also added the ArrayList of the type Model class. and initialize in the constructor with the items.

ArrayList<MyList_POJO> arrayList;
    onListItemClickListener mListener;

    public interface onListItemClickListener {
        void onDeleteClick(int position);

Now on the delete button click listeners, we need to pass our interface and the mListener that we have already declared. We will also set a check if delete_btn is not null.

Coding in the Adapter class is done now we need to implement it in our class. Implement the Adapter Class interface and override the method provided by this interface.

Here in this override, we can use the delete button to click the listener trigger. When a user clicks on the delete button we will get the position of this delete button in the listview, and with the position, we can do anything. Like if we want to delete that item we can remove it from the Model class at that position.


Thank You



Thanks for this interface step for mobile programing

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