I Know 6 Languages!

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Many people wonder what it's like to speak more than 1 language. On the other hand, I made an image for blog 5 languages I know. While writing the blog I found out I forgot to add my mother tongue. Yup, I had to edit 5 to 6. You might be wondering what's polyglot or how he knows 6 languages. I will explain everything properly and when you reach the end of this blog you will understand how easy it is for me to know 6 languages.

So Polyglot is a person who speaks or understands many languages. I became a polyglot naturally because of my environment. I did not aim for learning these languages. Let's start with languages one by one and why I understand them.




I was born in "Sargodha". Everyone in our surroundings speaks the Punjabi language there. My mother and father both are Punjabi and my mom still speaks Punjabi although now in Karachi (Pakistan's city) some people don't understand Punjabi. She speaks in "URDU" only when people tell her that they can't understand Punjabi.

By now you get the idea, that not only my mom speaks Punjabi but my mom and dad also talk in their mother tongue "Punjabi" with each other too. I also visit my Dad's and Mom's side of the family in vocations a lot of times and they speak Punjabi too. Some of my cousins talk with me only in the Punjabi language on phone calls.

Writing Punjabi is similar to Urdu so it's fair to say I can speak, write, read and understand the Punjabi language.




After I was born, we came to Karachi. It is the biggest city in Pakistan by population. Karachi was also the Capital of Pakistan but now Islamabad is Pakistan's Capital still. Financially Karachi generates most of the income of Pakistan. Although Karachi is not a Capital now, we still have a stock exchange and state bank here. It's fair to say that Karachi is the Financial Hub of Pakistan.

Coming back to the "Urdu" Language, Urdu is the official language of Pakistan. Most people of Pakistan can understand Urdu. We also learned Urdu as a subject in school in all grades. A memory of me related to learning Urdu is writing an ad in 8th grade in the Urdu language. I wrote an ad for "Paddle Pop Giggly jelly". It was a question for example with I attempted but as I got 10 out of 10 marks in that question and it was a creative category question, I still can't forget it. We were taught Urdu in many creative ways through stage drama performances, poetry, presentations, and much more.

I would be fair to say that I can speak, write, read and understand the Urdu language.




Pakistan has 5 provinces and Karachi falls under Sindh province. We didn't have a choice and we had to study the "Sindhi" language from 5th to 10th grade in school. This forcefully learning to get grades so we can go to higher College had negative effects too. I was a bright student. Only our teacher gave us 45 mins in class and that was not enough to learn a new language. We didn't have anyone around to teach us Sindhi. It was just me, the alphabet, and a translated version. In these 5 years, I learned enough that I can answer anything if the person writes for me. I can only understand the written version of Sidhi and only write back. I can read any Sindhi newspaper with ease and understand the information. We sometimes have Sindhi books/newspapers nearby and I love to read them just to test myself. Ironically, if someone speaks Sindhi in front of me I can't understand anything they are saying nor If I speak Sindhi they will understand it. It's just that I can read and write proper Sindhi language.

It would be fair to say, I can only read and write Sindhi. Yes, it sounds strange but true because of the above-mentioned reasons.




My Father lives his early age in Bhakkar which is a part of Punjab province. All my father's friends are mostly from Bhakkar. When we came to Karachi my dad still talks to his friends on phone calls. We also visit Bhakar in vocations. I spent a lot of time with my father in childhood and learned Saraiki at an early age too. I never saw Saraiki in written format. You might be wondering how can I understand a language only by listening without speaking, writing, etc. To your surprise, I love the sound of the Saraiki language. Just like how people say French is the language of love to me it's Saraiki. It's like the sweet sound in your ears. I also have a favorite line in Saraiki "Wat wat ky kary saen". I also like Saraiki songs, a popular one is "Dil bao ronda aye wat na ty wallo aa". You might think, I can't understand Saraiki just because I listened to it a lot but on public transport, a lot of times drivers play Saraiki songs, I don't only understand them but also enjoy them.




