The Best Education is Starting From Yourself

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Hello good afternoon friends #hivelearners, meet me again @abizahid. I hope you are all doing well and I hope we are all in good health always.

In this post, I don't write anything with the theme of personal politics from someone which I will describe below. Therefore the theme of this post is purely about education and also the importance of education starting from ourselves and also our family.

"Life is not about who is the best, but life is actually about who can do good".

The aphorisms above I found in one of the posts on the social media account of a well-known Political / Educational Figure in Indonesia. Currently, he is the Governor of DKI Jakarta Province, which is the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia. Prior to his recent involvement in politics, he was already struggling in the world of education in Indonesia. One of the positions he has held is as Chancellor at a Famous University in Jakarta and at its peak he also served as Minister of Education in the Gotong Royong Cabinet in the Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla government in 2014-2019.


Who doesn't know the name Anies Rasyid Baswedan? I am sure that almost 75% of the total 273 million people in Indonesia in 2021 already knew him and all of his advantages and disadvantages. Yes,, if we want to know more about this one figure, namely to find out what his educational background is, so that my post this afternoon is in accordance with the title, namely The Best Education Starts From Yourself, then here I will explain a little about his educational background:

  • IKIP Labrotori II Elementary School, Yogyakarta (1982)
  • Junior High School 5, Yogyakarta (1985)
  • High School, South Milwaukee, Senior High School (AFS Year Program), Wisconsin, USA (1988)
  • State High School 2, Yogyakarta (1989)
  • S1 Faculty of Economics UGM, Yogyakarta (1995)
  • S2 University of Maryland, School of Public Policy, College Park, United States (1998)
  • S3 Northern Illinois University, Department of Political Science, DeKalb, Illinois, USA (2005). Source

He is known as the originator of the program of the Indonesian Teaching Movement, which is a movement for the younger generation to be recruited as young teachers in elementary schools and communities throughout Indonesia for one year. Well, isn't this movement an idea, result or fruit of the best education he has received so far throughout his life..?? And of course we can also have different opinions on this. However, I personally tend to believe that the output that we produce to design an action or movement that is beneficial to society, must come from individuals who have been forged by the best education, both from outside and also from the environment.
IMG_20220307_160212.jpg Source

Indonesia Mengajar (IM) is a non-profit organization that recruits, trains, and sends the nation's best young people to various regions in Indonesia to serve as Young Teachers (PM) in Elementary Schools (SD) and the community for one year. Anies Baswedan continued the Indonesia Mengajar movement in 2009 to become more than just a program, but as a movement to invite people together who seek to take an active role in educating the nation's life as a manifestation of efforts to fulfill promises of independence. Source

Pendidikan-Karakter-1200x831.jpg Source:

The Indonesian Teaching Movement is a genuine community initiative that dares to advance education starting from all corners of Indonesia. From year to year, Indonesia Mengajar grows and continues to work with thousands of volunteers who are directly involved, to take part for education in Indonesia.

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