‘Safety Distancing Officer’

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The ‘Safety Distancing Officer’ was a robot. It was making its rounds in a shopping complex. These ‘officers’ came on the scene during the pandemic when people are supposed to keep a one meter distance. I didn’t actually see them in action then. I guess it will advise people to keep apart in a recorded voice.


Now that we are at the stage of ‘living with Covid’, where there are no more restrictions, I wonder what their functions are. Indoors, maybe they will ask you to put on the mask. Outdoors, I suppose they could be patrolling and making their presence felt.

This robot seemed to be in a bind. It had stopped when it came upon the leg of a chair. I was curious to see what it would do. It stopped for a couple of seconds, and then it inched a couple of inches to and fro, turning slightly each time until it was able to free itself of the obstacle.





This was another ‘safety distancing officer’ at the Gardens by the Bay. At one point, there were some kids playing with it, trying to block its way. That provided some amusement for the kids and some of the visitors.






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They need to give those things a broom and a dust pan, like Rosie in the Jetsons.

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Hi Jon, I am sure they are slowly getting round to that. They already have robot arms cooking and making coffee. So, it won't be long now. 😊

I think you’re correct about that.

Hmm, this is interesting. Not one from the police force which was tested at HDB Hub.
Just being busybody and did a search Pudu Robotics is from Shenzhen.