Pakistan and India were once a single piece of land. Hindi is the national language of India. Urdu and Hindi have a lot of similarities. Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and other cartoon or anime channels were only broadcasted in Hindi. In an attempt to enjoy cartoons and anime Hindi became easier for me to understand. Some words of Hindi are too difficult and different from Urdu and most Pakistanis might not understand them. I also watched Indian shows of Indian Gods and in those shows, Hindi is hard but I can understand it. I know a lot of things about their culture and religion too. My favorite line of God Shiva is "This is not the end, for there is no end. Death, Life, Destruction, and Creation are threads of the same fabric. No matter who you worship, where you call home, we are all connected in this life, and in the face of destruction, you can despair alone or persevere together".

I can understand Hindi but their alphabets are different so I can't write it. Also speaking Hindi words is discouraged by a minority of Pakistanis as Urdu words replacement so it's hard to say if I can speak Hindi or not.



Allowed to use under CreativeCommon BY-SA 3.0, LINK

Before the partition of Pakistan and India, British People rule us. Due to a lot of cultural changes even after the British people left many Pakistanis still follow the weak mindset of the English language is better than all other languages. It's not about English being an international language but our rulers once spoke English. If someone speaks the national language URDU and one person speaks English, the one speaking English will likely be considered educated and people might give more respect to him. This mindset is toxic that in government and educational institutions we rarely see the Urdu language officially used. Someone who is a close member of my family was once scolded by her sister as an uneducated aunt can say the word "Dust" and she can't say it. It took me around 2-3 months to teach that person how to write the name, alphabet, and sign in English. Ironically if your sign is in English instead of Urdu then you will be considered more educated.

I learned my English language not from school only, I had a habit of watching Japanese anime with English subtitles. I watched a lot of Dubbed Hindi Hollywood movies while reading English subtitles. When I was in 5th grade I had a friend from Egypt and we talked on skype in English (Yup, we are still friends). I also listened to a lot of audiobooks and repeat the same vocals as them. I can easily speak in different accents of English. For Example, if an Arabic person speaks in English they don't have the "P" letter sound in Arabic which they change with the "B" letter sound. So "PIZZA" in Arabic English accent is "BIZZA". It sounds easier but it's not. British, American, and Arabic all people speak English in different accents and I can talk with them all in an accent that is easier for them to understand.

I am still learning to correct my grammar. When I talk in English or write in English to people in my surroundings it's too good. Even my family thinks my English is better but I always look up on the ladder and my English is still too weak. When I get a text in discord, I don't have time to Google when having a direct conversation. When I listen/read new words, I add them to my vocabulary. My English learning with never end as it's the language I use professionally and is important for my work.


I can understand 6 languages Punjabi, Urdu, Sindhi, Saraiki, Hindi, and English for the above-mentioned reasons. How many languages do you know and what are your thought about me being Polyglot? Let me know in the comments section!

(I can also read Arabic. Mostly all Muslims can read Arabic. We know random words in Arabic but I can't write or understand sentence structure. Currently, I decided not to add Arabic to this list as it's a practice of reading from the holy book. Some might consider it as a language I know but I disagree with this point of view as speaking a language without understanding it is not on my list to be added. I can code so is it also a language to consider?).


Uh... I know - Estonia - English - and small German 🤔👌 but I hope I can fix it in next 5 years 😅😅😆👌

Nice to know that you know these languages. :)

Thanx ... one day I learn lot more , when I go make long trip 😅👌👌👌🍷

I went on my Country tour twice. It's very rare some one like me to go on solo tours. :)

Oh :)) .... I hope you can go more some day :) .... Just not forget to do lot photos :)

I have a lot of photos. I don't take my pics much but I take pics of wonders :P

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I think knowing 6 language is a great thing . It also means that you have good knowledge of various kind of culture.
For me it seems impossible to learn so many language .
I know Bangla,English,Urdu & hindi language although i don't know how to write Urdu and Hindi language .

I disagree with this point of view as speaking a language without understanding it is not on my list to be added.

I agree with it and i really apprecieate the thought of you .

Thank you for visiting my blog. It means a lot to me. I appreciate that we like alike on the fact that only reading arabic with current vocals is not a part of understanding a language.

!BEER is on me with time. :)

I was not wrong to say that you are a multi-talented person. I can understand Saraiki, Punjabi language but cannot speak it. I am Urdu speaking from the start.

