Having A Degree Vs Having A Skill!

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Vantha Thang


In having a degree and skill, which is more important?

Today, there are millions of young people in our higher institutions, working themselves to the bone in unfavorable conditions just so that they can get the certificate. Each year, hundreds of thousands of these students are sent out into the labor market that is already full to bursting with no hope for the newcomers.

And so, with your certificate neatly filed, you go about from business to business, informing them of what you can do and asking if they could employ you.

Sadly, this is what a lot of our graduates face today. And with the way things are going in this country, it will be like that for some time to come.


On the other hand, we have the ones that chose to ignore schooling altogether. While their mates had been studying for JAMB, they had simply gone to learn handwork. And when the students were going to school every day, they went to learn work every day as well.

By the time the student was graduating, they were already established in their chosen skill.

But then, it is still not rosy for them, because, like the students, they also have to break out and try to survive on their own. They would have to leave their masters and set up a business, then grow it to the extent that others can also come to learn from them.

And this is never easy.

Anamul Rezwan

The truth of the matter is that normally neither degree nor skill is better than the other. They both have what makes them work in the right setting. In a developed clime, any one of them could set a person for life with a steady source of income until the person retired.

But in my dear country, the reverse is the case. Having just a degree of skill is no longer enough. You need to have both. You must always have something to fall back on in the event that something unexpected happens.

In our schools today, a lot of the students are learning one handwork or the other, managing to run it alongside schooling. As they are focusing on books, they are also focusing on learning that skill.


And this has an advantage, of course.

It makes them better equipped for whatever may happen in the future. When things get better in the nation and more jobs are created, they would have a shot. And if the reverse is the case, they would still be able to rely on their skill and use it to hold body and soul together.

Having a skill is great, and adding higher education to the mix makes it greater. Because then you have an idea of how to interact with people and how the interaction can be translated into money for you. You will know how to serve people and make them pay huge buckets of money into your bank account. And you can even build the skill into a business, employ staff and make it so that you would never have to work for anyone ever again.

This might not be easy, but it is definitely possible. When you are going for a skill, please go for one that is in high demand and people make use of. There are soft skills like creative writing, graphics designing, social media management, and the like. Then we have other skills like engineering, plumbing, carpentry… and the list goes on.


If you have a skill that everyone needs more often than not, then you have already placed yourself on the path to being financially fulfilled without having to wait for the government. And as you keep on working on it, you will continue getting better at it. And your rates will also increase.

So friends, there is no better one between a degree and a skill. Both are good. But they are best when combined. What do you think of this? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

Andrea Piacquadio

Thank you for reading, till we meet in the next post.

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You need to have both.

Seriously, this was what is in my mind while reading your post. One needs to have both and that is the best. In fact even if an individual can't afford going for a degree because of money, this is why the option of going for part-time is highly welcome. When you have both your degree and your skill, I don't think you can ever lack.

When one doesn't work out, you will have the other to fall back on. There isn't excuse of not going for both because without you being a full time student, you can be doing your skill, while you go for weekend lectures and before you know it, you already bagged your degree certificate.

It all boils down to self-discipline

Self discipline indeed. We would never know which one will be more beneficial in future so it's best we have both so we are ready for any eventuality.
Thank you for reading.

You are right! A degree is nothing without a skill… a degree can be just a paper after all

Just a paper!
You got it right!


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I am about to start my post-graduate journey now. And, upskill with the elements of degree course drives more of the value. As you described, it's hard but it's worth it.

I wish you the best on your upcoming journey. It might not be easy, but you will make it work😇
And it is definitely worth it as long as it's something that improves your wellbeing.
Thank you for reading.😌

Thank you so much. Indeed it is. Looking forward to a new journey. Best wishes to you as well.