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Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? Welcome once again to another enlightening episode on my blog.

Today I would love to give some tips on how to make the perfect blog. Of course, no blog is perfect. But you can give it your best and make it as close to perfection as you can. I know that everyone gives it their best, but I have some tips that I believe will help you in structuring your future blog posts.

First of all, how do you blog?



Blogging is just putting your thoughts into words and leaving it out there for the world to see. You have a message and you want to pass it unto your readers. So, before you settle down to actually blog, you need to have an idea in your head.

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Mind you, this has to be an idea that you are passionate about or at least have some basic knowledge of. So that when you share your thoughts, you would not come off as a writer that does not know what he or she is saying.

The idea is the most important part, and it decides how the rest of the process goes.



I know this might sound tasking, but when you want to pass across a message, you have to carry out your due diligence. Conduct research, even if you have some knowledge about the topic.

Do not assume that you know everything that you need to know about it. When you make research, it gives you more to write on, you find more ideas to make your content more meaningful and rich.

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And also, when you conduct research, you will find out what exactly you were thinking was wrong and make that correction as soon as possible.

Any other thing and you might come off as a shallow writer, or someone that does not know what he is writing about.



So, now that you have gotten the idea and done your research. What is the next thing to do? You pour everything out of your heads and into your paper. Or phone, depending on what you are using.

Remember that there is no rush, there is no pressure. There is no one holding a knife to your throat and saying if you do not make this post before a certain amount of time lapses, they will kill you.

No, you have to do it at your own pace.

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So, take your time and write out the post. Do NOT write and edit at the same time. Leave that part for later. Just write it all out. Leave out the errors that you make. Focus on getting everything that was in your head onto the paper in front of you.

As long as there are no distractions around you, you would not leave that spot until you have completely emptied out your heart and poured it onto the page.



Now that you are done pouring it all out, it is time to calm down and edit your work. You will look for all spelling errors, and grammatical and punctuation errors as well.

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This is the best time to do it because if you are editing while writing it would distract you from your main goal which is writing. So now that you are editing, your mind would be totally aware that you are editing and you will spot errors easier.

Personally, I use the Grammarly app to edit my works and I also proofread it as well to make sure that what I am giving out is actually the best I can give.



The pictures you use are important to the post. But sometimes we underuse it and other times we overuse it.

It is best when a blog has more than one picture. Especially when it is a lengthy post, the long strain of words can make it kind of difficult to read. But with pictures, you get breaks in the words and you give the reader a little time to breathe as they check out the images.

Also, sometimes we tend to flood the post with a lot of pictures. For some, it seems like, for every sentence, there is a corresponding picture. In between paragraphs, there will be a picture.

Image by Windows

What this just does is take attention away from the message your words were trying to convey and place them on the pictures instead.

So how do we go about this? It is quite easy. The amount of pictures you use depends on the length of your post. Although for me, my word count does not matter when I am placing my pictures. I only place the pictures after at least two to three paragraphs. This will give them enough space between each other so that when the pictures are seen, they will just be a side attraction and the main message of the post will be ignored.



Before you post, always make sure you check out the preview. It is what will show you how your post will be positioned, and you can enact necessary changes if need be.

The preview will also show you what your post will look like once it is updated. Always check out your preview, if it is something you like, then feel free to hit the publish button.



Hold on! Before you hit the publish button, let me tell you about the description. It is a feature that allows you to write a blurb of sorts that explains what your entire post is saying in just a few words. Although this is not compulsory as it would not stop you from getting published.

Tags are no different, they take your post to the right audience. As long as you use the right tags, you are putting your content before even more eyes consume.


And now… you can hit the publish button!

As you can see, it requires quite some steps to make a post on your blog, but eventually, you get used to it especially when it is something that you do on a regular basis.

And also, make sure you do not steal another author’s work. No matter how good you think you are, you will be caught. And once that happens, no one will ever trust anything that you put in your post. And this will be after you are made to serve some well-deserved punishments.

So, always be original in all you do. Go through the due process and give the best you can. And leave the rest to your readers.

If you feel I left anything out, do let me know in the comments section, we all learn every day. And I will also love to know if this post was beneficial to you. It will really mean a lot to me if you found it useful.

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Thank you for reading, till we meet in the next post.

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These steps you've mentioned above I've been following all of them but I still find problem with using the right tag. I don't know, how can you know the right tag to use?

Your first five tags should be related to your topic. If you write about your dog for instance, you can use #pet #dog #animal and so on. The remaining five tags should be community tags or the second layer token tags to give you a wider reach. Tags like #pob #vyb #archon and so on.

Oh really 😬😬, I've been doing the opposite 😰😏. But thanks to you I'm wiser now, much love @wolfofnostreet 💌💌



@wolfofnostreet has said it all. It is all about using tags that are related to your post.
It is the best way.
Thank you for reading.😇

Very nice idea
, thank you for sharing.

I am glad you found it useful, thank you for reading.

you're welcome 🙂.

You didn't leave anything out as you have said most things required for a perfect blog and how to make it quality enough. Nice read!!

It is just a little effort that is required and you will have the best you can give.
Thank you for reading

Remember that there is no rush, there is no pressure. There is no one holding a knife to your throat and saying if you do not make this post before a certain amount of time lapses, they will kill you.

Hahaha, this part made me laugh because I hold a knife to my throat everyday. I have to get a post on the blockchain before 12 am everyday.

This is my own version of knife held to my throat. And it works everytime. Most times we need knives like this to make us act more than we think.

Cos most people will stick around all day thinking of what to write about instead of writing. And the more they think the more they get lost, and throw their hands in the air, leaving everything behind.

I guess they will say, "I'll do it tomorrow", tomorrow comes and they move it to the next day.... It continues this way before you know 30 days is gone. They check their last post and discovered they had fucked up

Just like me if I don't rush a writeup, beautiful lines forming in my head will be forever lost.
I get tired and loss interest when I spend so much time on a post, in the end it becomes abandoned in my draft.

Say this to the hearing of @bruno-kema 🙃😁.


Seriously. A knife is up to my neck to get it done before 12am latest too. It's not serious but then it's serious.

Hahaha... I am glad you are in this league too. Procrastination steals alot from us. 😔

Wow... I did not know there are people that go through this 😅
I have a particular time I do my writing, so even before the time reaches I would already be prepared to go through.
But then, everyone has what works best for them.
Thank you for reading😇

Your method is good too. Having a particular time makes your subconscious always ready when it's time... So, it's a good one.

Well done boss 💚

Well... I guess😋
I'm glad to know that...

Thank goodness, I was keen in reading this, just imagine that am guilty of not proof reading my post even though I visit the preview button to see how the post had been arranged.

Thank you for this awesome post.
I learnt alot.

There is always time to learn.
Thank you for reading.

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This post was really beneficial to me as a newbie hehe you really did a wonderful job explaining in details.
Permit me to add this
good citation of pictures and quotes: whenever you use a picture you should always cite it well for readers to know where you got it from. also cite quotes used in your write up.
Thanks dear for sharing.