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Today I did some reflecting on the past few years of my life and I was just overwhelmed by how much my mindset and views about life have revolved over time. It's evident that I'm no longer the same person I was years back and It's safe to say I prefer the new me to the old me.

Back then, I used to be someone with an indifferent mindset and pessimistic view towards life. I was merely existing and not actually living. Never was I really bothered about discovering my life's purpose or being intentional about life. But that outlook totally changed following a near-death experience I had back in 2017.

I fell a victim of roadside accident in which I was hit by a car while crossing the road. At that moment, I thought it was the end for me, seeing as my life flashed before my very eyes.

Luckily, I survived with a fractured bone on my left leg, along with a deep cut on that affected area. I was admitted in a hospital for surgery and my leg was put in a cast. For months, I was bed ridden because my healing process was quite slow. Schooling was put on hold, I could no longer do most of the things I used to do.

Subsequently, depression set in and I struggled with series of pain, mehn! it was tough. I vividly recall how "not so merry" Christmas was for me that year. But, despite being a traumatic experience, it became a turning point to becoming a better version of myself. How?

Following that incident, I began to view life a lot differently. It dawned on me how fleeting life is, how inevitable death is, and how important it is to appreciate life more and the people around me, including myself.

Also, my relationship with God drew closer and my spiritual life transformed. I came to the realization that regardless of certain circumstances, life is beautiful and precious so one must live it to the fullest. I learned to be more grateful for everything I have, to be humble, patient and kind.

My experience exemplified that tough times really do not last forever (I could not walk back then and at some point, I depended on crutches but today I can even run as fast as Usain bolt 😅). I learned to never give up or lose hope in any situation I find myself.


Honestly, it shaped me to become the strong and resilient person I am today. And during that period, I learned more about true friendship, self love and family intimacy. I kept myself busy doing the things that made me happy and surrounding myself with positive energy. I even started writing diaries, motivational quotes and it made me discover my passions and talents.

I figured I do have a purpose in life and I've been given a chance to discover it. I became optimistic and enthusiastic about life and willing to make mine count.

Although, I may not have gotten to where I want to be yet but I'm proud of the new version I'm steady becoming.

Lastly, here's a subtle reminder to you my dear reader😊; A lot might be happening in the world right now but regardless, be enthusiastic, live! don't just exist. Live intentionally, make an impact and leave no regrets!

This blog is my entry to the #hivelearners community contest week fourteen, edition one, on the topic titled “LIFE VIEWS”. This will be my first time sharing my blog on this community, it's been a pleasure participating in this contest.



Wow, I still remember the accident stuff and hearing that the incident, changed lots about the way u view life, I am happy right now.

Keep living positive Dimma, I love your new version of life.👍

Good luck on your first contest in this community.

Yes oo... Thanks a lot ma 🥰❤️

This is lovely post.

Thank you 🥰

You are welcome

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Thanks a lot🥰

Life is fleeting indeed. In one moment you have so much of it, and in the next it is just gone...
More reason why we must make use of the little time we have.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Yes, you're absolutely right! My pleasure 😊...Thanks for reading Bruno 😊

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Thanks buzz!

Indeed, life is fleeting. We have to make of use of it by discovering your purpose on earth. No one knows tommorow.

I am happy because of your relationship you have with God. He is the only Man who can help in times of trouble.

I love this piece @dimmablogs.

Yeah, self discovery is necessary for every individual in life👌. Thank you, yes! God is indeed our refuge and stronghold. I'm glad you loved it🥺. Thanks for reading ❤️

Life is more than just existing, we can go on and do what we love, get to know God more, play like you're a kid and travel round the country and enjoy this life

Exactly the point! Thanks for reading ❤️

This post is lovely no doubt and I enjoyed every line.

Thanks! 🥰 I'm glad you did.

It's really nice you actually started Living your Live in a better view .
Thank God For saving your Life🙏

Yes indeed... Thanks for reading❤️

Yeah 👍
You are welcome 😁

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