My Favourite Technological Advancement

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As the numbers on the calendar change, so does the world experiences new things. The world has been facing, adopting and adapting continuous changes since ever. However, I don't think the world would have experienced this much rapid changes over the course of its known history as it has witnessed in the twenty-first century. The reason is the technological advancement in the field of telecommunication. The advancement in this field has made the whole world a global village. It has increased the level of awareness among people. It has given people the voice. It has made it possible for the whole world to connect and communicate in no time. It has made those things happening that otherwise would seem impossible. It has made great impact in the life styles and attitude of people. It has altered the way one shops, rocks and mocks.

My favorite technological advancement is the advancement in telecommunication

The following text enlists the reasons.

🕯It made communication easier and smarter
As the telecommunication technology the connection is becoming faster, easier, cheaper and smarter. I remember a time (and it is not a very old story; only about two decades ago) when my mom went to a distant phone booth where she could book a call of 3 minutes to another city (where lived her mom). The landline available at our home didn't provide us the facility to make a call out of station. This 3 minutes call not only took so much time to take the whole process to be done, but also it cost a lot. Now it's the time when we can connect not only to another city within our country but also across the borders. Not only our voices are shared but also we can share anything via videos and images. And this all can be done lying on our beds. This way it has reduced distances bringing people closer to each other while they are physically apart.

🕯Learning has entered a new phase
I remember the time when I asked my cousin to tell me the recipe of chocolate pudding she learnt at an institute. She was so reluctant to tell. In the era the learning of anything was an expensive and time taking thing. First you had to search for a source of learning, then you had to pay for this; and also had to spend (waste) time in reaching out to the source.

The advancement in telecommunication is altered the mode of learning. At this time there is nothing that you cannot learn if you really want it. The information is available in abundance on the internet. You can look for anything sitting comfortably at a chair in your bedroom. I learnt to cook several dishes via videos available on thee internet. I learnt to cut, stitch and design dresses without going outside of home and without spending any money. I no longer had to beg any cousin or aunt to share anything she was reluctant to share. I didn't have to travel in public transports on broken roads to reach the learning institutes. For all these skills I owe to the telecommunication advancement.

🕯 It has brought uncountable resources at our disposal

For those who are related to field of information, one way or the other, would attest to the fact that telecom advancement has made their work easier. Thousands of research papers across the globe are within our reach. Thousands of books are in our access today. Many of these resources are free of cost. For others we may have to pay, but the things are worth paying. If the telecom wasn't that it is today we won't even know that such and such information, knowledge and research even exist.

Looking for the kind of information you need is easier to access. Think of searching a required piece of research in a library of thousand books with thousand of page. (Do you remember looking for a word in dictionary? I think it was the easiest thing to search.) On the other, you just have to type the words on a search engine and the required information is at your disposal in no time.

Besides, there might be something that you want to purchase but is not available in your area. You can search it on internet at various shopping sites. Thus the telecom advancement made it possible to access the items that otherwise would be impossible to attain.

🕯You are connected everywhere every time.
With the advancement in telecom technology and introduction of Wi-Fi (and its continuous growth from 2G to 5G Data connections) has made it possible to connect at any place; whether we are walking on a road or travelling in a train. There is no longer a need to be at a particular place for connection.

The freedom from cord brought the freedom to get the required information at any time. We no longer have to go to an internet café or a desk to look for the information on our PCs. With this feature the telecom advancement made several tasks easier. How many of us would have used the google maps to reach our destinations. Without a Wi-Fi or data connection, it wouldn't be possible.

🕯Entertainment has become easier and cheaper
I remember the time when DVD player was the latest technology for the entertainment at home. My brother used to go to the market to buy DVDs. He spent a lot of money on them. After spending this much money, there were movies he never liked (a total waste of money 😲). Moreover, we needed a space to keep those DVDs and DVD player.

At the present time many of the movies and seasons are available free of cost. Some channels may cost but it is not as much as was the cost of those DVDs. Moreover, no space of our home is occupied by the player or the plastic. Hundred of movies can be kept in the memories of our smartphones, laptops or USBs.

