Do we know enough?

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Do we know enough? A question that can be interpreted with thousands of answers and meanings.

When it comes to science, there will be a definite answer that it is never enough to know everything. Because it turns out that science is broad. There will be no end, the more we know, the more we understand the ignorance of science.


Image by Harish Sharma from Pixabay

The universe holds various mysteries and is full of surprises of course. Science tries to explore and uncover to be learned. The more you get the answer, the more aware you are of how far you are from understanding and knowing the meaning of everything contained therein. In fact, there are still many secrets and various other things that are not revealed.

In the end, as human beings, we realize that the only Creator who knows everything. Because He is the One who created everything. We are tested with various kinds of things that exist to understand the meaning of the greatness of the Creator. To be aware that as created beings, we do have limitations and obligations to realize who we really are and to be given life for what purpose in the world.

Recognizing our shortcomings in our limitations as creatures is a matter of obedience and obligation. In order to be able to limit the word enough. Because it doesn't mean that we don't need to learn everything, because we are still given a reason as perfect creatures compared to other created beings. So that it can reduce the word self-arrogance as a human being who is said to know. Because the word knowing us as humans are only limited to understanding and realizing.


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We know enough, but that doesn't mean we stop and already know. Continue to study and realize the awareness of the greatness and purpose of science created. Not only as a guide to life but also as an anharmonic, a buffer, making it easier not to get caught up in the meaning of the word stupidity. So that it forms the word struggle in all things which certainly leads to life which turns out to be sourced from science.

This is not to weaken, but to strengthen and explain the meaning of how important education is. Because without education we will not understand who created it, what it was created for, and why it was created. What also gives meaning to meaninglessness is actually despair, because everything is a test. And humans in living life will certainly get a test. So that it can be said as a creature that has passed the test given. The higher the education taken, it is not easy to get it and in the end, get the title that it bears as an education graduate. So is the meaning taken in living life as a created being. The bigger the test, the bigger the gift that will be given by the Creator.

Like a joke that is often said, "if you want heaven as a gift, of course, the test is not easy. If the prize is a fan, then just take the quiz or ask your parents to buy it."