But you nailed it man💕

Indeed anyone who listens to my mimicry says this. My mimicry talents lie in knowing multi languages. Do you have any favorite Saraiki song? Any experience of listening Saraiki song in public transport?

Yes, boys did Jhumar in Attaullah Saraiki song like "Dil kithy khareya" at university. And I heard this song "chitta chola" in the bus hehe😅. And I liked "Mahi way" song by zeeshan Rokhri. Saraiki songs have a different style. I liked it.💕

I quickly added all of them to my watch later list. Looks like because of you father and son are gonna have an amazing time.

It will be an honour for me that you and your father will spend time together.✨


Also add this song in your bucket list😅 "Malang" by sahir Ali bhagga and aima baig.

Forgetting 😋

Awesome post!
I know 4 languages really, English, Hebrew Spanish and Portuguese. I can kinda understand some Italian and Arabic, since they're pretty close to. My native tounges (English and Hebrew) but I can't for the life of me understand French... The accent is so strong... I can read it though, which is nice.
If I could learn a language for no other reason othe than love of it, I would learn traditional Chinese. I love the ancient culture amd would love to be able to read the original texts...

If you could learn a language for no practical reason, just for fun, what would it be?

Thank you for sharing your story with me and visiting my blog. Just thinking about Chinese alphabets is hard and learning it is off my thinking capacity.

If I had to learn a language it would be English. You might be wondering if I am talking in English then why? The thing is even yesterday, I revised the difference between "on the bed" and "in the bed", the use of the word "waterlogging" and much more. I have to continuously learn and revise english. To my surrounding, I might be good but when I am chatting and a new word appears, I don't like it.

Spreading !LUV


What really got me was the way you learned your English. The consistency for me.

French was part of the languages I was taught in my elementary school/junior high school, but I still can't speak well. Infact, I can't speak much, just the basics.

I wish you many more wins.

I really appreciate your feedback and english learning will never end for me. Also Sindhi was much harder for me to learn.

But then you can still speak and read in sindhi.

It's really cool.

I can't speak more than 3 languages, but I'll definitely learn more cause I known that one day, one way or the other, I'll leave my country for another.

Almost half or even more hive wanna move out xD

That's true oo, some don't have a solid reason, while some does.
God just help us in what ever decision we make.

Woah cool. I'm trying to learn a new language as well but I have more things to prioritize than learning them hahaha

Try a language learning game or subscribe to utube shorts. It helps alot.

I've been educated in Dutch , French , German, English , Latin and Greek .
What i still use on daily bases is Dutch since i live here and English to communicate on the internet , German i only use when i go across the borders to get cheap gass and shoppings.

Latin i still use for naming/ determinating insects and plants but after 40 years it's noit as good as it used to be .

French and greek i never liked the teachers so the language didn't stick that welll either :)

Thank you for vising my blog. Do you also consider French as the language of love or it's just a saying? Is listening to french sweet/relaxing for you?

Indeed teachers play an important part in learning. I once hated maths because of my teacher from 7th grade but later I found out I am good with mental maths, especially percentage calculation. !PIZZA is on me this time. Eat it before it gets cold. !LOLZ

What do you say when a Southern person stabs you in the back?

Credit: reddit
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no i don't consider french to be the language of love , more the language of arogance , French is a lovely country , it's just to bad that the French people are living there 🤣🤣

This got me laughing hard. Thanks for this comment haha

Hey, but are those real different languages or are they similar, rather like dialects?

Austrian = our very own sounding German ;-)

First of all @beeber I am really excited that you visited my blog. I had a headache so sorry for the late reply. I was on bed rest.

Those are different languages.

You really have to tell me your secret to learning these many languages because this is super human to me. I still can't speak my mother tongue yet someone speaks 6 languages?' This is really inspiring. So, when are we beginning our lessons? Thanks for sharing dear. 😇

You really have to tell Me your secret to learring these many languages because thus is super human to me.

I literally wrote everything down. No secret was kept from my side. Maybe bookmark it and ready later?

So, when are we beginning our lessons?