🕯 It opened up several opportunities to earn
We, all the Hivians, know quite well how the advancement in telecommunication sector has brought us opportunities to earn money for our living. Blogging, vlogging, advertisement, teaching and e-commerce are some of the ways to earn money via internet.

Negative Impact of Telecommunication Advancements

There is no doubt that I appreciate the advancement in the field of telecommunication for the aforementioned and many other reasons. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that I overlook the potential negative effects it accompanies. I acknowledge its cons as well:
🕯It has snatched simple joys of life.
There was a time when we had get together with cousins and relative, we had laughter, giggles , gossips and chatters. We played several indoor games teasing and mocking at each other. Those moments became so memorable and joyful. These days, in the gatherings, everyone keeps busy with the smartphones in their hands. We now lack on those enjoyments.

The other day, I was playing with my husband's 6 months old nephew. His facial expressions, giggles and moves were so refreshing. I asked my husband to look at him. He just had a bird eye view and then he was busy again in watching his mobile screen. There are several of such joys we are missing because of the advancement in telecom.

🕯It has widened the distances.
Yes, I know, I claimed above that it reduced distances. It certainly has reduced distances among those who are physically a part but it has taken our closest ones quite away from each other. We are so involved with our mobiles that we are not left with quality time for those with whom we share a bed.

🕯It has made us blind and deaf.
We no longer see and hear what we easily could in the era without smart phones. We have no time to hear what our kids and parents have to tell us.

Sometimes, it happens that our loved ones talk to us sitting just beside, and the words make no sense to us.

Sometimes, it happens that someone is in our need but we cannot see it just because we are so indulge in our devices.

🕯It has increased depression
The depression was never as prevalent as it is today, and the telecommunication advancement has a lot to do with it.

📍 While it has made us social in the virtual world, it has increased loneliness in the real lives.

📍 Blackmailing has become easier than before. Any fake news can go viral within minutes. It may destroy the lives of victims.

📍 Several games have found to be inducing childhood depression.

📍 The downside comparison looking at the fake presentation of bright side of people's life at social media makes us feel low.

🕯Scams are bigger
If your money and transactions are physical, you can be robbed only what is in your hands. It is not usually that big an amount that you hold physically. On the other hand, the telecom advancement has made it possible for the scammers to rob every penny laid in your bank account or in crypto wallets.

🕯It is a danger for the world's ecosystem
Researches have demonstrated that the radiation from mobile and Wi-Fi signals are the greatest reason for the destruction of honey bees' colonies. Do you know what this destruction means to the earth? It's a matter of all the other lives on the earth. Albert Einstein said

If the bee🐝 disappeared off the surface of the globe, man would have only four years to live.


Advancement in the field of telecommunication is my favourite technological advancement. It has made life easier and comfortable in several ways. Nevertheless , it accompanies its negative effects as well. Now, it is our duty to be aware of the negative influences and consume the technology in a way so that we may more be benefitted than be harmed.


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This is another technological advancement I love and happy to be associated with. From the comfort of your home, you can be connected to the whole world, get informed, do businesses and even attend universities and obtain certificates from the comfort of your home. Distance is no longer a barrier

Certainly. This technology has done so much good to us

Technology does have it good and bad side. I am particularly pleased with the fact that you do not have to ask your relatives for food recipes that they would be reluctant to share anymore. All thanks to technology.

And yes, I hate the part that technology has created a bit of distance amongst us. We no longer listen to the people around us because our heads are buried in our phones.

Well done with this Amber, how is your fasting going? I hope you'll have time to do the dreemport tasks(the ones you have set for yourself, of course) and earn that gold star today.
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I am particularly pleased with the fact that you do not have to ask your relatives for food recipes that they would be reluctant to share anymore

I am also very happy for being free of asking. I don't know why people were so reluctant to share the beneficial things. Perhaps they want to live with an idea that they are superior because they have the knowledge of thing that others around them lack.

Anyways, I am trying to work at the optimum for the Dreemport tasks. Let see, how many stars come out of my pocket.

