How to take your coffee to the next level / Reflections by a culinary chemist

The first time I saw the scene in the movie "Ratatouille", where Remy (the rat) has cheese in one paw and strawberry in the other, and takes them to his mouth experiencing an explosion of sensations and flavors, believe me, I felt completely identified. It was a memorable scene! I imagine that for many of you too.

How many of you have mixed foods out of curiosity?
Surely you have done it many times achieving bizarre and other incredibly wonderful combinations.
Has this happened to you with coffee?
If so, then this post is for you!

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Curiosity is an innate quality in human beings, so experimenting with the flavors and aromas of food is a very ancient practice. With the invention of fire, man was able to cook his food, but combining foods to obtain pleasure was the beginning of gastronomy and great recipes throughout history.

Coffee lovers were not satisfied with drinking a good espresso with a bitter taste and a strong body. Their love for coffee led them to combine it with other foods to exalt its aroma and flavor even more. Many of these combinations have been made empirically but the acceptance of the public through time has allowed them to become classic combinations.

A good coffee lover knows that the maximum aroma of a cup depends on the heat of the water with which it is filtered. An adequate temperature allows the aromatic molecules to be transported with ease, invading our sense of smell. For this reason, taking advantage of this volatility of aromas, it is not uncommon to find coffee-based beverages flavored with some ingredients that intensify the sensation experienced by our sense of smell. Generally, these ingredients are spices and liqueurs. By incorporating them into our cups, the experience of tasting coffee is different and sometimes addictive.

How many of you have flavored your coffee? I imagine that many of you have, the most classic flavorings being vanilla and cinnamon.

Fortunately today, thanks to the advance in culinary chemistry, the flavor options in our cup of coffee are wider. All this is due to the technique known as "Foodpairing" which consists of combining foods according to their chemical molecules to balance or complement flavors.



I first heard about the term "Foodpairing" 15 years ago, and it became my secret weapon for "creating original signature recipes". What does it mean? It is combining unusual ingredients to obtain incredible flavors. It's turning your kitchen into a laboratory!

Thanks to "Foodpairing", I have discovered that I can aromatize and flavor my coffee by adding to my cup a pinch of ingredients that had never crossed my mind. Do you want to know what they are? I summarize them in the following image:

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Source images(1)(2)(3)

Amazing? However, thanks to this knowledge, coffee lovers have taken a step forward. By combining coffee with these flavorings and flavorings, together with other ingredients, they have created delicious recipes in the field of pastry and cocktails.

If you have not had the opportunity to combine your coffee with any of these ingredients, I invite you to do so. I am sure you will be surprised!

If you want to know a little more about how to combine coffee with other foods to make the most of its aroma and flavor, leave me your comment and I will publish an upcoming post where I will explain how the foodpairing technique works and how you can combine coffee with other amazing ingredients.


La cocina aromática (Fracois Chatier)

cintillo atardecer definitivo.png

Thanks for reading. See you in next post!

cintillo atardecer definitivo.png

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Interesting. I have not been that adventurous with my coffee. I used to put a lot of sugar or creamer or milk or chocolate powder or all of the above even lol! I was more after of the sweet taste rather than coffee itself. Now I just want it black :)

@cinnccf's post brought me here. Enjoy your coffee adventure :)

I'm glad you visited my post. Tasting coffee is such a sublime experience that alone or mixed with other ingredients, the experience is rewarding. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with me.

That is true. I have yet to start doing that though :D

Vodka and ginger? I hadn't really thought about it but they must be amazing flavors :D

I will try it and share my experience here, thanks for the fantastic idea of inventing with the ingredients. Very nice post.

I have tried the mixture of coffee with vodka in the Black Russian cocktail. I tell you that for a while it became my favorite drink. Sometimes they prepare this cocktail with espresso, vodka, coke, some ice rocks and a maraschino cherry as a garnish. It is delicious! 😋

I look forward to reading you!

You are right, our curiosity has really made us turn our kitchen into a laboratory. I've once made some really weird combinations that turned out to be a great recipe.

Coffee is just so great for bringing out good flavors, imagine adding some fruit flavors to coffee, it will be really nice. I've never drank a coffee before but I've eaten a cake made with coffee flavor and it was really so tasty and now I'm even craving for some.

Hahaha you've made me crave it too. I'll look for a snack to satiate this. Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate it 😃

Hehehe, that's so cool. Please do 😊😊.

You are very welcome Ma'am 🤗.

it can be tried. so far I only drink coffee with a lot of sugar. sometimes mixed with milk alone.

It's just a matter of venturing out, you might discover something delicious to your palate. Thank you very much for visiting my post 😃

Hi mate very interesting your article, in my opinion most of the special flavors that have emerged in gastronomy are due to the curiosity of the human being to experiment new flavors, some with extraordinary results others not so much, you could even say that they have arisen from improvisation when wanting to prepare a recipe and the result is much better, at some point I tried coffee with coconut milk because I had no other option and I really liked the result 😊

Hi @yosoyada

Oh yes, that is an amazing combination, even if you add a few drops of vanilla essence 😋

Thanks so much for stopping by 😃


Very interesting post. Some of those pairing seem fairly obvious but others I can't really imagine how they would go together. Mainly vodka and ginger are the two strange ones for me, but I would definitely still give them a try. Neat!


Hi @leaky20,

In the case of the combination with vodka this is very common in the black Russian cocktail, there is even a variant called white Russian cocktail. It is a delicious combination. You must try it!

Thanks. I'll keep those drinks in mind and try to remember to try them


Hi @chaodietas,
I do like strange combinations too, but I never thought of these before.
I'll definitely bookmark this post:)))

Hi @millycf1976,

While it is true that each coffee bean has a particular flavor and aroma, when combined with other ingredients we strengthen these qualities. This allows us to use coffee as an ingredient and not only as a beverage. In short, it is a fascinating world.

Thank you very much for visiting my post!

Coffee is a fascinating world, indeed!
You're very welcome:)))


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