Desert Grass Spider

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I found this funnel-web spider was perching on its web. It is also called a desert grass spider that commonly builds webs around the grass that can protect them from the wind. This spider can be sighted around the grass, shrubland. It will leave the web in one location for they move to another location in the early season, which probably wish to find better protection or hunting. Dessert grass spider is included as common species that often attracts our attention due to its look, striking brown, and white or yellow pattern, and relatively large size.






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First time I'm seeing a wolf spider on HIVE, so thank you! They're awesome and deserve more attention. This is a thin-legged wolf spider, likely in the genus Pardosa. They tend to build funnel-like webs but they're not funnel-web spiders (which are a whole different family). An amazing fun-fact about Pardosa sp is that they can run over still water without sinking, thanks to their thin legs and the long setae (hairs) on their legs.

The easiest way to tell a wold spider from other spiders is to look at the eyes. If there are 2 larger eyes in the middle center that has 4 small eyes underneath them, and the other 2 eyes on the side of the "head" (cephalic region), it's a wolf spider. Every time of spider has a unique eye arrangement and it's the most accurate way to tell what family the spider belongs to.

Edit: It might also be in the genus Hippasa, known as lawn wolf spiders. They also create funnel-like webs and look very similar to Pardosa sp. (thin-legged wolf spider).