I can see you rocking already, Iska. Let's touch the finish line soon.

Your points are valid ma'am.
In the aspect of depression, I will use myself as an instance. I was going through my feeds on Instagram one evening. As I scrolled through there was this unusual sad feeling I felt.

I saw how well dressed some person dressed, the fame and everything made me feel bad about myself. When I realized that, I hurriedly close the app and went to watch a movie which distracted me from such thoughts which could lead to depression.

Don't forget to submit a post to dreemport today.


Seriously....! I am not a big fan of social media (blogging is a different thung, though), Going through facebook pages gives me depression too.

Thanks for sharing your experience

I can´t agree less to this and I also would say it´s my favorite technological advancement. I remember when my dad would narrate how phones wasn´t available then and to get across to someone very far, they would write letters and it will take months to be delivered to the recipient before finally been delivered back to them as response. Now, everything is made easier with telecommunication.

How are you doing teammate? How is your task? Did you tick the gold star? I believe you will rock it all by the end of the week.

My father told, once he posted a letter to inform he was coming. After a month or so, he went to the place and recisved the letter himself 😅. That's the story of old gone days. Hehe.

I am trying to tick those tasks. Seems very difficult. But I am seeing you @princessbusayo and other teammates, you people are performing great 👍

Hehehe, it was something different in the olden days then but thank God things have taken shapes.
Thank you, Amber 😍


I remember the time when we used to watch movies using DVDs, our living room will be filled with those disks, scattered all over the place. Even when you arranged them they still gave the house a scattered look.
Thanks to phones and laptops, now almost everyone watches their movies and listens to their songs on their PC and phones. And then, most music players come with Bluetooth and for which you no longer need a disk.
Times have changed really.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

I had quarrel with my brother about those discs. I used to arrange them, while after few days they were found scattered. Thanksfully the technological has made the storage and retrieval easier.

Thanks for stopping by @bruno-kema

Advancement in the field of telecommunication is my favourite technological advancement. It has made life easier and comfortable in several ways. Nevertheless ,it accompanies its negative effects as well.

I agree with the conclusions you wrote, with various technological advances that are so great that it is very easy for us to do anything and thus negative things are also certainly growing very rapidly and various kinds of fraud will appear

Ues. Positive and negative gohand in hand.

Thanks for stopping by

Ohhh, this is a good choice, I wouldn't have thought about this.

Also, there are always good and bad advantages in everything, it just depends on which is more prevalent.

Anyways, I hope you are good today, drinking water and finishing your tasks?


I am doing good. How about you and the teem?

We are good, everyone is going strong.


Telecommunications has to be one of the biggest technological advancement as it comes with a lot of positive benefits.

How has your day been so far?
Hope you are still on track with your dreemport challenge?
Don't forget to take enough water and observe your quiet time.


Thanks for checking on @ijohnsen

This is well detailed Amber 🤭 and I agree with you in all you listed... Both the negative and positive impact of technology are all true.

Saw your encouraging words on discord and I said I should come check on you too... Gotten your star for today?

I'm editing this comment again to remind you to get that gold star! Teem Tengo are for you dear


I will look into my bucket onFriday. Hehe. I am running and running wthout seeing the stars 🐝.

Thanks for checking me, sweetie

Nice one, keep it up dear


Thanks for checking me,Merit.
We are just about to reach the finish line....

I am sure you would be twinkling with your stars. Hehe

Of course dear Amber, my stars are shining so bright... Just one to go 💪

Go and take it. Well, I know, our Merit, merits for those stars. Stay shinning, stay bright 🤗

Yeah yeah, thanks dear
And I believe you too 💪

It's just one star to get into that bag dear! You got this 🌟💪

The advancement in telecommunications has actually done more good to us than bad. I'm glad technology made this possible.

How's your challenge going? Hope you observed your quiet time today? Were you able to get your star?.. Don't relent.. Keep it going.. Success is surely yours..


I am good, bro. How is your progress going?

I'm doing just fine.. Thanks for asking.. How's your challenge going?

