Bryony Ladybird Beetles (Henosepilachna argus)

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Bryony Ladybird Beetles (Henosepilachna argus) are one of the easy-found beetles around us. This species can be found in the bush, grass, and in forest. As the name suggests, this typical ladybird beetle feed on bryony plants and the leaves of cucurbitaceous plants where many named this typical ladybug with bryony ladybird beetle. As I love hunting insects, I insisted to take a couple of shots of these beetles while some of them were mating on the leaves, as if they said, "Don't worry dear, this guy just want our picture."






CameraSmartphone Xiaomi
CategoryInsect Photography
LensLensbong Macro/Modified Macro lens

Stunning macro shots. 👍

Thank you

Suuperr , Lovely 🤩👍👍


Uh ... this bug is very small :) ... you have strong hand to hold camera very strongly stationary :))

Yeah. Gotta try couple time while making sure my hand was ready enough to get these pics from the closest range. Thank you for dropping by

you're welcome :)

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