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Thank you for your valuable visit on my blog. I will definitely try to read "THE IRON HEEL" and "LOOKING BACKWARD". These r books from 90s, is there any chance that they were famous in your time or your personal favourite?

I found Looking Backwards in paperback in a small, exclusive library.
I was not prepared for its conclusions.
As a life long crapitalust, and decadal convert to an-crap, finding that I was actually a communist took a few days to process.
I finally found why the old school anarchists were so anti-crapitalust.

I forget where I found The Iron Heel, somebody, or some book, referenced it and I researched it.
It does an excellent job of pointing out that crapitalism is designed to enrich the already rich and at the expense of everybody else.

TIH was published in 1907, and LB was published in 1889.
Neither is on the reading lists of today, that I know of, and certainly are not taught in the gov't indoctrination camps.

I keep putting them out there hoping that the rest of the class catches up to what was known over 100 years ago but suppressed by the powers that shouldn't be.

I hope you tell somebody else about them, this one at at time thing I do is taking forever to change the mindset of the general public.

A better way exists.
One without war, poverty, and intentional tragedy.
We only have to adopt it as the new normal.

Thank you for your insightful reply. I am fond of reading financial books and this one is about the financial structure. If I found an audio version of it, I will definitely complete it much faster. If I found the knowledge useful, I will definitely share it among my book lover buddies. is a wonderful resource.