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https://staging.dreemport.com/ is a website where users submit posts and users vote posts in guilds. Dreemport also has a discord channel filled with skilled staff. I like #PYPT hosted by Dreemport a lot.


ECOTRAIN community contests are fun to participate in. Their topics are out of this world. ECOTRAIN is all about positive vibes and the betterment of this world. If you wanna make this world a better place, this is your next home. :)


Today, we will make a banner to say goodbye to ECOTRAIN community as DREAMERS will be flying towards the next community.



First of all, I go to Unsplash (a copyright-free image site) and find something similar to the theme.



I picked this picture because I will be working on DREEMPORT X ECOTRAIN theme. As it's a memorial event so the clock will suit it. As it involves two groups, I will use a clock that divides space. This two-sided space will enable me to edit better.


I want a banner that involves TigerLily, Shadows, Ecotrain Founder, 5 winners of Ecotrain from Dreemport, the logo of Ecotrain, the logo of Dreemport, White Ice effect, Dispersion effect, and frames for profile pictures.



I tried the white ice effect and I didn't like it. The purpose of using an effect is to make it look a bit different from the original picture. Showing you the results so you can see why I rejected it.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-03 at 6.20.18 PM.jpeg

To me, the picture looks sad now while I am trying to make something for beautiful memories.


Here my purpose is achieved without affecting my theme. Now the replacement for the white ice effect is decided and implemented. See the results.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-03 at 6.30.12 PM.jpeg


I use the dispersion effect as my signature in photo editing these days. I mostly use the dispersion effect on 2 sides will minor stretching.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-03 at 6.36.14 PM.jpeg


For the dreemport logo, I searched on google. I didn't find any result so I directly extract tmp file which I converted to png using an online converter. Here are the results.


Now for Ecotrain google showed no results for the logo so I visited ecotrain blog and decided on this picture to use.


After removing the background, I decided to use this.



Untitled design (14).png


Using Inspect element I will be gathering pictures of Eco-alex, TigerLilly, and 5 Winners.

For example for eco-alex inspect element revealed this link:

download now simply.




It's time for contest winner profiles. "george-dee", "beeber", "hopestylist", "iskafan", and "mypathtofire".







I rejected the frame idea and will just crop in circles now.
Some were already in circles and which were not can be seen in the results.

download (22).png


download (23).png

download (24).png

download (25).png

download (26).png


To me, it's perfect now. I provided the assets in this post, feel free to be creative. Creativity is subjective. Let me know your feedback in the comments section.

Untitled design (15).png


Also, Check out my BuyMeBerries Supporters on Hive:

Bhattg LifeSkills-TV Ayesha-Malik MahirAbdullah



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hehehe nice job - i really loved how you put so much into the description!!! :) It's fun to see how ideas and designs are actually formed - getting inside the mind of the creator hehehe

great job!

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Wow I didn't know about all of this, I got interested about ecotrain I will need to read about their contests! I think the world need more good initiatives thinking in the big contextualization of ourselves

Happy that you learned something new by visiting my post "eco-alex" is doing incredible work for hive. !LUV

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Dreemport website and ecotrain contests sound interesting,I must explore them to find that what is hidden in it....🔥. Also Congratulations to all the winners 🎈

You can also earn dreem tokens for submitting your post to website and guild curations.

Wow I will submit my post there soon🎈

Isky bary me bi pochna pary ga apsy😂

G :)

Your signature dispersion style is rocking DLMMQB(literally I wanted to write it wrong 😂) by the way the first effect wasn't so cool 👍

Ice effect any specific theme behind this thought?

You have added some additional effort by including the credit to the founders. Hmm seems like someone is grabbing the trophy with full endeavour hehe.

Let's see who is going to give us a party haha.
Well done for this.

Dreemport dropped me here 😊

Ice effect any specific theme behind this thought?

I use this in most of my banners. !LUV

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Oh. Now I see what Ayesha meant by that statement on her post. This is my answer.

You did a great job with the plans, outlines, and finally the design. You were a artist with a blank canvas, trying to make it come alive, and you did amazingly well with the outcome.

This was cool. Well done,dlmmqb, or should I call you dlmmwb 😂😂

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I loved seeing your process and the brainstorming, bravo.

This time winner announcement looks like school results xD

😆 it sure does.

This is a really beautiful work @dlmmqb. Good luck with the contest.

I am very bullying on winning it. Still, creativity is subjective. Who ever wins, we all win :)

Yeah, I've seen some really beautiful works and yours is part of them, we all are amazing 😍😍.

Fingers crossed 🍀

Yeah, and hopes high 🌹🌹.

I love how you describe each step and your reason for doing that. Amazing too 👏👏
I came through Dreemport

Thank you for appreciating my attention to details. !PIZZA

Great work. I love how you showed your thought process and some of the technical side too. The idea to relate Dreemport and Ecotrain to people is really good to show the human side of the communities.

Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

Your step by step shows the love you put into this banner project. Not only did you choose what you thought was the best, but you did something that would never have occurred to me, put the avatars of those behind that incredible work, independently in each of those communities, but together for these days of community work. I wish you much success because you thought beyond the box @dlmmqb 😉.

Did u know I made a detailed reply to u, ecency bug don't show it :(

Why the in short, thanks for your feedback. It's similar to my campaign banner in elon buying twitter event. I supported #hivefixesthis and made a banner for frontend warriors.

You can check my latest art post which I made from my experience with this dreemport banner. It's devilish theme. Thought to will be interested to check it out. !LUV

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Of course, why not? I'll take a look

Thanks !PIZZA

You are absolutely right @dlmmqb , I already checked your post on Let's Make a Collage and it certainly was as you said, diabolical

New word added to my brain dictionary "diabolical" :)

It was nice your explanation of how you come up with your design. Good luck
I popped up via Dreemport

fingers crossed for winning or not. xD

Jeje, yep 😄🤞🍀

This is a simple and good design. The choice of colours is amazing.

Thank you for your feedback and visit to my blog. :)

Very methodical and well thought out @dlmmqb, this is a job well done and your banner looks excellent!
This post was obtained through Dreemport.

Thanks James, is this your correct short name?

Fingers crossed 🤞 for winning or not. Too much excited 🤠

Yes it is my given name, @dlmmqb, and good luck in the contest to you as well!

This is fantastic, thank you for taking the time to explain how and where you did what you did.
Not only is it a great banner but it is a great post explaining what you did!
Have a terrific Tuesday and I popped in today via Dreemport!

Oh it's Tuesday already xD.
Days pass too fast. Why it was terrific? Tell here or jump in dm. If telling help u relief, hit me with your crap bucket. :)

any day that we wake up and are alive is terrific :) Mine is just starting so let's see how it goes!

I hope it goes well

Been great thank you :)