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I can vividly remember a few years ago, when I was ready to go big in this writing game. I had been writing novels and stories for myself and I felt it was time for me to share my gift with the world. And rightly so.

Back then, the only writing skill I had was storytelling and it was what I was going to use to shake the world. Back then, I had not even heard of the Hive blockchain, so I was only going to make use of the social media platforms available to me.

My plan had been simple, get enough following online and then convert them to diehard fans of my work. When you thought about it, it was a pretty easy process. Until I got to realize the amount of work it entailed.


I started by writing a Facebook series, I even went as far as creating a page for it. It was called Pen Afire and the title of the series was Out of Time, it was an adventure series. I got mostly positive feedback, but the engagement was extremely low. I know I should have worked hard at it and be consistent, but it was not really encouraging for me and I was not even earning anything from it. So I was using all my money to buy data and upload good story for free.

I gave up. Soon, I realized I could also post on Wattpad. I found out that it was just another version of Facebook to me. While it gave me access to more readers, I still was not getting what I was looking for. As it turned out, I was not just looking for compliments, I needed criticisms as well.

I was tired of people telling me, “wow, nice one. Next please…”

And I needed people who would actually read and give me a constructive feedback.

So, I gave up on Wattpad as well.

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It was around that time that I found out about Hive, and so I decided to try it out. Surely, there was nothing wrong with me posting my stories in a place where people will actually read and give good feedback. I tried out a couple of communities with my stories, tried my hands at some articles until I stumbled upon The Inkwell.

Thanks to the community, I was able to learn and master the art of flash fiction. I was able to compress an entire story into a word count of less than a thousand. And I became so good at it. For a long time, the only content I was posting on Hive was short stories. With their weekly fiction prompts, I never ran out of ideas on what to post. And their feedback really helped me to improve in my craft. I was able to package my message based on the audience I was intending it for. That was something I did not know before.

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Soon after, I began ghostwriting. Mostly novels though. And this was what taught me how to write intentionally. That is I had to learn how to write with a specific word count in mind keep the story engaging without making it seem like I was adding fillers or I was rushing everything.

And with time, thanks to Hive Learners, I started making articles. And it was then I realized I could really write content that had nothing to do with stories. And so far, the feedback I have been getting is just immeasurable.


So far, I have not selected a niche on which majority of my blog posts will be based on. And it is something I am looking to do, I am thinking hard about focusing only on one subject matter and going off with that.

For now, I am thinking of making posts solely on writing. It will encompass everything that has to do with reading and writing, including for blogs, books, and social media posts. It will also cover the business aspect of writing.

This is something that has been on my mind for a while, and since here in Hive Learners, we have a lot of newbies that are relatively new in the world of writing as a whole, not just blogging, I feel what I have to say might come in handy at one time or the other.


Please know that I am no expert, I am just trying to share the little knowledge that I have. Hopefully, one post at a time, I will be able to make a little difference.

So friends, what do you think about this? Do you feel it would be great to focus on one niche or I should keep on making random blog posts? I would really love to know your input, because as I have said constantly I am always in need of constructive criticism and yours will be highly helpful. Feel free to pour out your mind in the comment section below.

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Thank you for reading, till we meet in the next post.


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I am a big-time football blogger but I discovered that blockchain writers have lesser interest in sports content.

In my opinion, I choose to stick with having multiple niches; like a random writer but you should do more of your niche so that when readers come around, they will see more of what you are very good at on your profile.

When you finally have enough reader for your niche then you can choose to remain as a one niche blogger or a random blogger.

This is quite insightful.
Now that you mention it, I am yet to see a community for sports here on Hive. Although I am not a fan of sports at all.
Thank you very much for your input.

Wow, i just know it and i impressed.
Your writing hobbies make you feel better if you want to share about you thought, your emotions, critics, or anything. You just need a to write it on this blog, share it, and make a people know how you feel when you write it.
It was an art i think, you can bring any emotions inside your write, make people feel deeper in your heart, and still make people understand the point of your thought. Hive Learners is the right places to you, and because of you and Hive Learners community, i started to make my own thought and write it in here. In the first time it was so hard to me, but now i'm always want to write something. Some people is hate to write long, but they don't know, it's the same as when you talk to the closest people or your lover and pour out your heart.
Its so fun to write and put the emotions in there and the people who read that will dissolve in the emotions that we pour in our writing.
Very good hobby Capt. 👍

You are right, pouring out your thoughts and heart into a post can be therapeutic. Helps to clear out the mess in the head and makes everything appear clearer. I'm so glad you understand it.
Thank you for sharing your input with me.

