Sublimely Beautiful Sunday

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Most of the early part of the day was grey and chilly. However all is well that ends well. Turned out to be not too shabby after all!


I made up some yummy taquitos! Thankfully they were Kroger brand and not the ones that were recalled today which were the José Olé and Great Value brands!!! They turned out great after baking them for 13 minutes in the oven at 450.


Now this was frozen chicken that I fried in my Fry Daddy! If its fried, you know it is going to be good!


The Beautiful Sunday and Sublime Sunday tags are some of my faves! I want to thank @ace108 for running the beautiful Sunday tag every week and keeping such detailed stats and supporting the accounts. Also, a shout out to @c0ff33a for the sublime Sunday tag where your random Sunday posts are always welcome!

More fun during the day was Ben is building a new PC. I dont know much about it, but some might want to see the parts... Here is the new case.


Seems like a couple Asus pieces.


Of course he wanted a better card, but OMG, I am not taking out a mortgage.


Some memory. Mind you I am the one that renders videos every day and makes content...on an old laptop!! 😒


I sure would have liked to have all this cool stuff instead of Pong when I was a kid!!!


Oh well, my laptop keeps on purring along, knock on wood!


Sadly someone does not seem overly excited!!! What is it with kids these days?!?


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We had a gray cool start to the day here too. I will take it any day over heat and humidity!

Have fun with the new toys!

I guess you just to know the parts and fit it together to make it work to build the machine.
More interesting, that taquitos. I never know it's part of Mexican food until I google for it.

It was, well, Camelot here yesterday, although I thought it was supposed to be rain. Oh, well, no complaints here.

Yes, building them is a lot of fun. My son started tinkering with that when he was10!!! I was not confident that it could be done, but, he built my server a few years ago. It's their thing.

Well, yes, they sure do sleep more than I do. Go figure.

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Nice lake .... have you been to Torch Lake in Michigan ? Looks pretty nice. We spend the summer up on Lake Superior.