The advanced level of technologies

in R2cornelllast year

Finally, I got some time to think about ourselves. Our old lady's condition is stable now but we doubt that she can get back to her normal life. Last week our family had to go through so much, this week we are focusing on ourselves more.

My wife is still taking care of the lady, meanwhile I started working on our wood production. Yes, we have a small wood business, we basically sell wooden logs sometimes furniture. My son mostly takes care of the business, I do contribute too. We have workers and they always work and take care of our storage.

Last week I have met someone at the pub. At first, I thought he is a very good man but after a long conversation, I felt it's a better idea to stop our conversation. He has trust issues so do I but the level of believing in humans is different. He has a lot of complaints which I don't deny exactly but can't fully agree with that.

I have seen many hypocritical people in life and the level of those people's hypocrisy was insane. I don't judge people but if I don't like someone and didn't find them compatible with me, I just simply ignore them and live nicely. I believe in peace, vulnerable actions were never my intentions.


After finishing high school, I was very curious about fighting challenges, but my family never allowed me due to health issues. Whenever I think about those golden eras, I just smile. This generation believes in digitalization but what I see is that people are so involved in their digital life, they actually forget the true meaning of life. Wherever I go, I see people are just busy with their smartphones or maybe laptops.

Without phones, this generation is nothing but we grew up without phones. Technology was never advanced at that time like now. But we grew up, became educated and enlightened people. Ya, it was not easy to pursue dreams or to gather information, now it is very easy because of the blessing of the internet. Technology has given us so much but I feel, it has taken a lot of time and effort from our life. We became robots, we don't appreciate and we don't want to spend our time on physical labor.

My grandson is growing up in this technology world, he knows about computers better than I do. Sometimes he teaches me a lot of things, he always makes me think and curious when I was his age, I had nothing.

The world is moving forward, people are planning to go to Mars now but the universe is still unknown to us. It would be very interesting to see where technology will lead us towards. A brand new Era is waiting for us. People are anticipated and sometimes overwhelmed and that is the scariest part of life.