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RE: No Cape For This Hero!

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Well, that was nice story from Pastor Paul, he is a great man, dedicated, teach the people with full heart.
Yeah, your story remind me with the teacher who i was idolize to him. He is a Economy teacher in my high school. He is the smart man who always find the way to teach us with a simple way, no matter how difficult the lesson was, he would still find the easiest way for us to understand. He taught stubborn students like us not by yelling or threats of not going to class or not passing his subjects, but he taught us with laughter, and maturity, of course it amazed me for his patience and dedication as a teacher.


That patience that they possess to keep at it until everyone totally understands, it is superhuman✌
Thank you for reading.

Yup that was right, there is not easy to do that, thats why the people who do that with patience and full heart to help each other is a Hero. 👍