Challenge going challenging 😅

😂 😂 😂.. I love this.. That's how it ought to be.. All the best with it

Thanks ☺

I'm very impressed with your story in this post it's very fun right


hehehe wow - I was thinking along these lines the other day! I was just thinking about the benefits but disadvantages of this era that we are living in! there are so many wonderful blessings - but in the end.. is it worth it if we are killing ourselves slowly - lonely - distanced?

i don't know - because so many things ARE worth it. hehehe I love that i've gotten to meet so many people that i never would have had the chance to
i love being so connected to info that I'd like to know. I remember picking up those big yellow phone books to get information on a company
and now we just get all the info we want - instantly hahaha

its always a balance - lol but I'm sure that we are still heading towards destruction, and that this destruction will be brought on by our own hands!!!

and hi you - hehehe are you doing your teem go go go tengo life today hehehehe

i'm doing it! but - balancing it too hehehehe you know? hehehe

but this is just too fun for words! i love it all heheheh

We are heading towards destruction because of our greed, may be??? We have been developing instant gratification and lesser resilience. May be it is contributing to destruction. Or perhaps we have been desensitized gradually.

I seriously wonder how my life would be wth be without the technology. I would be like a barren soil awaiting to have rain. You know my story already. Hehe.

Balance is the key as you siad.

As a teem tango, I am trying to work at my optimum level, but seems like I am not that much contributing. Whatever I am doing is worth doing. Hehe.

How are you doing this week, @dreemsteem. I can see your engagement already, what about the fat that you accumulate by @samsmith1971 chocolate. Is it burned ? 😜

yes i think greed - and maybe lack of care for one another, and this world... and at times - even ourselves!

I don't know what life would be like without technology! hehehe i think about this sometimes though. Because we are used to it now - but we lived just fine without the internet when we were younger. We didn't know any better. so now it would feel like we had a loss - for sure. But how long until we just adapted?!?! hehehe

I'm also Teem Tengo! hehehe and I've not felt like I'm contributing much either - but... I think we probably are doing well and we are just being too hard on ourselves hehehe

the fat from my chocolate from sam is not wanting to go away ROFLLLLLLLLLLLL

!LOLZ !LUV wondering what the faves were all round in your home??? I know some of them...

The other day I snuck into the local zoo and spotted an albino Cheetah
It was the least I could do for him.

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When technology had not reached to the present level,we were urilizing whatever was available at that time. We were with the latest things those days too. As we didn't know that thongs could be this much faster, we were ok with what we had.

Hehe. The chocolates have accumulated so hard. When you will be detoxing next year, the trapped memories will come out 😊


What does a painter do when he gets cold?
He puts on another coat

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You are on point jor. You just hit it at the end

Now, it is our duty to be aware of the negative influences and consume the technology in a way so that we may more be benefitted than be harmed.

Just as everything on earth have their own merits and demerits. Tech is not an exemption. We just have to focus on the positives and hold 'em tight!

You've done justice to this post. Well-done big time! 👍 is just like all the other things on the eartha having its pros and cons.

Thanks for atopping by

You're welcome

You are so right telecommunication is so vital to our every day Life and i think is one of the best technological advancement we have in present times.

Telecom has brough innovation. Thanks for stopping by

You are highly welcome



Advances in technology will also change the way people live in interaction.

Yes. Thanks

Very good my friend i agree telecommunications has been a wild ride as far as technical advancement goes and probably the most obvious to us all to experience.
Have a wonderful day😎

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Heyyyyyy! I am good. How have you been? Thanks for checking on me.

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I also learn to cook some dishes and it is great advantage . Awesome writing my dear 💓💓💓💓💓

The dishes I learnt were liked by my family. I hope you had the similar experience

Yes my dear

The development of technology in the field of communication is very fast and extraordinary. I really feel how in the past we only used limited signals in communicating. then, along with the times, we can enjoy communication anywhere and anytime. The development of technology in the field of communication is one aspect that I like in the field of technology.

Development in the telecom sector has changed many aspects of this world, hasn't it?



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How did I forget about telecommunication

Lol. It's good that I reminded you

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