I really enjoyed your story, I can feel your anxiety while writing. writing requires special skills and high patience, I tried to do this by participating in a contest in the Hive Learners community, it really opened my horizons about writing a story so that it could be conveyed to readers. As a beginner I don't know what criticism to give because I am amazed by your very good and easy to understand delivery. Keep writing and trying new things to improve your skills. Have a nice day.

I will always keep trying my best, as long as it has to do with writing.
Thank you for reading.

You're welcome, as long as there's time, it's always interesting to read the stories you share.

Don't focus on one niche. In fact, have several niches, that way you'll be well versed in all aspects of writing.

This is another angle I have not really considered.
Thank you for this input.

You're welcome.

Focusing on one nice will be a limitation to you. And with time people are bond to getting used to a person or a particular kind of work as time goes on. Beside that you have a vision you want to educate the world through your gifts. One niche alone would not grant you that, but if you like an explorer navigate through different sites, you will not only achieve your dream but, you will be shaped as well, for there you can meet people who are advanced and will make little or more imputes that will add to your skills. Someone once told me that staying in a place where you are the champion for a long time is a trap for it will make you relax and feel as if you have become when there is more ahead to achieve.

Hmm... This is yet another way of looking at it.
Focusing on one niche might mean stagnation. But don't you feel there are still ways to grow, even within the same niche?
Thank you very much for this input.

You are welcome sir, and you are right you can grow within the same niche and not having to jump from one niche to the other at thesame time, for it is not possible to throw one stone at two birds and expect to get them both. What I will suggest is for you to stay as long as possible at that one you feel you room to develop yourself and when you're developed you can go to another one for more experience and at thesame time do not neglect the former which made you for the new one instead use both to achieve your aims.. what do you think sir?

This is very insightful, thank you for sharing.

You are welcome sir

One thing about doing one particular niche is you'd be limited to just the niche alone but then there's is space to explore other niche
You can always explore other niche if you have the capacity just do more of your niche that way you'd get better in your field.

But when you keep exploring other niches you don't really master anyone.
Thank you for reading.

Nice story and it is of great insight 👍

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Hi Bruno, it's good to read this article from you. Now I know your writing skill started long ago.. amazing.
However, I think focusing on one niche is great and will make you grow so well and be almost perfect in your preferred areas of interest in blogging. Viewing it from another perspective, and exploring other niches will make you a versatile blogger. Your audience won't be able to predict what you will give out each day. You will have all it takes to quench your reader's taste.
My opinion though🤷‍♀️

And your opinion is on point...😇
Both sides have benefits that are eye catching and I just have to decide what will work best for me.
Thank you for reading.

Oh I think you should be making random blog posts, that will help gain more knowledge in different discipline or aspect of life. Focusing on one niche might be difficult for you to detached yourself from it. You may eventually make mistakes when you want to go back to random blog posts.

You can go ahead and explore more communities than sticking at one community.

This is my opinion for you.

Thank you @bruno-kema for this piece.

I love writing as well and I would love to learn more on how to write strategically like you.

This is a point though...🤔
Thank you for reading.

I can only say one thing @bruno-kema ...***write from your heart****...

That's all you need in your writing ministry...I'm sure they'll be times when you'll have to make publications that don't actually reflect how you feel or in no way relates to your niche..it's ok...
But at those times when you need to really write..do it with your heart... you're a writer, you can choose to write anything but what makes you stand out is how best you do it..don't beat yourself if you cannot meet up with others in another niche..you can learn from them and build yourself who you keep growing in your niche..

See as i dey write long note as if I know anything about writing..I'm just a newbie who's made a lot of mistakes...I'm not fit to give you advice...but know that im rooting for you...

And by the way.. those little comments you drop on my posts, like you also goes a long way to inspire me..I'll find time to always reply them.. thanks 😊❤️

I always try my best😇
Everyone makes mistakes, what matters is that we learn from them.
And you are right, I should definitely write from my heart.
Thank you for reading.😌