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About an year ago we installed two remote controlled fans on ceilings of two different rooms. Unfortunately, the remote control (R.C) of one fan was misplaced so we couldn’t tune the fan’s settings with its R.C. The two fans were installed at a distance of about 12 to 14 feet. Interestingly, when one fan could not be tuned with its separate R.C. it automatically got tuned with the R.C of the other fan. The signals of the R.C were so strong that actions performed in one room would have its impact on the other room. Even if the door and windows were closed, the signals were caught by the fan quite perfectly. There was a time when we had to take a R.C so close to the T.V (or other device) in order to perform an action. Today, the devices with such strong signals are created. It is the progress of science and technology.....!

The story doesn’t end here. The thing that amazed us about the signals was something else. Some months ago, one of the fans was shifted to a lower floor in the building. Now there was not a linear but multidimensional distance between the two fans. Of course, there were many hindrances too (ceilings, walls, doors etc). Still, the fan on our floor was catching the signals and be handled by the R.C on another floor. It awed us all. How strong the signals the remote control was producing and/or how flawlessly the fan was catching them.

How wonderful electromagnetic waves are that make such a magic happen. The waves that are not visible to our eyes or even cannot be felt physically have that much powerful impact on the things that are receptive to them. Yes, the most important thing in all the scenarios is being receptive. Those two fans are not the only remote controlled fans in our home. There are three more fans of the same brand but they are not affected by that particular remote control. No matter how close the R.C is to them. Do the waves from it not reach to other fans? Certainly, they do but those fans are not coherent to receive those signals.

What I have comprehended about Electromagnetic waves is that they have a language that is understood only by those who are receptive to them. Those who are coherent with waves emitting from a particular object can catch them even at a distant place. While the waves are not sensed or felt by many things in the surrounding, they travel long ways and just manifest their effects on a particular object.

Have you ever experienced that you were having certain thoughts/emotions and a friend of yours guess it right without any clue? Or you had anxious feeling while a loved one was in any distress? Or you were approached by someone whilst you were missing him/her? Any other incident like that when the unspoken was heard? I am sure everyone of us would have encountered such situations at one point of the time or the other. Are these occurrences merely a matter of coincidence? My answer is ”NO, these are not coincidental happenings, but there is a reason behind them.” We, the humans, are carrying an organ with us that produces and receives electromagnetic waves of various lengths. Do I need to tell that the organ is heart.

Just like I stated in the case of the fans, not all the waves make alterations in all the devices. However, the devices that are tuned with each other display the effect. Similarly, the signals produced by a heart do not make sense to all the hearts but for the ones that are coherent or have certain connections with each other.

Depending on the strength of the signals produced by a heart, the message may reach really very far to another heart. Even, I have experienced such incidences with those people whom I have never met in person. Instead I just know them through online world. I remember I once published a post and I desperately wanted @dreemsteem to read that post. Surprisingly, she was on that post. It was after a long time, she visited my blog. Well, it happened several times that I said something and she was like “aaah, I was also thinking about this.” Once I was missing @erh.germany and had decided to visit her blog sooner. Before I would visit her, she was on my blog. After a long long time she appeared on my blog and I was really startled by her appearance. I even asked her what made her visit my blog that day. She was like she was searching for contest post. Among many other posts, mine was the one that got her attention. Interesting.....! Isn’t it?

The knowledge about the electromagnetic waves produced by our hearts has made me curious about certain myths. I am not sure if these myths are present in cultures other than mine. There is a myth: when someone misses us strongly we get hiccups. There is another myth: when someone is thinking bad for us, our tongue gets hurt by coming between our teeth 😬. The point is that if electromagnetic waves from one heart has the power to make certain physiological changes in another person’s body, the hiccups and tongue between the teeth might me the cause of certain neuronal alterations. Who knows?
Yeah, I know, I am sounding a superstitious person right now because Science hasn’t yet clear evidences about these myths. But I always say, “Nature doesn’t depend on Science.”
Science is dependent and slow. Nature is free and fast. What do you think, dear readers? 😉


This is my participation for dreem-wotw. The word is distant.



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This was such a fantastic and interesting take on the prompt, Amber. Very out-the-box thinking and creativity. And yes that absolutely happens: you cannot get someone out of your mind and you make contact to discover something significant has happened in their life, or they reach out to you before you can get to them... you have connections with people and feel their heartache, their sadness, their euphoria over the miles... and synthesise it for yourself. Some wonderful use of analogy too. It brought to mind our individual relationships with God too... and how God impacts those who come to Him; those who reach for Him. !LUV !ALIVE

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Very out-the-box thinking and creativity.

