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RE: Sustainable coffee machine at the Finnish pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020

Hello @moshy, what a beautiful and uplifting article this is. Anything contribution to sustainable energy and consumption is the way forward, and I do hope more equipment like this would become mainstream.

I thought since the machine was using CO2 and not conventional electricity it would have taken longer than a conventional coffee machine. But it was seamless. The machine uses our CO2 and an internal system turns the gas into a sort of bio-fuel which produces enough energy to make the drink. And by the time Matis had said all this, the coffee was ready.

This is truly amazing🙌

Thanks for sharing your discovery with us:)


Hi dear @millycf1976, this was a special experience for me too. I enjoyed the idea and the execution of this machine. Looking forward to discovering many more new ways of using sustainable energy!

Yes, I was fascinated by it all too.
I'm sure you'll stumble upon more amazing stuff:)
Have a nice weekend.

There are so many interesting robots all around in the expo. Those are pretty interesting. There's a robot delivering food, there was one that doubles as a help desk. I think the robots were very amazing.

Oh wow, it gets better. That reminds me of Robot restaurants in Japan. Along the streets of Tokyo, you can see Robot restaurants everywhere. I think that's a great alternative if you're not much of a people person😅