Curator Feed Feature! What? How? Why and When? #peakd

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What is a Curator Feed?

When an account votes someone, we can get details of that account's upvotes as a feed using Curator Feed Feature. This is currently available in Peakd.


How to see a Curator Feed?

Let me walk you through each step:

Once you login into you will see this screen of your profile:


Now you have to click on explore:


Now click on Peakd Explore Page:


This screen will open and you can observe the word "Curator Feeds".


Now Click on Curator Feeds:


This screen will appear where you can observe multiple options:


Click on My Curators:


Click Here to add a Curator of your choice:


This screen will appear where you can write the username of Curator of your choice:


After you add the name of Curator, Click Confirm:


Your Curator will be added here, Now Click on your Curator:


Now you can see the Curator Feed of your Favourite Curator:



Why and When to use this feature:

This feature can be used for many purposes, Here I am informing you about why and when I use them.

1) Checking your autovotes:

Many of us follow autovote trails but we are unaware of where our autovotes are going. This Feature will help you see your manual and automated votes so you can become a responsible hiver by unfollowing the trails that either you don't wanna support or they support plagiarism.

2) Quality Control of a Curation Trail:

Many Hivers also have their own curation trails and some of them are decentralized, Anyone in a management position needs to make sure all the curators curating with that trail are not abusing its power.

3) Specific Comment Curators:

A comment Curator who checks the feed of a Specific Curator and only picks comments from that feed. This Type of Curator increases the engagement within a community in the long term.

4) Curating what other Curator Curated:

This is used by many communities that got the support of specific curators. Many dolphins or whales can curate within a community and only the content that is curated by that community-specific curator is responsible for plagiarism and quality. This feature's this use-case can be misused by bad actors but only by a simple command or search that bad actor can be found.


I hope this blog will bring ease to anyone who is managing a trail, curating, and comment curation by increasing the transparency of curation activities.


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wow this feature is awesome mate. I didn't even know about this. Peakd is just too wonderful. They have a lot of excellent features. That's why I love peakd. Thank you very much very sharing this. I appreciate you!


Great and useful post about one of the many interesting functionality of Peakd!
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Wow, interesting and educative, I have learned from this and will use it...

Happy to help. :)


Wow this is really useful, a hidden gem. I guess if there was good content i would love to see more people take advantage of this feature.

I've always taken the curation activity as a fun, but not so useful feature. Hopefully this will help reverse my opinion about it.

go to movie community and see the feed then got to feed of cinetv, you will notice the difference in your content consumption. :)

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This tutorial is interesting and i will start to use it more ! Thanks for that

Ya, it will help you if you follow stem official curators. :)


I have always opened that tab but get lost in there.


Are you saying, it only shows the posts that any of those people names I insert curate? That's all.... Nothing more.

@iskafan If you are on mobile Don't worry I got you covered :)
Special guide for you. !LUV





Wow, this was so sweet and thoughtful of you.

I literally used this for my curation yesterday and I followed more good content creators

Wait, I'm I Following you? That's would be absurd... I am hitting that button right away

Thanks for sharing this. You helped a lady make new friends. 😊😊

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Really very good tutorial and very helpful for us

Indeed it is! :)


Thank you, you just inspired me to be a better curator, I'll use it to good use when I finally start proper curating...

You're quite knowledgeable, do well to share more tutorials like this , surely it'll help us share in your knowledge..

Thank you ❤️


Oh Wow, I've seen the feature but didn't understand its use. Thanks for sharing.

Very good memes. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

Great, I didn't know about this feature. Thanks for sharing it.

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Omg very very useful post ,I needed , Thanks !PIZZA

You're welcome. :)

At first , I thought I have read this post not until I came closer and discovered that it wasn't the one I read. Such a valuable content, peakd keep improving and this new feature is just superb 👌

I appreciate your time and effort in sharing this info with us, wow..I have learnt this one today.
Many thanks 👍

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