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If there is one thing I have come to notice about being a leader, it is that it comes with a lot of responsibility. And the chief of that is being wise in how we handle issues pertaining to the people we are leading. Those of you who are also leaders in various categories will understand what I am talking about here.

Of course, there will be people who are genuinely interested in your vision for them. They will follow your lead and do as you ask to the letter. They are the genuine followers you have. And while they may not follow you blindly, they will support you to the best of their ability as long as your plan for them is clear and easy to understand.


But then, there are the people that are just polar opposite. It just seems like they are in the team just to create havoc and chaos and stump progress. In most teams, there will always be such a person, and if care is not taken that particular person will draw the entire team down and progress will not be recorded for the team.

But as a leader, there are ways to handle issues like this in a way that will foster the growth of the team and not escalate the matter. It would be totally wrong of you to go aggressive against the person in the first instance, trying to butt heads with this person and forcing him or her to see reason with you.

Minds are not changed that way.

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Yan Krukov

When there is a person in the team that seems hell-bent on being against the progress of that team, you will tackle it calmly. Take the person aside, you need privacy to do this as the team leader. Because doing it in front of the other team members might not have the effect you are after.

So, you will ask the person what truly is the issue and try to know why the person is doing what they are doing. It is then the person is supposed to open up and tell you why they keep on acting that way. There are various reasons why a person can act like that, and each unique one has a different mode of handling in a way that will be beneficial for the team and for the person in question.

So, when the person unloads his or her reasons to you, it is now your duty to give solutions to the issues. If they are not solutions that can be possible, explain calmly to them and try to make them understand why such a thing would not work. And then, try to suggest another solution that would work out well for the good of everyone. If the person truly has the best for the team at heart, they will stop.


But just as much, it might end up being a person that just likes to sow seeds of discord among people that just want to work together. And when you ask them, they would have no valid answer for what they are doing, which means they are basically doing it out of spite and in a bid to bring down the team.

These are dangerous people to have in a team because as long as they are on it, there will be little to no progress. And for the sake of your team and the vision you have as a leader being intact, you have no choice but to cut them off from the team.


You can’t be trying to build a house and housing someone who will be trying actively to collapse it, it is not done in any way at all. So you get rid of them and replace them. That may open their eyes and teach them that there are some things that just would not slide with you, and as long as they want to remain on the team, they must play by the laid down rules. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, my dear friends, as you try to grow your team, be on the lookout for the bad eggs and try to get them to change their ways. If they refuse, then get them out of the team. No one is indispensable. That is the truth.

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Thank you for reading, till we meet in the next post.