That will be only 99.99 !PIZZA xD

No secret was kept from my side. Maybe bookmark it and ready later?
That's a good idea. Thank you 😊

That will be only 99.99 !PIZZA xD
Haha I guess it's worth it then 😉

This is a very nice story. You seem well-travelled and all.
I hope to someday become a polyglot too. I speak 2 languages perfectly and I am currently learning 4 more languages.
Thanks for sharing your story

I did Pakistan tour twice SOLOLOLOLOW....

Thanks for visiting too, sharing without reading is boring while I only write to feel alive.

That's awesome bro. I know only two - English and Hindi. I am a Punjabi myself but can't speak. Although I can understand a little bit. My grandparents were from Multan so they knew most of the languages you mentioned.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope our forefathers and smiling from above see our unique bond. From Multan "soil (Multani mitti)" is very famous. In India, Is "Multani mitti" available as a beauty product? It's famous in Pakistani. I never tried it on my face but it's famous especially in bridal events and the aroma is amazing.

I hope our forefathers and smiling from above see our unique bond.

I hope they do because back then they were fighting with each other. 😂 It's our responsibility to change that and make this bond stronger. Pakistanis and Indians are so similar not sure why some people on both sides spread hate. That's ridiculous!

Regarding Multani Mitting, my sister used to put it on her face, even I have applied it several times. Feels cool & refreshing on your skin. And I agree, that aroma is to die for. :') Ekdam mast bro xD

Pakistanis and Indians are so similar not sure why some people on both sides spread hate. That's ridiculous!

I get it, we were having issues living together and we separated. No, issues with separation but Arnab is not moving on. Arnab in media says Pakistan too much that sometimes Indians say Pakistan by mistake. Imagine listening Jihadi word more in India then Pakistan xD

Even we don't say word Pakistan compare to Arnab.

Glad that you liked Multani Mitti, I hope you like Shan Masala too. Even doing war situations Shan Exports never went down.

LMAO. Arnab is a fucking asshole. People like him sold their souls to the modi ji for money. They divert citizens from real issues and help the establishment in dividing the country. Also, using "Pakistan" as a tool to spread hate and divert.

Even we don't say word Pakistan compare to Arnab.

I can imagine this being true. It's like, he is more concerned about Pakistan than your own government. What a loser!!

Glad that you liked Multani Mitti, I hope you like Shan Masala too. Even doing war situations Shan Exports never went down.

Never had shan masala bro. Where do you put it? Chicken curries?

Wow is nice

Thank you!

Wow, this is lit, you just made me open my mouth,6 languages is dope 🤩🤩 and that is very good of you bhaiya....

Now close your mouth before an elephant enters in it. Since your mentioned Bhaiya, you are from which country? I will try to remember this info. !PIZZA is on me this time. :)

Hehehe 🤣🤣🤣 I am quduus1 and I am Nigerian and I am in a city full of Pakistanis so I know words like brother in a paki👍

Oh! Cool!

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Very talented when we are switching the language it's very difficult for me

Thanks for appreciating it!


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Born in the USA, so I am fortunate to be a native English speaker. I can converse a bit in American Sign Language. My German reading skills are decent, and I can understand most of a movie in German, but my conversation skills are weak and I can't write grammatically correct German. Improving my German to become fully functional is on my to-do list. I'd like to eventually learn either French or Italian. I also have a book on Old English on my Kindle, just for fun (Old English is a Germanic language, so I think I have a chance at learning to read it.)

One of my sons is gifted in languages/coding. His languages are English, Russian, and German. He studied Russian in college, but taught himself German for fun, using some of my books. !BBH

@dlmmqb! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @fiberfrau. (1/5)

Lol is coding a language consideration too? I can also code. Also, goodluck of German learning skills.

Sorry for late reply I just revisited to found out some unanswered comments.

The walking rosetta stone~ :)
Nice history explanation there~ I don't know much about Pakistan region because i have no Pakistan friends. Show me the way friend!~

Language wise I am fluent in English & Korean.
Currently learning Chinese by living in Taiwan at the moment. :)
Three is already tough... six? My brain cpu cannot compute.

Being a polyglot is not easy hmm.
Sorry for late reply. Just saw today.