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Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? The week has started in earnest and we are now in a full groove, I hope this message meets you well.

Today I will be talking about the dangers of vaping.

We all know that cigarettes are one of the most addictive things that man has ever made, and what makes them so dangerous is the fact that they damage our health and if care is not taken, things can escalate at a rate we might not be able to keep up with.

And because of this, in a bid to help addicts gradually go of this habit of smoking, they created something else. And that was the electronic cigarettes. The major difference between them was that one was smoked while the other was vaped.

These ones are non-disposable unlike the traditional cigars, they can be used and reused. They are in different forms; e-cigarettes, vape pens, and some other disposable and non-disposable vaping devices. These things are even given different flavors to entice people to buy them.

When they were created, they were marketed to the public that they were safe and a hundred percent better than traditional cigarettes because they will give you the same feeling but without all the health hazards.

And people bought into the story.

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As it turned out, while electronic cigars were not as dangerous as the traditional ones, they were still not safe in any way. these things are made with some chemicals as well, so by vaping you are also exposing yourself to the toxic chemicals. Furthermore, there have been some medical issues like damage to the lungs and for some, even death that had to do with vaping.

Back in 2020, the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed that vaping was the cause of about 2807 cases of lung injuries and also a whopping number of 68 deaths.

As of October 2021, it was found out that many of the chemical ingredients made use of in vaping products were still unidentified. Although they could identify a substance like caffeine and then some.

What makes traditional cigarettes so addictive is the presence of nicotine in them, and guess what… nicotine is also present in the e-cigarettes as well. That makes it just as addictive. Nicotine is highly toxic, it affects your blood pressure, messes with your adrenaline and your heart rate and gives everyone that is addicted the likelihood of a heart attack.

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Till today, it is still not said that vaping is bad. Awareness is just being created that this could not be as safe as we have been made to believe.

As I said, it was created as an aid to help addicts to go off traditional cigarettes, but instead, the addicts continued using the vape instead. Sometimes even using both the vape and the regular cigarette

And you know the bad thing about everything? The younger generation is already getting hooked on it. It is alarming how many youths you see on social media boldly standing in front of the camera and vaping, it is now seen as a cool way to look and if you want to belong, then you just have to vape.

The thing is that they do not know that these things still have their health hazards, they think that they are totally fine because they are not smoking the regular cigars and they are out of danger. But they are very wrong, the risk might be minimal but it is still very much there.

These are things that do not happen immediately, they take their time to accumulate and gather so that by the time they start showing you symptoms, you would be too weak to do anything and it could be deadly.

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The youths and teenagers vaping because they think it is cool is absolutely wrong because these things are highly addictive and they are too young to be getting addicted.

So, what are my thoughts on these?

There should be stricter laws governing the sale of vapes. The warning that is written on the body of a pack of cigarettes should also be written on the body of the e-cigarette in all its forms, so that every time they take it out to vape, even if it is just a little they will be warned. And also, they should not be sold to underage, you have to be an adult if you want to own a vape, which will reduce the number of people actually exposing themselves to this.

Parents and wards also should always check up on their ward, make sure they are doing as they should and not taking up habits like vaping or whatever else it is they are doing just so that they can look cool.

And for those who are struggling with this addiction and meaning to stop, vaping can truly be your shot. As I said, it is not as dangerous as the regular cigarette, so if you are meaning to you can start with that. Then before you select a vape device, ask your doctor, they will prescribe the one that will be best for someone like you.

After all, you are not doing this to look cool but to help yourself heal. Do not rush yourself or pressure yourself. With time and discipline, you will get there.

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Thank you very much for reading, till we meet in the next post.



I am lost, I didn't know that this was created to replace cigarettes. It still doesn't make any difference to be because they still have the same effect of highness.

I haven't tried any because I choke at the smell of it, I believe there are other ways to help addicts instead of creating something that could have the same effects as cigarettes.

I am very skeptical when I first heard the news about vaping as a safe alternative to traditional smoking.
Now, I am hearing and reading things about the health hazards vaping. I think that's only logical since every vaping company puts in their "secret" ingredient.

Great information



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