Macro Photography: Two-striped Jumper

in PhotoFeed4 months ago

Relying on only a mobile phone, I like to capture the subject of small animals that I often find when walking in the afternoon. Sometimes subjects are too easy to catch because they are calm or not too aggressive, but many are quite difficult to shoot; one of them is the jumping spider. Yup, they are small creatures that are quite troublesome when you catch them from a close enough distance. However, therein lies the challenge.

Here I will share macro pics that I shot some time ago. A two-striped jumper or Telamonia dimidiata with clear solar eyes, it is a jumping spider belonging to the family Salticidae.









CameraXiaomi Poco X3 NFC Smartphone + External macro lens
CategoryMacro photography
ProcessedMobile Lightroom
LocationLhokseumawe, Sumatra, Indonesia

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These jumping spider eyes are so beautiful . . .

Hayyeeu kali kaliii nahhh, 😀👍