Really? 😊 I didn't think of it as out of box. !LOLZ

It brought to mind our individual relationships with God too... and how God impacts those who come to Him; those who reach for Him

Certainly it does. You made me contemplate about a phrase "with the eye of heart". It is like if you see with heart's eye you can look things that are not in front of you physically. The heart's eye is able to see what is not visible to the naked eye.
How we see things actually? When rays of various wavelength reach our eyes, they make us see those things. Our eyes do not detect all the rays. Electromagnetic rays are included among the unseen. Our hearts have the ability to make sense out of those rays. Perhaps we need to teach the heart's eye to have focus or perhaps we need to make a connection between our heart's eye and that of our consciousness.

I spent some time reading the article you linked to in truly fascinating and I have bookmarked it to revisit time and again... It made so much sense to me from my own experience with close family, friends and God... thank you for this gift of sharing 💗!LUV !ALIVE !PIZZA

@amberkashif! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

I am so happy you found it fascinating. Hehe. It is like my efforts for searching it are worthwhile. It actually took me some time to reach this article.

How amazing the creations if God are. The more we know, the more we realize about our ignorance. The omniscient has created this world with so many mysteries. How amazing the creator would be Himself

My mind has already written this narration but actualizing it was pretty difficult...and it connected to you and you did an absolute justice to this narration. I have had similar experiences about this superstitious beliefs you know what there was a time when if an individual has boil in her/his armpit which is still in just a growing stage....if that victim press and hold the boil for few minutes and then inserts that hand into his nose for three times that boil would disappear in few days... weird right??.... surprisingly it worked for me.... so sometimes science can't get enough of humanity .

Science is only discovering what has been there for centuries in the nature. The more science reveals, the more we realize that our knowledge is soooo limited, don't we?

I don't wonder that the boil thing worked for you. There might be some good scientific reason behind, but yet not known. Who knows

Thanks for stopping by, Cesca.

A lot of !LUV

Have you ever seen the movie waking life? From this post, I think you would thoroughly enjoy it! The film explores the connections we have to each other on planes beyond our comprehension. It beckons us to consider some fun concepts 😁

One scene in particular was brought to mind by your words, it addresses the phenomena of a "hive mind" of sorts (no puns intended lol) and the evidence that supports its existence. We are more likely to find things at the same time as others... almost as if we are responding to a signal. Of course, just like our electronics, the distance of the signal matters. Some people have much stronger signals to us than others haha

I enjoyed your thoughtful daily post, and the way it tied into the wotw, thanks for sharing :)

I haven’t watched the movie but I would like to.

Several phenomenon are happening around us and we just take them for granted or coincidental, but they have reasons, don't they.

I sometime think we can consiously strengthen our device (hearts) to catch the signals more strongly

I was just thinking about the hiccups thing right before I got to that paragraph. Lol. Whenever I had hiccups I would immediately start wondering who is thinking or talking about me. I haven't heard about the tongue getting stuck in the teeth before, but there are lots of things that happen which we can hardly pinpoint an explanation to and that is where superstition comes in. I think the events we tag as superstitious are those to which there are no scientific or logical explanations to but that doesn't make them untrue.

This is a beautiful entry for Dreem - Wotw. The heart is powerful and connects us in ways beyond comprehension. When I was younger and stuck in boarding school, I got rally sad and hungry one day and started using my mind to reach out to my mother because I missed her and hearing from her would literally solve whatever problems I had then. I shut my eyes and thought long and hard about her and imagined my mental calls were reaching her somehow. That angel human I call mom legit showed up in my school the next day and I nearly lost my mind; I was convinced I had super powers after that event. Oh, she brought food too. 😂
There is so much to humans that science can't begin to fathom and those little magic bring us sunshine and hope.

This was beautiful. Hello from #Dreemport.

I was just thinking about the hiccups thing right before I got to that paragraph.

I would like to know which culture you belong to where this belief exist just like my culture?

There is a belief related to hiccups that if you take the name of someone who might be missing you, the hiccups would stop. It once happened to me. I was having hiccups, I took a name and the hiccups stopped. Later in the day, my friend called me and said that she had a conversation with that person and he was asking about me.

The story that you shared about you making the connection with your mother is sweet and amazing. It shows that we, humans, have the power to do much more than that we think we are capable of.

I so agree with you about science about superstitious. Things that are beyond logical explanation we call them superstitions. Once we are able to give logical reasoning for the phenomenon, the happenings become scientific.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment

Wow, I had néver thought of these happening not being coincidental. Some waves can indeed be understood by some while others from the same brand couldn't understand. This is brilliant! I love this view of electromagnetic waves.

Waltzed in through dreemport.

I am happy I could make you think of them us not coincidental 🙂

Thanks for stopping by 🌹

Thanks for writing 😘😘.

This was a masterful piece.
It just goes to show how creative we all can be. This is a great spin on the word Distant.


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