Let's do a coffee experiment!

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How many times have we bought a brand of coffee on the recommendation of others or because of advertising?

I imagine that many times, and it is typical for a coffee lover to be constantly tasting to find the best coffee. Today I will tell you about my experience with a new brand of coffee and the surprise I got.

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Near my house, I there is a coffee shop that has a great variety. The truth is that it is difficult to choose which one to buy, however what was clear to me was that it had to be whole bean coffee to grind at home and enjoy the product to the maximum.

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The truth is that when I arrived home after having decided on a particular brand, which is highly recommended for its delicious aroma and flavor, when I prepared it the result was horrible, the coffee had no flavor, no body and very little aroma. I thought of giving away the rest of the product because I considered that it had very little quality.

However, my husband prepared the same coffee and it was a delight. And I wondered what I had done wrong when it was my turn to prepare it? So the scientist in me was activated and I remembered several things: the characteristics of coffee depend on several factors such as the type of bean, the time and conditions of roasting, the type of packaging and the material of the container, without leaving aside the storage conditions...ah but if all this follows quality criteria, what else can affect the quality of flavor and aroma of a coffee?...that is the question.

cintillo tipo baner prueba 4.png

It turns out that the first time, I prepared coffee I did it using a cloth coffee filter (a very common method of preparing coffee in Venezuela) and my husband did it using his Italian type coffee maker.


So I did an experiment with the coffee. I used the same amount of water and ground coffee to prepare it with both methods, one coffee in the coffee pot and the other with the cloth filter, and I discovered several things: the coffee prepared in the coffee pot had more body, flavor, aroma than the one made with the cloth filter. I concluded that besides taking into account all the aspects that I had previously mentioned (packaging, storage, type of coffee and roasting), it is also necessary to take into account the method of infusion of the coffee. If you can observe in the photo the color is much lighter in the cup on the left side (cloth filter) than in the one on the right side (coffee pot).


cintillo tipo baner prueba 4.png

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My objective conclusion about this brand of coffee is that yes, it is indeed delicious, I would say exquisite, but to be able to enjoy all its attributes to the maximum it is necessary to prepare it using coffee makers that infuse the coffee by the steam pressure method typical of the traditional coffee machines.

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Brewing coffee in a coffee maker or with a cloth filter does not allow the extraction of all the essential oils of the coffee that are responsible for turning this beverage into an allusive experience. In the method of infusing coffee using paper or cloth filters the essential oils are trapped in them and do not form part of your cup of coffee.

cintillo tipo baner prueba 4.png


Although you see in this photo that there are two cups of coffee, don't be fooled! They are not the same, one is made with a steam pressure coffee maker and the other with a cloth filter and there is a difference from heaven to earth.

cintillo tipo baner prueba 4.png

Thanks for reading. See you in a future post!
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cintillo tipo baner prueba 4.png

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Hello @chaodietas, I found this post so interesting. You really did some chemistry to figure out the cause of drastic change. Yes, the steam pressure is what made all the difference. Am I to understand that making coffee using the cloth filter, only involves you pouring hot water directly on the coffee? If that's the case, then, it all makes perfect sense:)

Hello @millycf1976, yes indeed, you put the ground coffee in the fabric filter and then add the hot water and you get the infusion coffee by drip.

Ok, I thought so. No surprise that the pressurized one from the Moka pot was more intense :)


I also often try coffee brands that I see in TV commercials. But the way you make coffee is very interesting. The coffee you make looks good too. I usually make instant coffee at home

Hehehehe trying coffee brands is a hobby for me. In Venezuela it is common that in every home there is a cloth coffee filter, we are a country with high consumption of this beverage. Thank you very much for visiting my post 😃