My favorite technological advancement. The world has evolved with the help of technology.

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Currently, we see various technological advancements almost every time. New gadgets are created almost every day. Different versions of phones, laptops, refrigerators, games, and so on come on board almost every year. All these new innovations reshaping the new era of human existence started far back as when humans started existing

Centuries ago, many scientists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians, and more have devoted their time to propound theories, do several research, experiments, and deep findings to create what could make life better for humanity. I will discuss some of my favorite technological inventions that lead to advancement in our world today, but before I proceed, let's check the simple definition of technology

What is technology

technology, the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment.


Technology deals with improving how human lives. It aims at creating things that will make life easier for us. It's just as simple as that. Every invention we are seeing today and those created in the past all have a goal which is to solve existing problems and make things easier for us. Let's dive into the tech advancement (My favorites)

From far to near

One of my favorite technological advancements starts with the invention of electricity. I wonder how the world would look without light. Have you ever been stuck in darkness at night and trying to navigate your way in the room to get your phone torch? Have you ever found yourself walking on the street at night without a touch in the dark

Electricity is one of the best inventions I cut cap for. From striking of stones and iron to making fire, oil lamps were used to illuminate the environment. We came all the way from this point till we get to this present age. When electrical energy was first generated in the 6th century by Thales of Miletus, using Amber rods, only sparks were generated


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So it was discovered that to have a continuous stable electricity, there must be something powering it consistently, and the research brought about

  • using the flowing water to steadily generate electricity from the kinetic energy produced.

  • Steam turbine to generate electricity

  • Fossil fuel combustion

  • Solar energy from the sun used in constantly charging the batteries and so on.

Electricity is what makes us enjoy many modern inventions today because it's sustainable, unlike batteries used for a short period and we can see that electricity can be generated in several ways for optimum sustainability



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I was born during the era when no one in my village uses a telephone though highly used in the western world. The only source of communication was posting letters through the post office. My dad was working in the city, and we never talk for two weeks or more until he comes home. As time unfolded, we began to have phone boots across the country. From there, we were able to communicate with our loved ones far and near, but it wasn't efficient enough because you will have to schedule a call to get the person you wanna talk to

GSM came and things became easier. Anyone that can afford it can make calls at any time. Today, there are smartphones everywhere. Smartphones can now multi-task. The technological improvement and advancement of computer and phones gives rise to social media and the internet

Social media and the internet

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We cannot talk about social media without putting the internet first because it's the basis of social media connection to the world. It started with the creation of ARPANET, and later the TCP/IP developed by Vinton Cerf made it easy for computers to communicate with each other. The world wide web (WWW) was later created by Tim Berners Lee to enhance the sharing of information via computers around the world

As if that wasn't enough, the mosaic browser was also created to enhance the browsing system, and now, we have the chrome and firefox browser from the mosaic which is the source of internet browsers. Different social media apps like Instagram, twitter, tiktok and so on are also part of the technology that revolutionalize the world today due to the internet connection made available

Cars, airplane, and ship




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For the sake of transporting ourselves, goods and other things from one place to another at a fast pace, these means of transportation has played a vital role in that aspect. The invention of these technologies has helped humanity. And come to think of it, the invention of cars, aircraft, heavy types of equipment used in industries, ships, and so on was possible due to the invention of the combustion engine long ago, So we can say that combustion engine is a part of the main components that made up most automobile engines. The famous Elon Musk still uses this concept to create his space rocket, self-driving car, and so on

Lastly, I will discuss the technological advancement that will make the future projection easier. I'm referring to a computer chip

Computer chip



Computer chip has been in existence after the mainframe computer was created I think. We would find computer chips in almost every electronic device in our home. I would categorically say that what drastically changed the phase of technology is the creation of chips. Without the chips, phones and computers cannot work. The self-driving car cannot follow inbuilt instructions. Doors will not open automatically when anone is near, and so on. We've been hearing augmented reality, and to be candid, it cannot be possible without the chips. Chips are just semi-conductors that connect other components to another to make it work. As technology is advancing every day, chips are the backbone of every new invention. Maybe there would be an improvement later on, but for now, one of the uttermost thing that facilitates technological advancement is the chips

All the future tech Elon Musk is working on require chips. Chips are built with different functions. Chips is what many call the future of technology. If Robbots are doing home chores, fighting war and teaching students and they work more efficiently, I think chips is the latest

We now have a self driving car (Only the computer chip can make that possible). Soon, it would we will have self driving airplane and ship. (Thinking who would first go onboard) LOL


My favorite tech advancement all wrap around electronics, and automobiles, and scientific cure for different diseases using technical tools to carry out research

  • I can sit at the comfort of my home to watch chelsea vs Real Madrid second leg on my phone, laptop, or TV

  • I can wash my clothes with washing machine and dry it instantly without stress

  • Moving from one point to another is made easy with vehicles and also, visiting families and friends across the ocean is possible through the use of planes and ships.

  • Many equipment can be used in the hospital to diagnose and a proper medication would be administered to the patient

  • We can also travel to the space to have our holidays.

  • What about blockchain technology? It has created boundaries between people and many financial institution that serves as a third party, and create more opportunities for the universe.

There's more to come. We just have to keep our fingers crossed. Technology is a continuous process that can never halt

Thanks for reading

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I must say, I learned a thing or two about your brief lecture on chips. Indeed there's a lot more to come the world of technology.

There's a lot to come my bro. What those tech people are planning for the future is mad. Tech is the future of the world.

The invention of the chip has to be one of man's most creative invention ever. One chip alone can do up to a hundred different things at once. If not more. And they are just so small. You have to wonder, how can something so small do so much?
Science is just awesome indeed.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Yes it is @bruno-kema. The chip has made it possible to do anything so far it's tech. Awesome invention. Thanks a lot.