When meet science

in INDONESIAN HIVE9 months ago

Writing is one thing that I like especially being able to give the best of what I write. Not only in the form of responses, or explanations of meaning. But coupled with the monetization generated from the article. It's not hypocritical, isn't it, like getting extra from what we do, of course, becomes something that is increasingly liked.

But apart from that, saying that we like the conditions we like, even if it's just writing, of course also has a very big responsibility. Because whether it contains or has any theme, an article is certainly a form of knowledge gained from writing.


And if we say science, of course, it will be very useful for anyone. Because science is the gate of our ignorance as humans who live in the world. With the presence of science, we get a lot of knowledge that we did not know before. Whether it is good or bad, science remains in its stead as the light of ignorance.

In life in the world as we know where there is a meeting there must be a separation. Likewise, with science, how do we behave when we meet science. So that our meeting with science will always make an impression even when separated. In front of science, always make the meeting like the first time. Even though met science at one time, just pretend. Avoid feeling like knows better, when hearing every word he says. Block arrogance, which will make us underestimate ourselves when kind knowledge comes to us.

Adab when we meet knowledge is a key to how knowledge will stick to us. It is not easy to lose and hopefully, it can stick until the time of separation arrives. Especially if it is said that science has no edge or end. Because the deeper we dive into the ocean of knowledge, the more we sink into the breadth of knowledge.

When we meet science, of course, it is the first step to bringing us into the ocean of knowledge.

Whether we welcome it with happiness or with sadness will impact that knowledge in the end on us. How to respond when in togetherness, and in it when diving into it. From there it will be the end of what will be obtained while undergoing togetherness with science.

Instill in the heart, that the encounter with knowledge is sole because of the grace and will of the Almighty God. Meeting with knowledge is a meeting that holds a desire from God, to become a better person. In order to become someone whose degree is higher than yesterday.

So many people will say love knowledge as we love ourselves. Because knowledge is a reflection of what we are. Like an empty space, always waiting to be filled. Because with that content, space will then be useful. Because with knowledge, the self will continue to move, lift, and avoid silence that will not produce benefits.