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I am a Bee. I decided to have a little talk with humans about us. We work all year to provide honey for you and it's our day, I hope you have time to listen to me.



Please come close to me. Not all bees are stinging bees. Just like you, Bees can have types too. In some countries people even pet bees. Ya, I know you only think of me as a threat so I decide to break the ice and have a little direct talk with you.

Humans, we provide you with best quality of honey. Please, I request you to stop adding chemicals in your artificial honey. It's not worth the low cost.

I know, I know you are excited to meet the queen bee but it's not that easy. Ya, you have to pass through the guard bees and if u r a stranger, they will kill you instantly to keep us save but if you have some nectar we would be happy to let you in. It's not a piece of cake still, thinking you bring nectar and meet the queen bee. She have a tough job to lay eggs and barely got any time.



If you want to meet my other friends, they r all busy too currently. Taking care of temperature by either shaking body to warm the hive or bring water to cool it. The medical bee staff is also busy taking care of sick bees. Yes, our doctors don't charge high fees like humans. Never mind.

I wrote this letter will let you know that we can be stingless, and we can be pets. Look at us with new angles and you can learn alot about us. Please don't say a bee sting you once :(. Mostly male bees don't have stings so smile because once in a life time a female came close to u :).

No we are not stinging you knowing that we will die in the process. Our queen don't give speeches to us like your politicians. The problem is that we never sting without a reason. It's a defense mechanism and when we kill insects, we don't die. Ya, strange right? The thing is your fiber of skin is hard and we honey bees, when attacking you are not aware of this fact. So, clear you mind, we are not suicide bombers like some of you.

You know the feeling of being captive or your decisions being influenced just like that we can produce better honey in better environment. Please take care of us and don't throw stones on our hive otherwise we will not have any other way then defense and unintentionally or without knowing dieing in the process.

Your Lovely Bee "DLM"

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good pictures

A well written piece, bees are very much needed in our world today, we can only urge people to be more aware of this fact.

Indeed !BEER

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Bees make natural honey we enjoy today and also increase agricultural production.

Kill it no more friends🤩✌

This is the way

we provide you with the best quality of honey.

I suppose you (honey bees) sacrifice your food to us.

Our queen don't give speeches to us like your politicians.

I guess ladies are always influencers, outspoken and silly (when she thinks that her motivation is affecting her husband 😂)

we can be stingless,

Then you wouldn't survive 😁 as sweet and sting are nothing without each other. ( don't you dare to apply honey on a wound it would cause burning)

sacrifice your food to us.

Is it food or ehhhh

I guess ladies are always influencers

Reminds me about mahriyam nawaz xD

as sweet and sting are nothing without each other.

Stingless bee honey is popular is some regions. People prefer stingless bees when farming honey in there homes or near population. !PIZZA with !LUV

Yes, it's their food which we eat instead.
Don't you dare to consider Maryam Nawaz as influencer, can plastic doll merit this rank??
Good to know about stingless, even though I have come to know about this foe for the first time.
Haven't you heard the music they play😂

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