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RE: Getting More Women On Crypto

in Hive Learners7 months ago

Educating women on blockchain and crypto definitely needs to be prioritized. Most women are not involved because they’re not aware of the existence of blockchain and crypto and it’s applications and implications to the future.

It seems most men also just assume women wouldn’t be interested in that kind of stuff and so don’t even bother bringing it up.

Great to see you active and posting, man. I’d advise that you try to engage a bit with the community, as this will help you get more attention and exposure. I’m Ghanaian as well, so you can reach out anytime if you want to talk or need guidance on something. Have a great night:)


You're right just that even after women become aware of the existence of blockchain platforms, they're still disinterested in them due to the technicalities involved.
Your advice is heeded thanks.

You’re welcome man. I hope to see you around.