The beauty of white flowers growing on tree trunks

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Hello community friends Beauty of Creativity
As always with me, @asklanbudi.
In this post I want to share flowers growing on the trunk of a tree, which lives in a tropical forest area, a small whip-like stem with this small white color.
This flower I found in the gayo aceh indonesia.
Flowers grow in clusters like barbed wire.
This flower is very liked by many butterflies, but I was out of luck, I could only take one photo of a white butterfly.
The other butterflies don't want to stop here, maybe the other butterflies are afraid of me.
After that I took some shots towards the flower on the trunk of the white tree. What I want to contribute to this beloved community








Thank you guys for visiting my account, hope you guys love it with my post.
Greetings from me @asklanbudi🙏

Locationgayo aceh -Indonesia
Camera MakerXiaomi
Camera ModelRedmi Note 8 pro
Take time10:53 wib
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